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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- The Last Dance

Updated on August 17, 2011

Elena discovers Damon isn't going to obey

This is the episode I really couldn't stand Elena. I especially hate the part where she makes Damon promise to obey her every command before she'll allow him to come into this own home. Well, honey, it's like making a bride promise to obey in the wedding vows. Once that ring is on her finger; doesn't mean she has to obey. And Elena quickly finds that out with Damon.

Damon and Stefan give Elena the deed to their house so she can control who comes in to keep it a safe house, but as I said above, she plays a little power play with Damon demanding her let her calls all the shots and obey her commands. Damon says he will, but he breaks that little promise pretty quickly, which was something I was applauding whole-heartedly over.

Before that, Damon was wondering if Katherine was dead and if Klaus had killed her. Stefan says probably. Damon shrugs it off saying she got what she deserved. Not buying it,. dude. Especially not after what happens in the next episode. Meanwhile at Alaric's apartment, Not Alaric is having some fun with Miss Katherine. He compels her to stab herself in the leg over and over again. He shows her some mercy by telling her if she gets tired, she can start stabbing herself in the other leg. He also compels her to spill her guts on what she knows. This is the interesting part. She says the Salvatore brothers have the white oak ash. What's interesting is she knows very well Damon has it, and by including both brothers in it, she's putting her beloved Stefan in harm's way. Yet we're supposed to believe she cut a deal with John for Damon to die all so she could make sure nothing bad happens to Stefan. I'm so not buying that.

I also find it interesting that Damon always has something. He had the moonstone. He has the white oak ash. He had the Gilbert device. While Stefan is the love muffin skipping through a field of daisies with Elena. He never has anything of importance that the bad guys want. Yet Klaus wants Stefan, go figure.

It's also interesting that the Salvatore brothers is Katherine code for Damon. I remember when Katherine sent a message through Caroline to the Salvatore brothers, and Stefan didn't have a clue what it meant, and Damon did. The message was also hand delivered to Damon.

As for Not Alaric, he has fun playing mind games with Miss Doppelganger. He compels a student to tell her Klaus wants to have the last dance with her, and at the dance he has the same student announce Klaus has dedicated a song to Elena. "Dedicated To The One I Love" is the song that starts playing. Not Alaric seems a bit miffed Damon isn't impressed by his masterful manipulations. He'd be a lot more miffed if he knew Damon was about to play him like a fiddle.

Damon's not just in possession of things the bad supernatural creatures wants, he's also in the know. Probably because he eavesdrops on other people's conversations with his supersonic hearing. He hears Jeremy and Bonnie talking about the fact if she uses the power of 100 witches it'll kill her. Not Alaric also knows this and is planning to get her to try and use his whammy on him until it causes her to have a really bad nosebleed and she goes the way the Wicked Witch of the East and West went in The Wizard of Oz. Anyway, Damon seems to also be the only one in Mystic Falls who possesses a brain, as he suggests to Bonnie maybe there's a loophole.

The loophole is to trick Not Alaric into thinking Bonnie is dead. Bonnie may possess the power of 100 witches, but she definitely doesn't possess the brain power. She's getting all ready to martyr herself just like her doppelganger BFF is planning to do. While Damon's coming up with another of his dastardly schemes, Jeremy's spilling the beans to Stefan about Bonnie. Bad move, as Stefan runs as fast as his little vampire legs will carry him to tell Elena about Bonnie. Of course, little Miss I'm Calling The Shots has a fit. Damon's in the dog house now.

Stefan tells Damon he promised no more secrets and I'm like, "Huh?" I'm just wondering what the heck the Stefan is talking about Damon's pretty upfront with the stuff he's going to pull. He told Stefan he was going to try and kill Elijah at his dinner party. Stefan is the one who told Elena. He's also the one who fed John his blood and threatened to turn him into a vampire unless he left town. I would have paid money if Damon would have replied, "I'm not the one who keeps secrets, dude, you are."

Anyway, Damon's plan goes down like a charm. Klaus believes Bonnie is dead. So does Elena, who slaps him. Then he tells her it was all a plan. Stefan's all huffy because he put Elena through that and didn't fill him in on things. Dude, look at what you did when Jeremy told you a secret. You would have blabbed to Elena and ruined everything.

Elena apologizes to Damon for hitting him and Damon says he'll always choose her. Of course, he says that thinking Katherine is dead. And we saw Damon says something different to Elena in the finale. Anyway, this provokes Miss I'm In Charge to make a unilateral decision to resurrect Elijah so Bonnie won't die. Of course, the fact Damon tried to kill him, and Elijah might be mad, never seemed to cross her mind.

Meanwhile, Klaus has his real body delivered to Alaric's place and departs Alaric's body and gets back into his own body.


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