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The Vampire Diaries -- Is Connor A Member Of The Borg Continuim?

Updated on November 1, 2012

It took me until Wednesday to finally watch the last episode of The Vampire Diaries. I wasn't that anxious to watch it for a number of reasons. Stefan on his motorcycle. Plec still pushing some kind of romantic connection between Rebekah and Matt...YUCK! And Klaus was back.

Klaus fans were tweeting on Twitter that Klaus is the show and there'd be no show without Klaus. Sorry, but last week's Klaus-free episode was the only episode this season I've actually enjoyed. Klaus was lame, per usual. He was whining because they tried to stop his heart and popped him in a coffin. Of course, it was okay to kidnap Elena and try to bleed her dry, wasn't it, Klaus? Gee, maybe that's why they tried to stop your heart and put you in a coffin? Did you ever think of that, genius? His reason for being back in town was equally lame. It was as lame as how he survived having his body set on fire and still surviving. Even though he could give a crap about Tyler he's going to risk some of his precious hybrids to protect him. And when Tyler's friend, Hayley, showed up, Klaus tried to suggest something was going on between Tyler and Hayley so he'd have a chance with his crush, Vampire Barbie.

And this whole Damon/Klaus partnership everyone was gushing about was pretty much much ado about nothing. They didn't even have a scene where they were really interacting. It made absolutely no sense that Damon would team-up with Klaus or even trust him. But then, it didn't make much sense for Damon to be wanting to team-up with Tyler, either. If was just a plot devise so Plec's Pet Klaus could realize Connor was special. He was one of five. Me thinks Plec has been watching some old Star Trek: Explorer; aka Seven Of Nine.

Damon and Meredith actually made a better team, I'm surprised to say. I even saw some chemistry between them. Of course, Stefan fans were frothing at the mouth for Meredith saying Damon was a good brother. She didn't say Damon was THE GOOD BROTHER, she just said Damon was a good brother, and they were having a fit. No, only Stefan the emotionally abusive brother is THE GOOD BROTHER or a good brother. They love to trot out how Stefan saved Damon when his life was in danger and that's proof that he's the good brother. Well, the last time Damon's life was in danger when Rebekah kidnapped him, Stefan didn't do spit [and that's not the word I'd really like to use] to help Damon or rescue him. The person that released Damon was Rebekah while Stefan just stood around having a pissing contest with Klaus.

Damon was snooping around Connor's trailer when he fell into a trap and got an arrow struck through him, so he called Meredith for help. She wanted to know why he hadn't called Stefan for help. Probably because he wasn't sure if Stefan would even come and help him. Odds are he wouldn't since Prince Stefan was still yipping about Damon feeding Elena his blood.

Speaking of Elena; she was still feeding on Matt, and in their old make-out spot, no less. Now she was dead and a vampire, she wanted to enjoy her last year of high school. Unfortunately, Rebekah was there to make sure she didn't. Instead of feeling any kind of guilt about murdering Elena, she was constantly antagonizing Elena. She dug Elena about having had Stefan twice. [There blew my theory he was a vestal virgin until Elena deflowered him. I still have a hard time believing they had sex, since Stefan preferred to kill women, not have sex with them. Not to mention he strikes me as someone who a zero percent sex drive.] She also threw a pencil at Elena and impaled her. And brought a girl in the bathroom and smeared blood all over Elena's face hoping Connor [who was hanging around the school halls] would realize Elena was a vampire and kill her.

Stefan justified Rebekah's actions as acting out so she doesn't feel she did anything wrong to Elena. Of course, it was Rebekah's fault that Klaus turned on her. Yeah, that's pretty twisted thinking, there. It's Rebekah's fault that Klaus left her to the mercy of The Council so he could save his crush, Vampire Barbie. But it isn't Rebekah's fault she's being a B to Elena. It all depends on where a character sits on The Julie Plec Favorites List. Klaus is higher than Rebekah so his actions gets to be written off and justified and Rebekah apparently ranks higher than Elena. It seems Original vampires rank higher on Plec's scale than original characters do.

After all the crap Elena had put up from Rebekah, she was in a black rage. She goes to Damon's room searching for the last white oak ash stake, so she can stake the hag. He comes home and begins to strip off his clothes and guesses she came there for the white oak ash stake. She stalks off before he strips off his pants. I guess she didn't leave, though, because when she heads to Rebekah's keg party, she's got the white oak ash stake in her purse. For some reason Damon gave it to her. After Rebekah pulls off E's daylight ring and throws it down the drain, Elena's ready to give the B a permanent dirt nap. However, Stefan aka The Voice Of Reason tells her if she does that she'd be killing millions of vampires and the knowledge of that would make her sad, afterwards. Why not just remind her if she uses it she'll die or does that only go for the white oak ash daggers? And if that's the case, then why is it? That makes no sense, at all.

After giving Rebekah the middle finger by doing a handstand on the keg and drinking beer while standing on her head, Elena goes off to go on a ride of Stefan's new motorcycle. Paul Wesley told Julie Plec he wanted to ride a motorcycle on the show and lo and behold, he got what he wanted. During the ride, sitting on the back of the motorcycle is too boring for Vampire Elena, so she stands up on it, instead. Afterwards, she and Stefan are about to have vampire sex [the first time he tried it she spewed copious amounts of blood in the middle of it] but she starts seeing visions of Damon in her head telling her that deep down she knows she's more like Damon is than Stefan. Maybe the DEs are right and Damon will be the one to deflower her.

Turns out Elena's ingested werewolf venom and that's why she's having visions of Damon. Earlier, Connor had extracted werewolf venom from Tyler and he spiked the kegs at Rebekah's party. When Connor demanded to know who was feeding on Matt, he was happy to tell him it was Rebekah. Call it an eye for an eye. She tried to kill him and he'd just returned the favor by siccing the vampire hunter she tried to sic on Elena right on her tail. Maybe if she'd done a better job of apologizing to Matt for trying to murder him instead of basically saying he was just collateral damage, he might have at least given her a head's up he sent Death stalking her way. I seriously can't believe there are actually people still pushing for Matt and Rebekah to be a couple. YUCK!

Rebekah had some of the beer, too, and she's feeling a little weird. She imagines she rips out Matt's heart and kills him when he tells her she deserves nothing. But, apparently, werewolf venom isn't a problem for an Original Vamp, as the effects wear off and she's okay. She decides to become friends with April who stayed behind to clean up the mess the party left behind and offers to help her investigate how her father really died.

Meanwhile, Stefan calls Klaus to feed Elena some of his blood. He agrees. Seems discovering Mr. One Of Five Vampire Hunter has made Elena useful to him, once more. I'm guessing there will be some way to reverse Elena being a vampire and turn her human again so he can have his hybrid-making machine back. I thought before this season began that Elena would be a one-season vampire. So, DE's had better enjoy this while it lasts, because what happened as a vampire isn't going to count when she's back to being a human, again.

One thing that made Stefan fans happy was that Vampire Barbie was suddenly fulfilling her promise as New Lexi. Stefan asked her to help him enjoy being a vampire. Damon was supposed to do it, but he claimed with Elena a vampire he needed a new blood coach and the perfect Vampire Barbie with her perfect transition as a vampire seemed the perfect one to do it. At the same time, Damon was making a similar offer to Elena; he was going to teach her how to be a real vampire. When she lost control while feeding on Matt, it was Damon that surprisingly saved Matt's life, again. He made Elena stop and compelled Matt to forget what Elena had done and sent him home.

On a side note, I wouldn't mind if Tyler got together with Hayley. She helped him break his sire bond to Klaus. Not to mention she and Tyler have chemistry and they look good together. Those are the two reasons I could never get into Tyler and Caroline as a couple. I don't see any chemistry between them and they don't look good together. As for Vampire Barbie, I could care less what happens to her. Maybe she can become the rope that Stefan and Klaus will fight over to reignite the great bromance that isn't.

I'll be watching the show live tonight since Last Resort isn't on, tonight. So, the recap of that episode won't take so long to do. I wish more of the episodes could have that season one feel that 4.02 had, but that isn't going to happen because that would require finally freeing this show from The Originals. Plec's made it impossible to kill Klaus off by making it that if Klaus dies so will all the Mystic Falls original characters who she's vampirized.


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