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The Walking Dead Episode 302: Rick Grimes Becoming Aggressive Like Shane?

Updated on October 21, 2012

Walking Dead Episode 302 Partial Recap (MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS

On last week's episode of the Walking Dead, the survivors find themselves a prison filled with zombies outside the perimeter. Between Season 2 and 3 of the Walking Dead, Rick and the other survivors have been on the run for months. When the group sees the prison, they see this as an opportunity to get a possible shelter safe from the zombies. The group decides to secure the perimeter of the prison. Daryl, Rick, Glenn, and the others successfully clear out the zombies outside and manage to get inside the prison.

Later on in the episode, however, Hershel gets separated from part of the group when they are trying to secure other areas inside the prison. Hershel walks passed a seemingly dead walker that is actually alive. Moments later, the zombie that was laying up against the wall motionless, suddenly moves and bites Hershel's lower leg. Rick and the others find Hershel and move to another room in the prison with haste. Rick picks up an ax without any hesitation and chops off Hershel's leg hoping that the infection will not spread throughout his body.

Walking Dead Episode 302 Prisoners

There are 5 other prisoners (locked up) that witness what Rick did to Hershel. They are very surprised of the event that just unfolded before them. Rick, Daryl and the others must get Hershel medical attention, however. So they take him back to the other prison cells with haste. The prisoners follow them and a confrontation ensues with Rick, Daryl and T-dog. One of the prisoners has a handgun, but the others do not. The prisoners tell Rick that they have been locked in the cafeteria for 10 months! The prisoners, however, are oblivious to the outside world. They do not know that there is a world wide zombie infection. All they knew was that the other prisoners went crazy.When the prisoners go outside in the prison yard, they see the devastation for themselves.

One of the prisoners tries to infer that he does not want Rick and the other survivors around. Rick, however, says that he is not leaving with the others because they took all the infected out and can use the place as shelter. Rick makes a deal with the prisoner saying he will help them clear out a prison block for them to stay at only if the prisoners share the cafeteria food. The prisoner accepts the deal, but Rick threatens him saying he will kill him if he does anything rash.

Rick and Daryl inform the prisoners that the infected can only be killed if they take out the head. They also warn them that guns should only be used as a last resort basically because they make too much noise and alert other walkers. The prisoners ignore this warning, however, and charge at the zombies in a loud unorganized manner. At first they do not even attack the walkers in the head like they were informed moments ago.

One of the bigger prisoners ends up getting scratched by a zombie from behind and ends up getting killed by the other prisoner.

At one point, Rick tells one of the prisoners to open another room, but to only open one door. He does not listen to Rick and ends up opening both doors and throws a zombie toward Rick. Rick almost gets killed in the process. The survivor tells Rick, "Shit happens." After the infected are dealt with, Rick confronts the prisoner and stares him in the eye. Moments later, he takes a machete and kills the prisoner by hitting him in the head violently. The other prisoner is shocked by this and tries to hit Rick with a baseball bat then flees. Rick follows him and tells Daryl to stay and watch the other prisoners. The fleeing prisoner runs where there is a large number of walkers. Rick sees this as an opportunity and locks the door leaving the prisoner to get eaten alive by walkers . The prisoner screams and is killed, although they do not show his death. It is possible that he may have survived, but his screams indicate otherwise.

Is Rick becoming more aggressive like Shane?

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Do you think Rick locking the prisoner outside to get eaten by zombies was right or wrong?

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Is Rick becoming Shane?

Originally, Rick Grimes was a man of good morals and was more passive than aggressive in Season 1 and 2 of the Walking Dead. Now, however, Rick has made some decisions that would have originally conflicted with his morals and his calm nature. At the end of Season 2, Rick ultimately kills Shane even though he was able to take his weapon away. Rick did not want to kill Shane, but he felt like he had to because Shane was getting out of control. And now we see Rick chopping off Hershel's leg without hesitation, threatening and then killing a prisoner, and leaving the other prisoner to get eaten by zombies.

Is Rick becoming more like Shane? Perhaps he is becoming more aggressive because he feels like he has to to protect his wife Lori, son Carl, and other members of the group. It seems like he sees the other prisoners as a liability and a danger to the group. Which is probably true considering the prisoners were reckless and did not listen to Rick several times. And on top of that, the prisoners are strangers that may have committed horrible crimes.

The Walking Dead Episode 302: The remaining 2 prisoners

Two prisoners are spared, however. Daryl and Rick were going to kill them, but the one pleaded for his life saying he was not like the others. As for the other prisoner, he does not plead for his life, but Rick still spares him, although Rick had a gun pointed at his head.

In a way, what Rick did to the prisoner that was left for dead was like what Shane did to Otis. Shane shot Otis in the legs back in Season 2 so he could get away with the medical supplies needed for Carl. The only difference was that Rick locked the prisoner outside and did not actually shoot him or kill him directly.


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