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The Vampire Diaries -- Disturbing Behavior

Updated on October 9, 2011

How Damon Got His Groove Back

I'm guessing the disturbing behavior in the title of this episode was in regards to Damon. It's horrible, but it didn't disturb me. I actually enjoyed watching Damon act that way. It felt like he decided to stop trying to behave the way people...Elena...want him to and he decided to finally be true to himself. I couldn't be happier. It wasn't pleasant watching Damon being miserable trying to warp him into something he isn't just to have someone who won't ever be able to make him happy because she can't accept him as he is. Damon is a free spirit who was being crushed trying to turn himself into what Elena wants him to be. That God Damon finally emancipated himself and decided to be finally be true to himself.

Just as Bonnie returned to Mystic Falls, Jeremy made a back through with Anna and was able to hear her and talk to her. The show really made a mistake killing off Anna, because she and Jeremy make a good couple and make him and Bonnie pale in comparison. Anyway, Jeremy finally told Bonnie the truth, which caused him to stop hearing Anna, as she begged him not to do it. We don't know if Bonnie offered Jeremy any support and sympathy. We do know she was sitting by herself and was acting all pissy about it. I'm sorry, but none of this is Jeremy's fault. He didn't ask for Liz to shoot him or Bonnie to bring him back. Jeremy is the victim in this. It kind of makes me wish Jeremy hadn't even told her the truth.

Across town Alaric doesn't like it when Damon and Elena share a light-hearted moment and Damon even gets her to laugh. He acts like Damon was feeling her up and gets on his back about what he's pulling with Elena. I guess he prefers Elena all morose and sad like he is. This is basically all Damon gets from his friend for most of the episode until he has enough and snaps Alaric's neck. He makes it clear he knows he's wearing his protecto ring before he does it. When he wakes up he says Damon is a dick and takes off in a huff to go demand a seat on the Council so he can protect the interests of the Gilberts. Didn't he say in the first episode of the season he didn't want to Elena and Jeremy's surrogate daddy? I don't think him getting himself a seat on the council bodes well for Damon, who he seemed to start viewing as the enemy even before Damon snapped his neck. Wouldn't be surprised if he falls under Elena's magic spell. If Alaric is supportive of Stefan in regards to Elena after he saw first hand what Stefan did to the bodies of those girls he's a total freaking hypocrite.

Liz calls Damon in to deal with Bill. Damon wants to kill him, but Liz says to just compel him to leave town. Damon takes a nip out of him to see if there's still vervain in his blood and there isn't. So he compels him to leave town, only it doesn't work. Bill's will is too strong to be compelled and he shows back up at the council meeting. So Damon decides to kill him, only Elena calls Vampire Barbie and even though the vapid twit is only a couple months old she's able to handily beat Damon up because she's mad, which is probably the most bogus thing to ever happen on the show. The scene was totally ridiculous.

I've been having a lot of problems with the Vapid Vampire in regards to Damon starting with the finale. He took a wolf bite that should have been hers and she didn't even go over to see him while he was sick, and was complaining that the whole thing was ruining her watching Gone With The Wind. Damon didn't even go after her precious wolf boyfriend. And I've lost count how many times he's saved her miserable life. Damon was even the one who spoke up for her to her mother, not Stefan, yet she's all up Stefan's butt like he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. If she isn't trashing Damon, then she's beating him up so he doesn't harm the guy who was torturing her. Yes, I know Damon didn't treat her nicely when he was first with her, he treated her the way a vampire treats a human, but considering all the times he's saved her miserable life, to the point of almost dying himself, I think this ungrateful twit needs to get over it and herself. That's why it made my day when I saw the promo for next week and the Vapid Vampire is getting in Rebekah's face and Rebekah vamps out and scares the nasty little twit. Hopefully, it'll let some of the hot air out of her over-inflated head.

That one moment where Damon made Elena laugh that Alaric found so objectionable was pretty much the high point of the episode for them, as Damon finally had enough and decided to stop being what everyone wants him to be and to just be himself. He snapped Alaric's neck in front of Elena then went after Bill Forbes. After Vapid Vampire came to the rescue for her daddy, Elena demanded to know what was wrong with Damon, and said if he behaves like this she won't have him around her. To that, Damon explodes and tells her to stop trying to turn him into Stefan. He isn't Stefan and from what I gather he doesn't want to be.

I can't help but wonder if Katherine's phone calls to Damon isn't what really provoked this disturbing behavior. The last time Damon snapped someone's neck in front of Elena it was because of Katherine. Maybe Damon wanted to give himself a reason to leave Mystic Falls so he could go to the places he thought Katherine might go and subconsciously go looking for her, even though he'd tell himself that wasn't what he was doing.

Off in Chicago, the women there don't think Stefan hangs the moon and are honored just to be in his presence. While Rebekah may be in love or been in love with Stefan, but she's not a total fool for him. When he starts trying to pump her for information on who she and Klaus were running from, she realizes he's lying to him and rats him out to Klaus.

Gloria the witch and owner of the bar is another female that isn't enthralled by Stefan, either. When she does her mumbo jumbo to try and help Klaus the necklace burns Elena's neck. Gloria gets a glimpse of Elena and knows Stefan is hiding something. When Stefan won't provide Gloria with the information she wants she's pull the trick Bonnie just loves to do to Damon on Stefan. When he wakes up he's tied to a table and Gloria begins to torture him. This is my wet dream come true. A witch that likes Damon and saves Damon's life, while not liking Stefan and torturing him.

Katherine even seems to have gotten over the Stefan love bug in Chicago, as well. She reveals herself to Stefan and tell him whatever he's planning with Klaus isn't going to work. That Klaus is too smart and will figure him out. But Stefan blows her off and her offer of help. She later comes to his rescue and kills Gloria, damn, to save him from her torturing. Why couldn't we have kept Gloria and gotten rid of Bonnie. She was the only decent witch to ever be on this show.

Katherine says she figured out what Stefan's doing. He's pretending to be into Klaus so Rebekah will love and want him more. Stefan says he's taking a page out of the Katherine Pierce play book. And that comment makes me wonder if this show has finally explained the nonsensical S/K great love nonsense that just didn't work. Katherine always seemed to be more into Damon than she was Stefan, yet she claimed to be more into Stefan than she was Damon. So was Katherine only faking it with Stefan so Damon would love and want her more. If true, it would explain so much, since Damon is the one Katherine had the real relationship with and the one she's seemed more into in the present, yet she's always throwing Stefan in his face to make him think he means nothing to her.

Stefan, once again, refuses to work with Katherine and tells her to find herself another diabolical partner. These are words Stefan is going to live to regret deeply when he discovers just who Katherine has gotten to be her diabolical partner.

After Rebekah tips off Klaus that Stefan is playing him, he pulls the move on Stefan that he did on Damon and knocks him out. When Stefan wakes up, Klaus reveals their back in Mystic Falls to find out just what Stefan is hiding from him.

After the vervain necklace burns Elena, Bonnie tries to figure out what it is. When she tries her magic books are set on fire. Bonnie is sitting by herself on the patio at The Grille when Elena comes up asking for her necklace back. Bonnie also tells Elena about Jeremy sees ghosts. Then Elena vanishes. Turns out that was Katherine, not Elena. Not only did she get that necklace she seemed to have been after in old Chicago, she also got a valuable piece of info about Jeremy.

Her next stop is to Damon. When he opens the door he's fooled by her, until she smiles. She asks him if he'd like to be partners in crime with her and leave town with her. Damon says she has impeccable timing. He feels like the walls are closing in around him.

This was actually the first episode this season I've wanted to rewatch as soon as it was over. I'm really like the Rebekah character. I like that she isn't a Stefan butt-kisser who'll turn on her brother for him. I also loved her reaction to the clothes style of the present. She reacted just like someone would who has been asleep for the last 90 years.

Damon really owned the episode, though. He showed why no villain has been able to touch his season one villainy and seems like child's play compared to him.


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