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The Vampire Diaries -- Julie Plec Admits She Writes The Show With No Logic

Updated on May 22, 2012

Well, she admitted it in a sort of if a = b and b = c then a = c type of way. Paul Wesley asked her why Stefan didn't just pull Elena out of the car and her answer was people don't use logic on the show. Since she's not what I'd call the brightest bulb in the package, I don't think she even realizes by saying that she's admitted she's writing the show with absolutely no logic whatsoever. Perhaps that's why when she talks about the show what she says makes absolutely no sense, at all. I'm sorry, but as a writer, don't you aim to write characters as believable as possible? By writing the characters with no logic, you make them and their behavior not believable, at all. Bottom line, there has to be logic in what you're writing, otherwise what you're writing is crap.

I was actually surprised by her answer. Generally, she pontificates on how Stefan is just respecting Elena's choices. That was the way she excused away the fact Stefan just let Elena walk off with Klaus when he knew Klaus wanted to kill her. Or the fact that he wasn't even trying to do anything to save Elena when she was determined to martyr herself by dying on Klaus' blood altar. He was just respecting her choices. To me it came off he's so whipped he doesn't want to make her mad so to stay in her good graces he's willing to let her die. It looked even worse when Damon decided to die and he wouldn't respect his choice and locked him up so he couldn't kill himself. What happened to respecting his brother's choices since he's such a great respecter of peoples choices?

The same thing happened in the season three finale. Elena and Matt were trapped underwater and she ordered Stefan to save Matt and to leave her behind to drown. And, of course, Stefan respected her choice and did what she told him to do, which resulted in her dying. What followed was fans defending Stefan doing what he did and not just saving her life despite what she wanted. That if Stefan had done it, it would have made Elena mad. But my problem is if someone you love is in danger, would you care if they were mad at you for saving them as long as they were alive? No one truly in love with someone would put them being mad at them if you didn't do what they say over saving their life. That's why I'll never buy Stefan and Elena as some epic love story. The only way you can buy that is if you view them with the illogical vision of Julie Plec.

She's also proclaiming Bonnie is a hero for putting Klaus in Tyler's body. In Julie Plec's illogical world view Tyler doesn't matter. When Klaus murdered Tyler and turned him into a hybrid, Plec said we should all hug Klaus because he didn't get enough love as a child, as for Tyler, pfft. She even tried to blame Tyler for Klaus going after Caroline. Said if Tyler hadn't gone off to break his sire bond Klaus would have never gone after Caroline. He went off to break his sire bond because Klaus ordered him to kill Caroline by biting her so he could play hero and save her life.

I'm sorry, but Bonnie is a hero in no way, shape or form. Plec thinks she's a hero for saving the life of her beloved pet character, Klaus. But what Bonnie did to Tyler was horrible. She's letting Klaus possess his body. And it wasn't even necessary. She was alone with the body and could have easily taken off with it and hid it somewhere. Instead, she put Klaus in the body of a boy she's grown up with not caring what she's done to her friend, and she's let a raving lunatic who tried to bleed her best friend dry loose on the world, again. Sorry, Plec, she's not a hero.

But then in Plec's illogical view on things she thinks Klaus is a hero and a villain. He's actually neither. He's a pathetic excuse as a villain with Plec having him cowering and crying in the Lockwood mansion when he's supposed to be this all-powerful hybrid that can't be killed when Mikael came to confront him and having him crushing on a high schooler and sitting in a corner drawing pictures of ponies. And Klaus has never done one heroic thing since he's been on this show. In Plec's illogical vision she thinks when Klaus told Caroline to go home that was some great act of heroism on his part. Never mind he wanted to get rid of Caroline so he could kidnap Elena [the person who attacked Alaric so she could escape and actually saved her life] to bleed her dry.

Plec's illogical view on the world also explains all this ugliness she puts in these so-called romances that she thinks is romantic. Plec really can't understand why it would be total character destruction for Caroline to become romantically involved with Klaus. The man kidnapped her planning to sacrifice her for his ritual, he killed her boyfriend and turned him into a hybrid, and he ordered her boyfriend to try and kill her so he could play faux-hero, yet Plec doesn't think that makes a romance between the characters impossible. She had Elena have Damon's neck broken and wrote it like it was no big deal. She's had Damon sleep with practically every female relative of Elena's and kill practically everyone of her relatives and still thinks they're a viable pairing.

And her descriptions of the characters are just as illogical as what she writes for them. Plec claimed Katherine only cares about herself even though Katherine gave up her chance to be free of Klaus to save Damon's life. She goes on about how Elena cares so much about everyone, when for most of the season she couldn't give a crap about her own brother. And those are just two examples of Plec's illogical thinking.

I suppose it's good she admits she thinks and writes in a totally illogical manner that makes no sense. That if a group of fans want something she doesn't weigh the pros and cons of appeasing them to see what damage it might do to characters and stories and just does it. Unfortunately, it doesn't bode well for the future of The Vampire Diaries. The only way you can write a good show with good stories and good characters is by writing them with some semblance of logic and she's basically admitted she writes the show with no logic whatsoever.

I guess that explains why season three was so poorly written and much of what was written made very little sense. Apparently, Kevin Williamson was Alice to Julie Plec's Mad Hatter. When he left Wonderland to help get The Secret Circle off the ground he left the Mad Hatter in charge and what was created in his absence was absolute chaos.


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