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The Voice -- Round 2

Updated on May 23, 2011

CeeLo goes first, this week. He picks Tje and Nakia and the song they have to sing in the boxing ring is Closer. Adam and Blake like Nakia, whole mentor, Monica, like Tje. CeeLo ignores the opinion of his mentor and goes for Nakia.

Next up is Blake who picks singing duo, Elenowan to sing against Jared. They have to sing, Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Apparently, there isn't strength in numbers, as all the judges pick Jared. So does Blake.

Adam picks Javier and Angela to sing Stand By Me against each other. Blake, X-tina and CeeLo all pick Javier as the winner and so does Adam.

X-tina is the last judge of the night. She picks Beverly and Justin to sing against each other.  They have to sing, Bubba O'Reilly. Even though it's 2-1 in favor for Justin, X-tina picks Beverly.

The format should continue the same for the next two weeks, until all four judges only have four contestants apiece. I'm not sure if the sing-offs will continue or if they do something new to eliminate the singers until each judge has one apiece.

I actually wish Dancing With Stars would follow this format by having all the dancers dance to the same dance, since some dances are harder than others. It would make that show more fair.


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