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The Vampire Diaries (Don't Miss It...)

Updated on September 5, 2012

It all started with the L.J. Smith novels in the ‘90s. And now? It’s taken on a train all its own. From the MTV Teen Choice Awards nods and wins, to 13 million fans on Facebook, and an upcoming fourth season sure to please us (I would expect nothing less from Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson at the helm along with their other brilliant team of writers) I have one word that sums it up perfectly--wow.

This show came at the right time, at the height of the vampire craze. And it also came bringing a slew of new faces for us to get to know and fall in love with. It’s one of the few supernaturally based shows on TV that have been geared mostly towards a teen audience, but ended up not only entrancing an adult audience as well, but keeping us on our toes every season--heck, every episode. It’s horror and romance, paranormal along with emotion you can relate to all in one. You’ll hate some of them, you’ll love some of the, and there are those that you’ll love to hate. But as always, they deliver.

A lot of its original fans that came from the novels didn’t like the fat that Nina Dobrev, the show’s lead actress, didn’t have blonde hair like the main character in the books that she was set to portray. But what they should’ve seen was that the producers, in their wisdom, chose a cast who could sell what they were pushing and they chose well. Exceptionally well.

Even if you’re not hyped on the supernatural aspect of a TV show, maybe it’s because you haven’t found the right one or maybe you’ve just become weary of hearing about the ones that are out and you’ve just never tuned into them and given them a chance. Personally, I’d recommend this to anybody who just likes good entertainment overall. And like the Viva Voce song goes, I may not have caught onto this show at first, but I can honestly say that now I’m a “Believer”.


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