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The Vampire Diaries -- Why Should We Care If Klaus Is Killed?

Updated on March 8, 2012

Well, I'm sure Klaus fans care, but as a viewer why should I be revved up to see Klaus killed? What exactly is he doing to even rev up the other characters to want to kill him? All the dude is doing is crushing on Vampire Barbie and drawing pictures. It's kind of like trying to rev yourself up to kill Pepe Le Pew.

Yeah, Pepe's pretty annoying to that black male cat who had the misfortune to get a paint streak of white down his back and Pepe's so dumb not only can't he tell that that black cat isn't a skunk, it's not even female. But overall the dude's pretty harmless. He's not really doing something to inflame your passions so you want to kill him. Klaus is kind of the same. He's some love sick Lothario whose looking for love in all the wrong places.

The problem is Julie Plec has underplayed all the evil stuff the dude has done to such a degree and written it like it's no big deal. Let's take Klaus' crush Caroline. He ordered her boyfriend Tyler to bite her, used the bite to get control of her mother, then went to Caroline acting like he was her knight in shining armor saving her life. Pretty sleazy, huh? Caroline knows all this but she hasn't even called the dude on it. He also murdered her boyfriend, Tyler, and turned him into a hybrid, yet Tyler's own mother treats Klaus like he's Tyler's savior. She does know he murdered her son, right? And this is how everything Klaus has done has been written; like it's no big deal. Well, if it's no big deal, then why should we care if someone kills him, since none of the characters think all the bad stuff Klaus does is no big deal? Both Plec and Kevin Williamson said every time he did something bad we should all give him a hug; and I was like are these two for real? But that's the way they wrote Klaus. Like we should all feel bad for him when he victimized someone and not feel sorry for the people that were his victims.

People might have a reason to want to kill him if Klaus had been the one who ordered Damon and Stefan to kill one of the Bennett witches to ruin Esther's plan to kill all the Originals, but it wasn't Klaus that did that. It was Elijah, who left town with his tail between his legs. While Elijah was doing this, Klaus was off chasing teenage tail and trying to convince her he's really a good guy and she should give him a chance. So there goes that.

To make matters worse, Klaus was written as a crybaby coward. He was crying his little eyes out when he finally faced his father as he cowered inside the Lockwood Mansion. The minute he heard Mikael was looking for him he took off running and didn't come back until he was assured that Mikael was dead. And this is supposed to be the fearsome vampire that all vampires lived in terror of? Sounds more like Oz cowering behind a curtain and building a fake fearsome reputation for himself.

The character has become such a bad joke it's kind of like, who cares if you kill him or not. The person going around killing members of The Council seems more worthy of being hunted down and killed. As for Klaus, just let him stay in the corner drawing pictures and crushing over some teenager he's tried to kill twice.


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      KatherineFierce 6 years ago

      I just fell in love with you in a creepy stalkerish Damon/Katherine kind of way. You nailed it! TVD overuses this humanity bullshit. All villains care and want love deep down. And they all fall in love with teenagers.