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The Vampire Diaries -- Vampire Lessons

Updated on November 22, 2012

Why Damon and Katherine were hot and Damon and Elena were not

If you listen to the Damon and Elena fans, Elena drinking blood from Damon and him showing her how to hunt was the hottest scenes ever. But for me, they totally paled in comparison when Damon and Katherine did the same thing.

When Damon drank Katherine's blood it was so he could become a vampire and spend the rest of eternity with her because he loved her so much. Damon was also a human and a human drinking blood is a big taboo. There was an eroticism to the scene when Damon lowered his mouth to Katherine's neck and fed on her like he was a vampire.

When Elena drank Damon's blood there was no sensuality or eroticism to it. He was just food for her. The scene was no different then when she drank blood from Matt or Katherine drank blood from Stefan. In short, Elena was once again using Damon for her own purposes. Damon maybe have been getting something out of Elena drinking his blood, but all she looked to be getting out of it was getting a full belly cause she was hungry for food.

And the two hunting lessons between Damon and Katherine and Damon and Elena aren't even comparable; even though Stefan and Elena fans were trying to claim Damon was trying to turn Elena into Katherine.

In the previous episode he caught Elena almost bleeding Matt dry and stopped her and saw she needed to be taught how to hunt and to stop using Matt as a blood bag. The next time she did, Damon might not be around to stop her from draining him dry. So he took her to a frat party What Damon was doing was what he tried to do with Stefan; teach her how to feed on someone without draining them dry.

I know Damon and Elena fans were going on about the Damon and Elena dance like it was the sexiest hottest dance they'd even seen. What it had was a feeling of debauchery and that isn't hot or sexy. They both acted like they were high from drinking so much blood, but you could have replaced Damon with Elijah or even Klaus and the scene would have been the same.

When Katherine took Damon hunting the whole scene had a provocative feel to it. Damon was a human being going out hunting with a vampire. He laid in the road as bait so Katherine could kill two of his own species and then feed on him. Then the scene took on an erotic feel as Damon kissed Katherine with human blood all over her mouth. She was sharing her food with him since he had helped her make the kill. A human was drinking human blood. The whole scene was about a human crossing the line and turning on his own kind to become a vampire. The Damon and Elena scene can't match the forbidden quality of that scene in any way.

Bottom line is despite all the Damon and Elena fans claiming Elena loves Damon there's absolutely no evidence that that is even true. She's rejected Damon endlessly for Stefan. Stefan is the one she's involved with. And if Stefan didn't have his little problem with human blood, Stefan would have been the one there instead of Damon. I'm sorry, DE fans but Damon and Elena aren't involved in a relationship; Stefan and Elena are.

Damon and Katherine were the ones involved in a relationship. They were lovers. Damon deserted the army to be with her. When he learned what Katherine was he accepted her for what she was and made the decision to become what she was.

Damon and Katherine will always be superior to Damon and :Elena.


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