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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Daddy Issues

Updated on August 14, 2011

To Know John Is To Want To Kill John

That's a terrible sentiment, but it's true. Guy isn't back two seconds and he's getting in everyone's faces wanting him gone. Of course, no one blames Stefan for bringing him back.

Big Bad John is trying to cause trouble in Alaric and Jenna's relationship because he wants the protecto-ring Isobel gave to Alaric. He claims it belonged to him. Okay, whose going eeeeeeeeewwwwwwww right about now? So Isobel gave her husband a gift her first lover gave her. That takes regifting to a whole new gross level. Alaric basically tells John in your face and doesn't give him the ring. Which is a good thing, since a little later in the show he's going to need that ring to do its resurrecto trick on him.

John isn't the only pot-stirrer in this episode. Jules the wolf witch with a b has told Tyler that Caroline played a hand in killing his Uncle Mason and lied to him about there being other vamps in the area. Of course, Tyler sides with the wolf chick he's known for two seconds opposed to the vamp chick who helped him through his wolf transformation.

Before Jules' wolf pack arrive, Caroline runs to Stefan to tell her about her encounter with Tyler. Stefan, of course, goes over to play his "I'm the good one" spiel. Guess what? It didn't work on Mason and it doesn't work on Tyler. While there, Jules' informs Steffy she's vamp-napped Caroline and her pal Brady is taking great joy in torturing her. She wants Steffy to bring her Tyler. Stefan agrees, and also puts the 911 out to Damon to join them.

Before Damon gets paged by Stefan, John gives Damon a little present. It's a dagger and white oak ash. He claims Damon can kill Elijah with it. Of course, what he neglects to tell Damon is if he uses that dagger it'll kill him, too. John's idea of a two for one deal.

Damon shows up at the wolf camp and tells them he's the one who killed Mason. A wolf vs. vamp fight ensues, and it looks like the wolves are going to win, until Martin shows up. He says because of Elena's deal with Elijah the vamps are to remain untouched and the wolves are to tuck their tails between their legs and get out of dodge. The question is just how did Elijah and Martin know about this? I don't think Elena called Elijah to tell him or she even knows where to contact him?

Stefan arranges a slumber party for Caroline to make her feel better. Stefan's in one of his moods where he actually cares about someone other than himself and Elena. I'm sorry, but Rose was dying in his own house, and he didn't give a crap. He didn't lift a finger to help her. He just didn't care. But then Rose was Damon's friend and Caroline is his friend.

Caroline has kicked Tyler to the curb because he hesitated in letting her out of the torture cage his wolf buddies put her in, and because he just stood there and did nothing to help the vamps in the vamp/wolf fight.

John ends his day by paying a visit to Katherine. Katherine reveals she was expecting to see Isobel. That she basically used Stefan's test to prove her love to him, by using him to find a way out of the tomb. This is also when Katherine claims John offered her a deal to save either Stefan or Damon's life, and she picked Stefan, of course. But what she said doesn't really make much sense. How did John offer her a choice, when he'd already given the death dagger to Damon to use on Elijah, which will kill Damon? It seems more likely John told Katherine about giving Damon the dagger and told her if Damon comes to her she needs to convince him to use it, so she can get out of the tomb, and to not reveal to Damon if he uses it it'll kill him. Opposed to what she said about promising to stay around and help kill Klaus, if John didn't kill Stefan. Katherine wanted out of that tomb, so any deal would involve getting herself out of the tomb. So it seems in The House Guest our Miss Pierce told Damon one big whopper to get back at him for sticking a stake in her.


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