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The Vampire Diaries -- The Originals Pilot

Updated on April 27, 2013

Original Airing: April 25, 2013

It was the big Originals’ pilot episode, and contrary to what people on Twitter think about The Originals’ making the show, the ratings dropped even more from last week. Seems an entire episode of The Originals caused people to tune out The Vampire Diaries, instead of tuning in. They apparently tune in for the original characters on the show, not the Originals. But the CW picked it up anyway and it’ll be a regular series, next season, which means The Vampire Diaries will be free of them for awhile. And Julie Plec, who violated more vampire mythology in this episode, will hopefully be leaving The Vampire Diaries along with her beloved Originals.

I actually had quite a lot to laugh about in this episode. While one part of me was appalled that Plec violated the vampires can’t have babies thing, another part of me was laughing my head off about it. Take that Klaus/Caroline fans. I saw them proclaiming how a mortal blow had been served to their beloved gross couple. And also claiming how Hayley is the most hated character on the show. Sorry, Charlie, that would be your beloved Caroline, this season. I’m sorry, Julie, but Klaus is still dead and so is probably his sperm. Being a hybrid doesn’t change that. Being a hybrid didn’t suddenly make him undead.

Then we had Katherine/Elijah which was another chucklefest. Ever since she hooked up with him, I haven’t had much interest in her. She paid Damon and Stefan a visit first to celebrate that Klaus was gone for good, before going over to see Elijah. She told Rebekah she and Klaus were just alike and didn’t want to be alone. Anyway, Elijah dumped Katherine to go off and re-start his family down in Old New Orleans with Klaus. Katherine/Elijah have to be the most sexless pairing this show has ever seen. The closest thing they came to sharing a kiss was Elijah kissing her on the forehead like he would his sister. I cracked up when I saw that. I still contend the only reason this Katherine/Elijah nonsense happened was so Elena/Elijah could share a kiss without it affecting Plec’s beloved triangle from hell. Katherine/Elijah was no romance. It was nothing but a plot device. It was also a plot device that damaged both characters in it, but that’s par for the course with Julie Plec.

I have to say the more I see of Elijah the less interesting he becomes. He really needs to stop proclaiming how honorable he is. After years of acting like Elena’s devoted slave, he was a total dickweed to her and threatened to harm her for the woman he hunted and trapped in a tomb. Then he was telling Rebekah how he wasn’t sure if he’d help Klaus or not when he headed down to New Orleans; it would all depend on his mood when he got there. Oh, how honorable. And dumping his so-called beloved Katerina to be with the brother that staked him and slaughtered his so-called beloved Katerina’s family [not to mention his own parents] and made her life hell for five centuries was a particular dick move. It’s why putting Katherine/Elijah together as a couple was such a bad joke to begin with.

The Originals plot was Klaus heading to New Orleans to find the witch who was out to get him. As it turned out Little Katherine lied. They weren’t really out to get Klaus, they wanted him to do their dirty work and get rid of someone for them. And there were actually two witches not one: Jane-Anne and Sophie Devereaux. Klaus’ protégé, Marcel, runs New Orleans and has managed to get rid of the werewolves and won’t allow the witches to perform magic in town. If they do he slaughters them. He kills Jane-Anne when he catches her performing magic before Klaus can speak to her.

Okay, time-out. Didn’t Damon and Stefan go down to New Orleans’ earlier this season to find out about the sire bond? Wasn’t there a witch there practicing magic. Where was King Marcel, great vampire overlord of the French Quarter? Yeah, typical Plec inconsistency. Please let the Originals show take her away from The Vampire Diaries.

Anyway, Hayley is lured out to the middle of nowhere where the witches get hold of her. Turns out she’s pregnant with Klaus’ demon seed and they want to use her to get Klaus to dethrone Marcel as King of New Orleans. They should have lured his precious airhead Caroline down there instead.When Klaus finds out he’s the baby daddy, he tells them to kill Hayley and her get, he doesn’t care. They might actually be doing the baby a favor. No child deserves Sybil for a father. You never know what personality psycho will present at any moment. What Klaus does care about is that Marcel has everything he wanted in New Orleans: to be king. Yeah, so much for the “He’s only doing this so he can have a family” BS Plec and Klaus lovers have been spouting to prove he’s just being maligned for no good reason. So he’s going to dethrone Marcel and become the new King of New Orleans.

Elijah is more interested in Klaus’ offspring than he is. I’d bet it won’t be long before he becomes Hayley’s champion. Rebekah says she’s staying in MysticFalls when Elijah implores her to come join him and Klaus in rebuilding their family. My guess is she’s going to do something bad that will have her running from town and joining her family in New Orleans.

Klaus also seems to already become interested in a blonde bartender named Camille, Cami for short. I guess blondes are his thing. She really turns him on with her bravery in the face of vampires and she’s also a great lover of street art. I’m sure in no time at all he’ll be drawing her My Little Pony pictures. Which is yet another reason why I don’t buy for a second he was ever into the Original Petrova. Elijah’s the one who’s obsessed with the Original Petrova’s dopplelgangers. Yet, Elijah claimed no one loved the Original Petrova like Klaus did. Like I said, I don’t buy it.

If the Klaroline shippers watch this show, they’re going to cause trouble for whatever woman is potentially paired with Klaus. They were yapping that Hayley is the most hated character ever and the Klaus/Hayley baby needs to disappear and then they wanted Cami the bartender gone. Plec should just ship her beloved Caroline down to New Orleans and save herself a lot of grief.

The Original pilot I didn’t think was as bad as onliners are claiming. But those are onliners who are Klaroline shippers who had their balloons popped because Hayley is knocked up with Klaus’ offspring. Plec actually used all the talent her little hack self could summon up to try and write a halfway decent episode. I actually thought it was good, but I really have no interest in watching a show about the Originals. I only see The Originals Show as the benefit of keeping them and Plec off The Vampire Diaries. I’ll also be glad to see the “The Originals are all and the original characters are nothing” fans go to the new show with them. Their precious Originals won’t be on The Vampire Diaries so there’s no need for them to keep watching the show. Go away with your precious Originals and be gone from the fandom of true fans of The Vampire Diaries and the characters this show is really about.

I’m guessing Silas will be the new big bad in town, especially if they stop him from reuniting with his true love, which I assume they will. For some reason I have a feeling [which is probably wrong] that Katherine gave Elijah a fake cure, as well. It’s just totally out of character for her to hand something like that over to him, and he proved how untrustworthy and ineffectual he was in getting her free from Klaus. I also keep thinking Silas is going to kill Damon and Katherine will use the cure to bring him back as a human. When Damon is cured, so will Caroline and Elena.

This is probably the only episode in the history of The Vampire Diaries were Elena got only two scenes. See, even the Originals usurp her in Julie Plec’s mind.

According to Plec the triangle is going to go in a new direction. Hopefully that means DE will be over for awhile. DE has really sucked all the life and vitality out of Damon. How about something new and have the three in the triangle go off in different directions away from each other. Now that would be refreshing.

Oh, and one more thing. Can we please get rid of April Young. This chick just sucks. No more giving her vampire blood to save her worthless hide. The character just doesn’t work or add anything to the show.


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