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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- The Dinner Party

Updated on August 16, 2011

Not since The Rocky Horror Picture Show has there been a dinner party like this

Only instead of the guests getting served Eddie for dinner, Elijah is the main course and Damon has the white oak ash and dagger to carve him up..

Our erstwhile lovers, Stefan and Elena, are still up at the lake after surviving Night of the Werewolves. Elena is reading Jonathan Gilbert's journals, and learning her beloved was a deranged maniac in his early days of being a vamp. Of course, Elena being Elena, this news basically goes in one ear and out of the other and she doesn't accept the reality of it. She likens him to Damon, even though Steffy says he was worse. Look, if she can get past the fact Damon threw her bio dad off a roof, killed and sexed up her bio mom, and snapped her faux brother's neck, Stefan munching on her ancestors is nothing.

Back home, Damon is just chomping at the bit to use his dagger and white oak ash on Elijah, even though Elijah saved his life, again, last week. You know what they say. No good deed goes unpunished. As part of that plan, he invites Jenna and Elijah to an impromptu dinner party. Proving he's not as impulsive as everyone always accuses him of being, he decides to pay a visit to Katherine to see her reaction to his news that he's got a dagger and white oak ash. Of course, this could just be an excuse to see his ex, as he goes out shopping for her and brings her some presents when he visits her.

Damon's reasoning is if he brings Katherine some gifts, he'll get the truth if the dagger can reall whack Elijah. But all he really needed was the blood. He didn't need to go out shopping and buy her some new clothes. A guy doesn't go out shopping for woman's clothes, unless that woman means something to him, despite what he claims to the contrary. It speaks volumes on several different levels. Did Damon get a secret thrill knowing Katherine would be wearing clothes that he'd bought for her? Why did it bother Damon so much that she was sitting around in dirty clothes? And if Katherine hadn't gotten out of the tomb, would Damon had found another excuse to visit her and bring her more clothes he went out and bought?

Katherine, as we know by episode end, plays Damon like a fiddle. And even though everything she's saying is a lie, she keeps her promise not to leave if Damon helps her to get out of the tomb. She's as twisted as Damon is, which is why they make such a good couple. These two were made for each other.

Anyway, Damon puts operation Kill Elijah into action. John Gilbert invites himself to the party, wanting a front roll seat to watch Damon buy the farm while he kills Elijah. Alas! Poor John is thwarted again, and by his ancestor and namesake's journal, no less. Stefan discovers that if a demon [take the a and replace it with e and Damon becomes demon] uses the dagger on an original, they buy the farm, as well. Stefan sends the 911 out to Alaric, who stops Damon in his track, and does the honors himself. Alaric also warns Damon that he's his only friend, so don't lie to him, again.

Unfortunately, the dagger doesn't stay in Elijah, and he pops back up, again, going up to the lake to fetch Elena. Only she tricks him, and stabs him, and this time Elijah stays dead. She also demands she calls all the shots. I was disappointed in Damon for agreeing to her demands.

When Damon walks into his bedroom pleased as punch that Elijah is on ice, he gets an unpleasant surprise. There's Katherine standing wet and naked before him. In case Damon has forgotten what she looks like without her clothes, she gives him a refresher course, while rubbing his nose in the fact that she tricked him. She claims she's keeping her promise. She's going to stay and help him. The question is, to do what?


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