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The Vampire Diaries -- Season 3 Moments That Made Me Loathe Elena

Updated on August 24, 2012

The Martyr Of Compassion? I think not!

Until season three, I was pretty apathetic to the Elena character. I found her boring, dull and uninteresting. But I didn't really hate her the way I've seen a lot do. Then in season three it seemed that in every new episode there was something to make me loathe this selfish twit.

One of the reasons I thought Elena would be free of Stefan for a time was to get the character back on track. In the first season Elena had actual relationships with her brother and her friends. Unfortunately, as time went by she become all about Stefan, as he was the only one she thought or cared about. What I didn't think was she'd get even worse with her Stefan, Stefan, Stefan attitude.

In the first episode of the new season she saw Jeremy smoking pot. Because of her, Jeremy's last two remaining parental figures: his uncle John and his aunt Jenna were dead. So one would expect her to get her head out of Stefan's butt long enough to parent Jeremy. Nope, she tried to pass the responsibility on to her teacher, Alaric, and when he didn't want it, she just shrugged it off, forgot about Jeremy doing drugs and went on her way chanting, "Stefan, Stefan, Stefan."

In the next episode she did a two-for-one deal. In short, she gave me two more reasons to intensely dislike her. First, she was all put-out because Damon didn't call to tell her Andie was dead, but she demonstrated in two seconds flat why he didn't. In the same breath she's expressing her condolences she started going on about how she's sure that Stefan called her. Considering it was Stefan who murdered Andie, that wasn't exactly a good time to mention her obsession. And when Damon refused to go looking with Stefan, she headed right to Alaric to manipulate him into helping her, instead. She got Alaric to go into the woods looking for a werewolf pack on the night of the full moon when they'd all be turning into werewolves not once caring she could get Alaric killed. All she cared about was finding Stefan.

In 3.03 Elena laid a giant guilt trip on Damon for leaving her alone in Stefan's Chicago apartment because if Klaus had found her he could have killed her, but she didn't even think or care that Klaus could kill Damon when he kept Klaus busy so she could talk to Stefan and try to get him to come back to Mystic Falls.

In 3.04 Elena proved what a line of BS she handed Damon when he was dying and she told him she accepted him just as he was. When Damon acted like a vampire she had a fit and declared if he didn't behave like Stefan she couldn't have him around her. Of course, in 3.05 after Klaus attacked her she laid another guilt trip on him for not being there to protect her by wanting to know where he was, when she told him just the episode before unless he behaved himself she didn't want him around her.

They never showed Elena finding out that Jeremy was seeing ghosts, but since she offered him no support she obviously didn't give a crap. However, in 3.07 she suddenly cared when she could use it to her advantage. Even though Jeremy promised Bonnie he wouldn't talk to ghosts anymore and if he did it would cause damage in his relationship to Bonnie, Elena wanted him to contact Stefan's sobriety sponsor Lexie. She didn't care if it ruined his relationship to Bonnie, all she cared about was herself and Stefan. And it only got better from there.

If you didn't dislike Elena from all the other crap she pulled this season, this was the episode to make you really dislike her. When she caught Jeremy kissing Anna she offered him no support or understanding, just ordered him to get rid of someone he loved. Then she gave him some hypocritical and self-righteous speech about it could never work between him and Anna because Anna is dead. Earth to Elena: so is your precious Stefan and you expect everyone to support and understand your relationship with him when you don't want to become what he is, so your relationship with him can't work either, and you should follow your own advice and get rid of him.

It only got better when she got Bonnie to delay sending all the ghosts back and someone was killed and the whole town was put in danger. When she saw the carnage her selfishness was causing she finally did the right thing and had the ghosts sent back, but it was too late to undo someone being killed because of her Stefan obsession.

In 3.08 even though she seems to barely attend class, she could decipher hieroglyphics on the wall of a cave when Alaric, the history teacher, couldn't. She decided it meant that Klaus had killed his mother and rushed to tell Rebekah to turn her against her brother in hopes she would help them kill Klaus. Yeah, like that worked so well the last time she tried it. Elijah promised to kill Klaus and instead betrayed everyone and saved Klaus.

In 3.09 Elena seemed to remember it, as after Rebekah lured Klaus into a trap, she acted real nice to Rebekah and gave her back her mother's necklace. Then when she was helping Rebekah put it on she stabbed her in the back. I don't think we were supposed to feel sorry for Rebekah who only wanted to go to a dance and instead got stabbed in the back for her troubles.

Elena also decided she was finally going to give up on Stefan and she wanted Damon to do the same thing. So two weeks running she tried to turn two pairs of siblings against each other [Klaus and Rebekah and Damon and Stefan]. But to be fair since she's a horrible sister to Jeremy she probably doesn't understand the bond between siblings and how vile it is of her to try and destroy it.

In 3.10 because Alaric told her Jeremy's grades were bad and she didn't like Jeremy hanging around Tyler, she finally showed some concern for him. Of course, her way of showing concern was to have Damon compel him and send him away to Colorado. Out of sight, out of mind. The ironic thing is she's always whining about people respecting her choices, but she doesn't accord the same respect to anyone else having a freedom of choice if it's a choice she doesn't agree with.

in 3.14 now that Stefan was back, she was finding Damon's determination to protect her a nuisance and infringing on her freedom of choice. Of course, when Stefan wasn't around she was whining when Damon wasn't protecting her. But she came up with a plan. As she danced with him, she was already planning to get Stefan to break his own brother's neck so she could do her own thing. The really sick thing is I don't think she thought it was any big deal what she did. Just like she thought it was no big deal what she did to Rebekah. Not only did she risk destroying the brother's relationship by having one brother kill the other; she seemed to forget what she had done as soon as it happened. When she told Damon if he was mad at her he should get over it, I think she was talking about telling Damon his love for her was a problem. Her whole attitude made her come off as a cold selfish bitch.

Elena agreed to help kill all the Originals, even her good buddy Elijah. She even stood by watching him as he drank his tainted wine. But then she felt guilty about what she was doing to him. Yeah, the guy who was loyal to her [Damon] she told to get over her betrayal, but the guy who betrayed her and her friends she felt guilty about. So the ninny goes off with him and he uses her to break the spell his mother cast by killing the Bennett witches. So Bonnie's mother, Abby, was killed to break the spell and save her miserable life, when if she hadn't gone off with Elijah in the first place the whole thing would have never happened.

It's a terrible thing to say, but Bonnie is as much Elena's slave as Emily Bennett was Katherine's slave. While Bonnie was off grieving for what had happened to her mother, who should call her up wanting something but Little Elena the cause of it all. She was like, "Gee, I'm sorry your mother was murdered and turned into a vampire to save me, but I need your help, so could you like get over it and help me."

Elena wanted Stefan back and she was practically begging for it like a dog in heat, but Stefan drew a line in the sand: unless she could define what she felt for Damon, he wouldn't take her back. So, Stefan arranged a road trip for Damon and Elena where he expected her to explore her feelings for Damon, and there isn't nothing she won't do for Stefan. Only problem is no one decided to tell Damon he was the guinea pig in Stefan and Elena's little experiment. So she practically jumped him and Damon thought it meant something, but afterwards she was cold to him and tried to blame him for why things never work out between them. It was the biggest lie this twit has tried to sell, when anyone who watches this show knows she always picks Stefan and that's the reason things don't work out between them.

It also seems after she messed with Jeremy's mind and had him sent away, she didn't bother to keep in touch with him, because she had no idea Kol had befriended him, putting Jeremy's life in danger. So it seems if Jeremy could manage to have his life in constant danger she might actually be a halfway decent sister to him, otherwise it's shove him into a corner and forget all about him.

But that's why I can't stand this character any longer and loathe the sight of her. Making it worse is Julie Plec and her ridiculous statements about this character. She's the Martyr Of Compassion. She cares for everyone. She's a wonderful sister. If Julie Plec truly believes that she writes this character like that, this show has a really big problem. Can someone really be that clueless?


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    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

      Elena drives me nuts. She doesn't care about anyone but herself, yet claims to do the opposite. It drives me up the wall!