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The Vampire Diaries -- Everyone Wants Miss Fix-It To Fix It

Updated on October 25, 2013

But she can't cause she's dead

If you've read my recaps you know how critical I've been of Paul Wesley's acting, but I thought in tonight's episode he gave the best acting performances I've seen out of him. In short, Amnesiac Stefan wasn't another Stefan clone. He was very different from real Stefan and I found myself enjoying his performances for the first time in five years. See, I'm not a mindless hater. If I feel someone gives a good performance I'll give them credit for it.

It was kind of sad that Bonnie wasn't really missed until everyone needed her to fix something for them. They thought nothing of her being incommunicado all summer and not even showing up at her own father's funeral, but when she wasn't around when they all started saying gimme gimme gimme, then they finally wondered where she was and why she was forsaking them. In short, they were like a pack of spoiled children being told no for the first time.

Matt wanted Bonnie to figure out what was wrong with him. He told Jeremy about waking up with muddy footprints all over the floor and not remembering how they and he got there. Unfortunately, Jeremy told him no can do. Matt, being the less spoiled of the bunch and the one who actually has to work for a living to pay his bills instead of having them all magically paid for him, decided to do it himself. He planted camera all over the place and then waited for The Other to reveal himself, which is exactly what he did.

Matt awoke with the palm of his hand cut. He rewound the tape and saw himself waking up and talking to someone on the phone. Matt was speaking with an accent. Then The Other came up to the camera and told Matt to protect the dagger or he will die. To punctuate his point he cut the palm of Matt's hand.

Elena also wanted Bonnie to come and wave her magical fingers to make Stefan get his memory back. Stefan seemed to take it in his stride that he was dead and a vampire. If I had amnesia, that would kind of freak me out. Because Bonnie wasn't answering her call to help her, Elena decided the best way to get Stefan to remember was to inundate him with memories of her. No surprise when it didn't work, as she wasn't the key to turning his humanity back on, either. She did succeed in giving him a stiffy, though, and when he tried to stick his tongue down her throat he realized she went from screwing him to screwing his brother. That he was upset about it.

He found it unforgivable that his brother stole his girl and that his girl let him. He basically dumped them both and move out. This was after taking his anger out on Caroline's potential new boyfriend, Jesse. He discovered his Ripperness wasn't genetic, as he was able to control himself after taking a nip of Jesse. But then he decided he didn't want to control himself and took a huge chunk out of Jesse's neck.

Enter Caroline who got Stefan to back-off and gave Jesse her blood to stop him from bleeding out. Unfortunately when he returned to college Maxfield told him he had vampire blood in him and then injected him with something to kill him so he'd turn into a vampire. In that one scene Maxfield out-villained whiny little Silas in every way.

After Matt's request for help from Bonnie, Jeremy decides enough is enough. Sorry, Ghost Bonnie, your days of being alive are over. He calls Damon and tells him the truth, as Ghost Bonnie begs him not to.

When Damon made the connection that Bonnie is dead because Jeremy is alive, I thought Damon was going to go all postal on Jeremy. Surprisingly enough Damon went and hugged Jeremy and comforted him. That's the first bit of character development this character has gotten since season two. The best thing about this season has been the rebuilding of the Jeremy and Damon friendship. Hopefully it's not all going to be pawned off on being about precious Elena.

While Jeremy goes to tell Matt about Bonnie, Damon does the same with Elena. I actually wanted to smack the crap out of her. She made it all about her just like she's done with Stefan's amnesia. It was all about poor me and how poor me doesn't have a black dress to wear to her funeral. It's not that I'm shocked since she even interrupted Bonnie grieving the death of her mother wanting Bonnie to do something for her.

The even sadder thing is Bonnie's funeral wasn't even about Bonnie. It was about making everyone there feel better. A surprise arrival was Tyler, who also showed up for the funeral. I've been complaining that even with Klaus off the show Michael Trevino is still getting the shaft and getting hardly any airtime.

In other news the fake Stefan and Caroline friendship was back on, again, when she was the only one he wanted around after Damon and Elena's betrayal. The reason I call it fake is when Stefan disappears she doesn't even give a blip. But when he's around he's her bestest friend she'll turn on anyone for. If we're really supposed to buy this friendship a little consistency is needed.

To sum things up: So it appears the reason Stefan is a Ripper is because of something in his own personality. When he can't remember what he is he's your ordinary garden variety vampire who can control himself when feeding on humans if he so chooses to do so. Now Matt knows he's sharing his body with another entity, will he tell anyone? Maybe he'll confide it in Tyler and they can get back to the old Tyler/Matt friendship that got dropped over the seasons. Now that everyone knows Bonnie is dead, she'll probably soon be alive, because the writers need Bonnie as their Miss Fix It to dig them out of the plot holes they get themselves in even more than the Scooby gang does. And finally, just what is Maxfield up to. Why did he turn Jesse into a vampire? It seems Maxfield will be our new super duper villain once whiny Silas is finally dispatched.


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