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The Vampire Diaries -- The Mason Lockwood Factor

Updated on June 28, 2011

His Involvement With Katherine Changes Everything

I watched season two in a rather piecemeal fashion. I was so disgusted that Damon was the one who loved Katherine for all those years, and she only loves Stefan. As a result I'm rewatching Vampire Diaries and having to fill in the missing pieces. Reading recaps doesn't really do it. It's when I watch the actual episodes I really start thinking about things. And Katherine being involved with Mason Lockwood truly changes how you have to look at everything.

Katherine claims she came back to town for Stefan, but I never really bought that to begin with, especially after she tried to jump Damon's bones in The Return, and the whole Mason thing confirms that. She didn't come back to town for Stefan.. She came to town for the moonstone, the werewolf, the vampire and the doppelganger. So, what was the Stefan thing all about?

Does she really love Stefan? Does she really want him back? Or was it all just a ruse to try keep Damon and Stefan from realizing what she was really up to?

It's actually seeming more like a ruse. She tried all of two times to make a play for Stefan, and both times it was because Mason Lockwood was busy elsewhere, before she got locked in the tomb. After she got let out of the tomb she seemed a lot more interested in spending time with Damon than she was with Stefan. And while she and Stefan were trapped together in the tomb, she didn't really do anything to try and get him. I think you have to disregard the Damon/Katherine kissing scene on Elena's porch and her playing Elena with Stefan when he arrived at Elena's house. Neither were planned encounters. They both just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

While Mason was busy with his relatives, Katherine got Stefan to take a walk with her. She claimed she was back because she's never stopped loving him. Stefan said he hated her and she only compelled his love. After impaling him in the gut with a pole, she took off, saying that hate sounded like the beginning of a love story.

She also purposely sought out Damon, after telling Stefan she was avoiding him. She wanted Damon to kiss her, and she wasn't taking no for an answer. Once she broke Damon down enough so he gave into his feelings for her, she showed she wanted more than just a kiss. She practically ripped off his shirt, and it's interesting to note that it was Damon that called a halt to things, not Katherine. After everyone telling him he never meant anything to Katherine and she always knew where he was but never tried to contact him, Damon wanted to know the truth about how she really felt about him. If it was the right answer, he was ready to forget the past and they could have a fresh start together. Her answer was she never loved him, and it was always Stefan.

From there, she went over to the hospital and killed Damon's ex-lover, Caroline, who Damon had fed his blood to, turning her into a vampire. She also told Caroline to give the Salvatore brothers a message, but it was strangely a message only Damon understood.

Now, knowing that Katherine was already involved with Mason, and making him think she was in love with him, she could hardly say anything other to Damon than she didn't love him. She couldn't start over with Damon even if she wanted to. Of course, the question is, since she was already having a sexual relationship with Mason, why was she so hot to have sex with Damon if he truly means nothing to her? She literally tried to rip the shirt off his back. Why if it was always Stefan and never Damon didn't she try ripping the shirt off of Stefan's back and get him to have sex with her? She was laying in bed with Stefan and the only thing she tried to do with him was put a fake dream in his head.

She also spent the day with Stefan trying to convince him he really did love her, and when that didn't work, she stabbed him in the leg after threatening to snap Elena's neck after making her watch everyone she loves die. She actually seemed to carry out that threat when Damon killed Mason and taunted her about killing her werewolf, only it wasn't Stefan that gave into her threat; it was Elena who broke up with Stefan. But did Katherine really do it to break-up Stefan and Elena or did she do it to strike back at Damon for what he did? If Damon was the reason she did it, then that makes one less thing Katherine actually did to get Stefan back.

The interesting thing is that after Katherine spent the day with Stefan, she waited outside the Mystic Grille for Damon to come out. She let him know she'd spent the whole day with Stefan and wanted to know if that made Damon jealous. After she told him she'd never loved him, Damon told her not of her, not anymore. Then he mentioned he'd tried to kill a werewolf and was ticked off because he hadn't succeeded. Katherine had to know the werewolf Damon had tried to kill was Mason, the man that all her plans hinged on. At the point, she should have done something to make sure Damon didn't pose a threat to Mason. Instead, she told Mason to stay away from Damon and Stefan. Of course, Mason didn't listen and exposed Damon and Stefan to Liz as vampires, which nearly lead to their deaths.

Damon, not one to allow anyone to do that to him or Stefan, was determined that Mason Lockwood had to go. And he did just that when he ripped his heart out and called up Katherine to brag about what he did. At that point, Katherine made a phone call, herself, and compelled Jenna to stab herself.

The Mason Lockwood factor really does make you wonder why Katherine tried to have sex with Damon when she was already having sex with Mason. If she wanted to go to someone on the rebound after being rejected by Stefan, why not go to Mason? Why go to Damon? And when she learned Damon was threatening all her plans with Mason, why didn't she try and kill him if she was telling the truth when she claimed she never loved him? And why would Katherine only put a dream in Stefan's head when she was laying in bed with Stefan if she wanted him back so badly?

It really makes you wonder.


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