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The Vampire Diaries -- The Departed

Updated on May 12, 2012

Even I couldn't predict this...

I wouldn't want to. I had some things right. Elena chose Stefan, but that was a no-brainer. And Tyler died, or did he? Klaus didn't die, but Joseph Morgan fans are in a fury, and Plec has already starting back-pedaling claiming you didn't see Klaus' body burn up and JM will be back next season. Plec lives to please the fans at the cost of story. In short, the finale was a reflection of the season as a whole; a mish-mash of stuff Plec will just unwrite an episode down the line, apparently. Plec accomplished her biggest goal to make it virtually impossible for anyone to kill her precious baby Klaus.

Okay, let's start with the Elena flashbacks. I thought the purpose of them was to show us Elena's relationship with her parents. Aside from two superficial scenes with her mother and none w/her father [except when she was passed out in the car] do we really know anymore about her relationship with them. We know even before her parents' accident she didn't love Matt and was doing what she does best to men; string them along. And I definitely could have done without the Jeremy jerking-off scene in the bathroom. The flashbacks were pretty much a big nothing.

Damon got a flashback too. It was of the, throw a bone to the DE shippers so they think they still have a chance and will keep watching variety. Even though it makes no sense based on Damon's behavior in the pilot episode, Damon met Elena first. He was apparently laying in the road for no reason; when generally he did that to lure someone into stopped and to feed on them. He then compelled her to forget meeting him. So, we're now supposed to believe after meeting Elena, he had his crow dive bomb the car she was in, nearly causing her to get in a car accident and that he was stalking and terrorizing her in the fog. The DEs are eating it up with a spoon so Plec has them firmly on her hook, again.

In the present, Elena wakes up fine in the hospital. Meredith tells her it was no biggie. But Meredith is lying. Elena had a cerebral hemorrhage and should have died; maybe it was even her time to die. Only Meredith took matters into her own hands and fed her vampire blood, but decided Elena didn't need to know about that little fact.

Dick shows up at the hospital wanting Elena. He also disposes of all of Meredith's vampire blood. Liz and Carol have been relieved of their duties, and Dick says he's going to make sure Meredith loses her license to practice medicine. Too bad he won't be able to carry out his threat. I actually liked Dick better than Ric. He actually got things done.

Liz and Carol tell their kids what Dick did and that they have to leave town Caroline agrees to meet Tyler in the Lockwood cellar so they can go away together. First, she wants to make sure Elena is okay.

Stefan goes back to town to look after Elena, and Elijah shows up. You know Old Stefan's back when the lapdog allows Elena to decide what to do with Klaus. My question, is why is she being giving the autonomy to decide that. Damon argues against it, but, he too, still in whipped puppy and I'm not going to give you a reason to reject me mode, goes along with what Princess E decides. Which is why instead of dumping Klaus into the ocean, he instead puts Klaus in a storage locker. For some reason, that makes absolutely no sense if you think about it and is just a lame plot trick, Damon takes the show's Deux Ex Machina to go and see Klaus. That's really all the Bonnie character is. She's pulled out whenever Plec writes herself in a corner and needs Cheap Plot Trick Bonnie to pull something out of her bag of magic. In this case, Plec needs someone to save her sweet baby boy Klaus for being killed off the show. Cheap Plot Trick Bonnie asks to be alone w/Klaus, who can open his eyes and she wonders what should be done with him. If he dies, her mother will die, and so will Caroline, but he killed Jenna. That's pretty much the last you see of her until the end of the show when she reveals what she did, and let me say what she did makes no sense, either. But it's the only way Plec could find to keep her beloved Klaus on the show.

Anyway, Damon called Rebekah to come to the storage locker next. It was like open house or something. Of course, last week Rebekah ran off, so how Damon was easily able to find her and call her to drop by the storage bin is another of those plot holes we're not supposed to notice. I have to ask, do they even have someone in charge of continuity from one episode to the next? Dick shows up at the storage locker, too. Earlier, Jeremy faked Dick out by claiming Damon was going to bury Klaus in the woods, but Dick somehow found out exactly where Damon is. Maybe being psychic is also another of the super duper powers Esther gave him when she made him a super duper vampire slayer. Anyway, Super Dick snaps Damon's neck and begins searching the area for Klaus' coffin.

Anyway, Rebekah shows up and luckily Damon has revived. He grabs Rebekah and puts his hand over her mouth to silence her and warns her that Dick's in the house. They try to sneak Klaus' coffin out but Dick catches them. He handily knocks them aside like brushing away a pair of powerless mosquitoes and stakes Klaus the Louse who bursts into flames. Then in what for me was the best moment of this whole ridiculous episode, Damon holds Dick off and tells Rebekah to run and save herself.

Meanwhile, deep in Old Steffy mode, Stefan mouths a bunch of reassuring platitudes to Elena and then kisses her in case he never sees her again. I guess he's going to go meet Damon at the storage place. Matt and Jeremy decide to get Elena out of town. See, they're like Damon. They don't respect Elena's wishes the way Stefan does. They want to save her life and not just stand back and do nothing to prevent her from dying. While Matt is driving her away from town, Elena learns Klaus is dead and that Stefan and Damon may only have an hour to live. Matt tells her he can drive her back to say goodbye to Stefan or drive her to Damon. She finds she'd rather spend Stefan's last minutes with him and basically gives Damon the kiss-off over the phone. She throws him a scrap that maybe if she had met him first things would be different.

Actually, from the instead Elena makes her choice, Plec starts throwing bones to the DEs like a batting machine dispensing balls. Damon consumes her when she's alone with him. If she had met Damon first things might have been different. Then Damon has the fake flashback of meeting Elena just before Stefan did, mistaking her for Katherine, and compelling her to find the love she desires. Finally, Damon gets two scenes reacting to Elena's death and discovering she's now a vampire, while Stefan gets none. But it works. Plec successfully avoids Shipper Armageddon and the DEs are firmly on the hook again chanting endgame and believing Elena will now be sired to Damon and now she's a vampire she'll remember meeting Damon first and when Damon told her he loved her and compelled her to forget and it's going to change everything and it's not over for them. They still have a chance. And none seem to realize they just got played by a master manipulator. If only Plec was as good a writer as she is at manipulating the DE/SE shipper groups.

Caroline goes to meet Tyler and he says Bonnie was just there and then he tells her he's dying and tells her to leave him and run. After that, Bonnie saunters in, revealing Tyler is really Klaus. She somehow put Klaus in Tyler's body and she's not the least bit sorry about it, because it was her choice. Yep, she did God only knows what to a guy she grew-up for the guy that tried to murder and who she was dedicating to murder. And it makes no sense, bc to save her mother and whatnot Klaus could have stayed in his dessicated body, not possess someone else's body and run free again as a threat to everyone she knows. She could have just stolen the body and hidden it somewhere. That made more sense then what she did to a guy she grew up with.

But don't expect Klaus to stay in Tyler's body. The Joseph Morgan fans have been throwing a fit about him not being Klaus and Plec has already started back-pedaling about it, saying you didn't see Klaus' body burn up and promising that he'll be back next year. So she'll probably just unwrite what she wrote in the finale. That's why I say Tyler may not be dead.

If Tyler is dead, then Plec lifted her leg and whizzed on the character one last time. I believe the Tyler that Caroline thought was dying, was already Klaus. Tyler said Bonnie had been there. And it appears Klaus just wolfed-out to make Vampire Barbie think he was dying and telling her to run from town to save herself before the townspeople came after her. That means Tyler's last moments as himself happened off-camera. He didn't even get a last goodbye scene. And that's after no one cared Klaus murdered him and turned him into a hybrid. No one but Rebekah tried to help him adjust to being a vampire. Everyone treated like a leper for being sired by Klaus through no fault of his own. In Plec's world not all characters are treated equally.

Speaking of Vampire Barbie, Kyler wolfed out to con Caroline he was dying and to urge her to run from town. When the new season starts she'll be gone from Mystic Falls, leaving only newly made Vampire Elena to reign as the new super duper uber teen vampiress. The treatment Tyler got this year of being off the show more than on may be given to Vampire Barbie this year. Coincidentally, or maybe not so, Candace Accolo, who plays Caroline, has been publicly disagreeing with Plec about the viability of any kind of romantic relationship between Caroline and Plec's favorite boy, Klaus. While Plec hasn't really seen any impediment for a romance between the two, CA has repeatedly reminded everyone what a monster Plec's boy is and that it's ridiculous for Caroline to have a relationship with Klaus. This is a character Plec has been trying to sell as being both a hero and a villain with his non-existent heroics. So, it'll be interesting to see how much air time a dethroned Vampire Barbie will get next season now the character[ Elena] that Plec shoves into every story to make her the center of everything, is the new teen queen vampire in town.

In the final act, Dick is beating the crap out of Damon planning to kill him when he dries up like a rotten piece of fruit. Damon knows what it means. Elena is dead. Meanwhile, Rebekah calls Stefan to tell him she's going to kill Elena to insure her survival against Dick. She stands in the road as Matt's truck appears, he swerves, and goes off the Wickery Bridge. Of course, how she knew Matt and Elena were on that particular road and it was their car is just another of those little plot holes we're supposed to ignore.

Stefan shows up and finds Matt passed out and Elena wide awake. He wants to rescue her, but she orders him to rescue Matt, instead. After a brief disagreement, he does what she wants, and leaves her to die in the car. Of course, since she doesn't appear to be pinned in, and since she's wide awake, one would think she could have just swam out of the car after Matt was no longer blocking the way. But, no, she stayed right where she was and drowned. Yet another of those pesky plot holes that makes no sense.

The whole thing is being sold as how wonderful Stefan was to respect Elena's choices and leave her to die while he saved Matt like she wanted. That if he hadn't done what Elena wanted, she would have been mad. Yeah, but she would have also been alive. The thing is, this show has tried to sell Stefan and Elena as some epic love and epic loves do everything they can to save each other. They don't just let you walk off with the guy who plans to murder you on an altar of blood or rescue someone they don't even care about just so you won't be mad at them because you didn't respect their wishes. That's been Stefan's whole bag about him not wanting her to be mad at him so he goes along with whatever suicidal thing she wants to do. So, basically, he'd rather she be dead than mad at him. In my book that makes Stefan the worst kind of coward.

Earlier, Matt and Jeremy risked Elena being mad at them by whisking her out of town to keep her safe. See, her being safe and alive was more important to them than her not being mad at them. That's what you do when you truly love someone. If they're doing something stupid that puts their life at risk you put their safety and life over respecting their choices so they're not mad at you.

Elena's death is filled with a lot of irony. If she hadn't had Matt turn around to head back to town to spend what she thought were Stefan's last moments on earth, there might never have been an accident and she might still be alive. Also, there's the whole irony that a few short weeks ago Stefan had shoved blood down her throat and threatened to kill her by driving her off the Wickery Bridge and by leaving her behind in her watery grave the threat he made became a reality. Of course, one has to wonder if Meredith had informed her she had vampire blood in her if she would have been so keen to stay in her watery grave, just making a weak attempt to escape it, knowing if she died she'd become the one thing she didn't want to become: a vampire.

The final shot is of Elena laying of a cold slab in the morgue and he eyes popping open and a horrified Damon is discovering from Meredith she fed Elena's vampire blood to save her life without telling her the truth. In short, Elena should have died when she was brought into the hospital, instead she died in a watery grave. Of course, if Meredith had let nature take its course, Elena would be most sincerely dead instead of a new member of the ranks of the undead. Something tells me she would have preferred just being dead over what's going to happen to her now.

Of course, as I watched this I wondered where the epic death scene was of Stefan going back to fish Dead Elena out of the car and to cry and be all devastated over his beloved's death. That's pretty basic in an epic love. In fact, there was no scene of Stefan with Dead Elena. It's like he dumped her on a slab in the morgue and went on his merry way. Sorry, Plec, you can declare to the rafters that Stefan and Elena are some kind of epic love, but you missed every beat to prove it in this episode.

Of course, I can't wrap up this recap without including the most bogus scene of the night. Ghost Ric came to tell Jeremy he would always look after him. The scene might have been touching and effective if Ric had actually had any kind of real fatherly relationship with Jeremy in the last 22 episodes. The last time Ric was show being fatherly to Jeremy was in the season 2 finale. This season the only Gilbert Alaric has been concerned about is Elena. When he knew Jeremy was doing drugs he just ignored it not wanting to deal with it. There was one episode he was concerned about Jeremy's grades, but that was only a plot device to give him and Elena an excuse to ship Jeremy out of town, but after Jeremy was gone he never gave him another thought. Although Evil Dick did write Jeremy a letter urging him to become a serial killer just like him.

That's one of the big problems with Plec; she's a lazy writer. She doesn't want to lay the groundwork for these relationships. She thinks if she declares something in the media or has characters declare something on the show, that's enough to make it real and believable in the story. Like how every freak of the week comes up to Damon to tell him he loves Elena, when you never saw one scene or moment where Damon supposedly fell in love with her. Or this supposed great epic love Stefan and Elena have. Or this great close relationship Ric had with Jeremy that was virtually non-existent on the show.

So where do we stand? Plec neatly destroyed what little remnant was left of the Damon/Alaric friendship so it no longer is a rival to this epic Klaus/Stefan friendship that exists only in Plec's head. Klaus took Tyler's life, he tried to take his girlfriend and he's finally taken his body. Elena chose Stefan and now she's a vampire. And Plec laid the seeds for the next phase of the triangle of doom. Thus ending the worst written season of The Vampire Diaries where nothing really happened. We're pretty much back to where we left off in 2.18 and 2.20. Klaus is possessing someone's body and Elena has died and become a vampire. If they had just let Elena become a vampire after Klaus bled her dry, last year, we could have skipped this entire season, and the upside is John Gilbert would still be alive and Jeremy wouldn't have lost every family member he ever had.

I suppose the bright side of Elena being a vampire is we won't have to hear anymore how special she is because she's a doppelganger. We won't have to hear how special her blood is that it can make vampires and hybrids. Of course, that means Klaus can't be making anymore hybrids, but since the whole hybrid story was a story Plec pretty much dropped this season, it's no great loss. If there are any members of the decimated werewolf population left, they're now safe. Of course, the dark side of this is Plec has been using Klaus as the reason she won't bring Katherine back, now she can use Vampire Elena as the new excuse. So I guess Damon will never find out Katherine gave up her freedom from Klaus to save his life and that she lied when she said she didn't love him, which was probably the only good moment throughout this entire season.

I have to say if Plec is left in charge of this show, I really don't see it making it to the proposed six seasons. The difference between last season's writing and this season's is stunning. It seems without Kevin Williamson around to reign in her proclivities there's nothing to stop her fan pandering from running the show into the ground. Unfortunately, KW has gotten a new outside project to concentrate on, meaning Plec will be solely in charge of the show next season, as well. If this season is anything to go by with her solely in charge, it isn't going to be pretty.


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