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The Vampire Diaries Season One Review

Updated on April 20, 2012

The Vampire Diaries TV Show

The Vampire Diaries season one of the TV Show first aired on the CW on the 10th of September 2009. Although over 4.9 million viewers tuned in to see the premiere episode of The Vampire Diaries it was met with mixed reviews. However, the viewer numbers were consistently over 3 million per episode and the CW made the right decision to produce a second and then a third season.

The Vampire Diaries series has gone from strength to strength. Although originally targetted for a younger demographic, it has broken boundaries as it's not only teenage girls that watch the show. Where as The Vampire Diaries pilot episode was slow, the rest of the season soon picked up the pace and finished at a run.

What makes The Vampire Diaries first season truly successful is, that although it is based on the L. J. Smith novels by the same name, it has rejuvenated the story from the books and brought it up to date. The story is compelling and heart wrenching at times too. There is mystery and anguish. The Vampire Diaries cast and characters are not only good looking but highly believable, which is even more astounding when you realize we are talking about the Supernatural Genre.

List of Vampire Diaries Episodes - Season 1

Original Air Date
Episode Title
Number of US Viewers
September 10th 2009
4.9 million
September 17th 2009
The Night of The Comet
3.8 million
September 24th 2009
Friday Night Bites
3.8 million
October 1st 2009
Family Ties
3.5 million
October 8th 2009
You're Undead to Me
3.5 million
October 15th 2009
Lost Girls
3.9 million
October 29th 2009
4.2 million
November 5th 2009
162 Candles
November 12th 2009
History Repeating
4.1 million
November 19th 2009
The Turning Point
3.6 million
January 21th 2010
3.7 million
January 28th 2010
3.7 million
February 4th 2010
Children of the Damned
4.0 million
February 11th 2010
Fool Me Once
3.5 million
March 25th 2010
A Few Good Men
3.3 million
April 1st 2010
There Goes the Neighborhood
2.8 million
April 8th 2010
Let the Right One In
3.5 million
April 15th 2010
Under Control
3.1 million
April 22nd 2010
Miss Mystic Falls
3.3 million
April 29th 2010
Blood Brothers
3.4 million
May 6th 2010
3.3 million
May 13th 2010
Founder's Day
3.5 million
The Salvatore Brothers Before They became Vampires
The Salvatore Brothers Before They became Vampires

The Vampire Diaries Synopsis?

The Vampire Diaries season one is set in a small town called Mystic Falls. As the name would suggest weird and strange things happen in Mystic Falls.

Damon Salvatore has followed his brother Stefan Salvatore back to Mystic Falls. Stefan and Damon are brothers that are no longer on speaking terms because of a betrayal that happened in 1864. Both brothers loved the beautiful, but deadly, Katherine Pierce.

Katherine was a vampire and when it was discovered that she and her friends were vampires, they were thrown into Fells Church to burn. It was discovered that Katherine was a vampire because Stefan warned his father of the fact.

Emily Bennett, the local witch, saved the vampires by locking them in the basement away from the fire. Damon returned to Mystic Falls to retrieve his love and feels it is the right time, as he will require magic to break Katherine from the tomb. The first omen has been sighted, which is the comet over Mystic Falls.

Damon has waited almost 150 years to free Katherine and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Stefan and Elena
Stefan and Elena
Stefan and Elena Sleep Together
Stefan and Elena Sleep Together

Stefan Salvatore is completely different from Damon and is a humanitarian. He refuses to feed on humans and instead feeds on small animals and rodents.

Stefan finds himself falling in love with Elena Gilbert, a 17 year old girl that he saved from a car accident that killed both of her parents. Elena is also attracted to Stefan but is unaware that he is a vampire. Stefan realizes Elena looks exactly like Katherine Pierce and finds out Elena is adopted and that her birth mothers name is Isobel.

Elena's younger brother, Jeremy Gilbert, is finding it difficult to cope with the lose of his parents and turns to drugs and Vicki Donovan. They develop feelings for each other.

Vicki is attacked by a vampire and Damon then turns her into a vampire. Stefan is forced to stake Vicki when she threatens to bring too much attention to her vampire condition.

Mystic Falls has it's own set of vampire hunters as this is also Stefan's ancestral home. Sheriff Forbes and the other Founding Families are no strangers to vampires. Various ancestors kept diaries describing the events caused by the local vampires and how to kill them.

Stefan tells Elena he is a vampire and his past love for Katherine Pierce. Elena is scared and decides to break up with Stefan but agrees to keep his secret. Elena is confused and is more afraid when she finds out she looks exactly like Katherine Pierce.

Anna and Jeremy
Anna and Jeremy

Stefan recognises Anna as someone from his past. Anna's mother Pearl is also trapped inside the tomb. She is looking for a way to free her mother, as Damon is looking to free Katherine.

Elena's friend, Bonnie Bennett, comes from a long line of witches and reluctantly agrees to help Damon bring Katherine out of the tomb. Since Bonnie is new to witchcraft she asks her Gran to help her out.

The tomb is opened and Damon doesn't find Katherine inside. Anna tells Damon that Katherine bribed her way out of the tomb by sweet talking one of the guards. Damon is devastated as Katherine never tried to find him.

Opening the tomb proves too much for Grandma Bennett and she dies.

All the tomb vampires are now free and most are living with Pearl and Anna in an old farm house. Many of them hate the residents of Mystic Falls as their ancestors tried to kill them. Many of them want to take revenge on the town. Pearl is the only thing keeping them from ripping the town to shreds.

Elena's Aunt Jenna falls for the History teacher Alaric Saltzman. It soon becomes apparant that he has unfinished business with Damon, as Damon killed his wife Isobel, who is also Elena's birth mother.

Damon explains to Alaric that Isobel asked to be turned into a vampire. Damon tries to kill Alaric but Alaric comes back to life as he has a special ring which prevents him from being killed by Supernatural beings. Isobel left it for him when she "left".

Elena goes in search of her mother, who is now a vampire, but Isobel is not keen to see Elena and makes her keep her distance.

Elena Keeps a Diary
Elena Keeps a Diary

Jeremy falls in love with Anna and finds out about the vampires in town by reading Elena's diary.

Elena's Uncle, Johathon Gilbert, returns to town. He knows a lot about the towns history and is also a member of the Founding Fathers and is in on the vampire secret. John also has a ring like Alaric's.

John knows Pearl is a vampire and kills her. John is searching for a special device one of his ancestors made to fight vampires. Isobel comes to town searching for the same device. We soon discover that they are both working for Katherine Pierce. Isobel makes Elena give her the device and she plans to use it to kill all the vampires in town, including Dmaon and Stefan Salvatore.

Elena discovers her Uncle John is actually her biological father. He dated Isobel when they were teenagers. He agrees with Isobel's decision to kill the vampires in town..

Katherine Pretends to be Elena
Katherine Pretends to be Elena
and John Pays the Price
and John Pays the Price

The device is activated to kill the vampires. It sends out a high pitched sound that only Supernatural beings can hear. Most of the vampires are taken into the basement to be burned alive. Tyler's father is also taken into the basement as he can hear the device but he isn't a vampire. Tyler is also affected and crashes his car, he also isn't a vampire. Stefan and Damon are saved from the fire but Anna, Mayor Lockwood and the rest of the vampires are killed

Damon takes Elena home and kisses her on the doorstep. Jenna invites Elena into the house. John tells Elena how much he hates vampires but then Elena turns round and chops off his finger with the magic ring. John realises too late that it isn't Elena but Katherine Pierce standing over him.

Vampire Diaries season 1 ends with Elena walking into the house and towards the kitchen, where Katherine Pierce is waiting.

Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries Season 1?

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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Fans

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries season 1.

I found it compelling viewing and it made me desperate to see what would happen the following week.

Each episode ended on a cliffhanger or a question. The Vampire Diaries cast did a superb job of making their characters come to life and they were believable, which isn't always easy in the fantasy genre.

Everyone in The Vampire Diaries TV show is good looking. Although that would normally make the show seem fake, in this case it meshes well with the storyline and you soon forget how good looking everyone is, as you are so focused on the plot.

The Vampire Diaries season 1 ended on a high note and the cliffhanger was shocking, making us all desperate to watch Season 2.


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    • profile image

      Stargrrl 3 years ago

      I recently started watching TVD in season 4, when Elena became a vampire, and am now watching the first three seasons to get caught up. I am about halfway through Season 1, and I have to say, this show is pretty good. It took awhile to get into, but it is much better than Twilight, in my opinion. Damon was a real SOB in Season 1!

    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

      I was very hesitant to watch this show due to the Twilight craze. However, since it is on Netflix, I decided to give it a chance. I was very impressed with how quick the show moved and how adult a majority of the storylines were.