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The Vampire Diaries -- It's Silas Vs. Oetsiyah

Updated on November 8, 2013

And Silas' reunion with Amara isn't all that he hoped it would be

It was the sort of big showdown between Silas and Oetsiyah, only it wasn't. He did a spell that seals Craptastica in her cabin until sundown, which also stuck Stefan with her. It only got better when Elena learned Stefan with Craptastica and rushed over because she thought he was sleeping with her and got jealous. Then she was trapped, as well. Elena wasn't happy with Damon for breaking Stefan's neck a few times, but she was still had faith that he'd do anything to save her, which meant bringing Bonnie back wasn't going to happen now.

Okay, something has been bothering me is why Oetsiyah and Silas go out of their way to dig Damon that he is just an obstacle to the great Stefan and Elena love story. You'd think Craptastica would be happy someone was able to separate the two who did her wrong. Or maybe she's jealous Damon did what she couldn't do.

Then there's Silas who acts like he's got some personal grudge against Damon constantly rubbing in his face that mine is better than yours. He did it the first time he appeared to Damon as Stefan telling Damon that a one night stand like Damon had with Elena could never match the great love Stefan and Elena shared. Yet he claims he can't stand the sight of the doppelgangers face because they're not Amara, so why should he care if Damon is with Elena? It doesn't seem to be through any great love for his doppelganger Stefan who he also doesn't like. And the latest dig was Damon couldn't have really loved Katherine if he was with someone who had her face.

Last year, when Silas never appeared as Damon on-camera I was convinced he really looked like Damon. If you think about it his story with Amara is a repeat of Damon's story with Katherine. Silas and Damon were willing to become immortal so they could be with Amara and Katherine forever. They got separated and spent centuries trying to reunite with their love. When they did Katherine told Damon she never loved him and Amara tried to murder Silas to save herself. So I was surprised they made him Stefan's doppelganger instead.

Now with the way Amara reacted to seeing Damon, I'm wondering if Silas had a brother who looked just like Damon in the past and Amara had been in love with both of them. Oetsiyah lied about Amara being dead, so she may have also lied about everything else, as well. Maybe the true repeating pattern that's happened with every doppelganger is they're always involved in a triangle with brothers.

After Silas puts the whammy on Craptastica he, Damon and Jeremy head to some warehouse looking for the anchor. Silas claims he'll resurrect Bonnie once he has the anchor. Jeremy's over the moon, but Bonnie doesn't believe it'll really happen and it turns out she's right. Craptastica demands Damon kill Silas or she'll kill Elena. And even Jeremy picks Elena over Bonnie. So Resurrect Bonnie is off for the moment.

Damon ends up killing two travelers who arrive at the warehouse not wanting Silas killed, yet. Meanwhile, Silas finds a dessicating Amara and feeds her the blood of two travelers to resurrect her. Unfortunately, his grand romantic reunion with his love turns grisly when she uses a shard of glass to cut him open so she can suck him dry. She wants the cure for herself. Sorry, lover, it's either me or you and it isn't going to be me.

Meanwhile, Stefan tricks Craptastica so he and Elena can escape to safety. Unfortunately, Stefan hasn't heard the last of the ancient witch. Stefan didn't apparently lose his memory because he had his brain cells being burned out by linking him to Silas, it was Craptastica that made him forget. And she's back to make him remember killing his father, getting Damon to become a vampire and the fact Damon and Elena didn't rescue him from his watery tomb.

While this is going on, Damon and Jeremy are showing Elena Amara in the trunk of Damon's car. She's tied up and when she sees Elena she starts screaming in horror.

Katherine takes off to college and in one of the most farfetched moments of the night, she and Caroline team up to get Maxfield to back-off from forcing Elena and Caroline from the college. They learn he's a member of some secret society that has it's own vampire, The Augustine Vampire. Meanwhile Katherine becomes concerned that since she got drained of the cure her hair has started to turn gray and her teeth are beginning to fall out. She goes to Maxfield demanding her find out what's wrong with her and fix it before she dies for real, this time.

Since Katherine is started to rot away because her the cure is out of her system, it's likely the same will start happened to Silas, who vanished from the warehouse. I don't believe the cure turns a vampire human. If she was really human she'd be dead from being drained of all her blood. It just unmakes you an immortal and Katherine's immortality comes from being a vampire. But it seems as long as the cure is in your blood you'll begin to age normally, but if it's out of your blood you'll start to age to your real age. Katherine is 500 and Silas is 2,000.

I've always considered Caroline Dries one of the worst writers on the show and it's a shame she was put in charge because the writing quality is that of a bad fan fiction since she's been in charge. Stories have plot holes and make absolutely no sense. So, in short, there is someone worse than Julie Plec. This poor show has been on a downward spiral since Kevin Williamson left the building. It doesn't look likely with Dries in charge that it's going to get back to the quality show it was back in season one and two before Williamson left and the Originals invaded the show. It's a pity as it seems this show will end up going out on a whimper instead of a bang.


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