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The Walking Dead News

Updated on October 21, 2014

Season 5

Season 5 Episodes

Episode Number
Episode Name
Release Date
# Living Who Died
No Sanctuary
Oct 12, 2014
Oct 19, 2014
0 (1 Leg)
Four Walls and a Roof
Oct 26, 2014

Season 5 Episode 3 Sneak Peak

Poor Bob

Strangers Review

Now, of course after such a crazy season premier you would have to take a breather, right? After watching this past episode you would start to wonder that.

This past episode started out with some serious bad a** walking montages. It was nice to see the whole group together and see how the relationships developing. New loves like Bob and Sasha's finally developed relationship and even how Daryl and Carol are back to talking.

Then the group finally stumbles on a lonely priest calling for help in the middle of the woods. Rick doesn't trust the Priest, but Carl has finally come out of insanity. Remember back at the prison when he shot the kid for no reason and Hershel freaked out? Now look at Carl! He actually may come out to be a great leader for this group one day. Carl is observant and finds written on the side of the church engraven "You'll burn for this". What could this mean? I am guessing that he locked everyone else out and kept all the food to himself. Remember the picture he looks at? Ya, its the zombie from down in the food shelter that he ran from. Totally his lover. Pastor Gabriel has some secrets.

He's not the only one though. Bob goes under the water in the food shelter and apparently gets away. But did he get bit? Later he goes out and starts to cry? Why would he do that? He has the whole world in his hands at that point. So much to rejoice over. Was he bitten or does he have a secret other than that? Well in the end it doesn't matter because he gets kidnapped by the Terminus leader Gareth and wakes up with no leg. CRAZY! Gareth is in front of him eating his leg. Then he explains pretty much about survival of the fittest.

Let the hunt begin!

Trailer for Season 5 Episode 2 "Strangers"

Is there a Cure?

If you were in this group would you follow Eugene to Washington?

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"No Sanctuary" Review

When your three favorite characters(Rick, Daryl and Glenn) and another good character (sorry bob) are made to kneel over a food trough it makes your heart sink. They are right next to a couple of other guys. Then one of the guys looks over to take a look at Rick. You think you recognize him, wait its that one guy from season 4 episode 4. When Rick and Carol go out to look for supplies. This guy, Sam, is out there with his girlfriend and rick leaves Sam his watch so they could meet up. Rick and Carol later find the girlfriend getting eaten by walkers. Now we see that Sam made it to terminus, unfortunately.

What a crazy way to die. Bat to the back of the head, followed by a knife to the throat. One by one they go down the trough. Sam was the first to go. It was quite gorry, but exciting. Yep, they went there. Then they get to Glenn and everything turns out alright due to Carol and her Badassery.

After everything goes down, it made me happy that Glenn had his Dale moment and wanted to still keep his morals and release the others that were in the train car. Which lead to the best scene in the whole episode when the guy runs out yelling, "We're all the same! We're them". Then directly after he gets bit by a zombie. I was worried that for a split second that he was going to be part of the show. He definitely would've been a new dynamic; not sure if for the better though.

Meanwhile Tyreese is going through his own moral issues of apparently not wanting to kill zombies. Luckily he has his moment (like Rick did the last episode of last season) and he runs out into a heard of zombies and I swear I saw him turn green and get massive. He some how killed them all and returned to kill the dick inside of the house that was going to kill Judith.

In the end the episode was just satisfying to see the whole group together after so much time. So many of the characters have had great developement and it will be interesting to see how they will all mesh together again. Will they have troubles now that they have new views of certain things. Add in Eugene and his craziness. Will they go to Washington?

Walking Dead Random Fact

Did you know that both HBO and NBC passed on putting the show on their networks. They apparently wanted to bring the level of gore down on the show. Luckily for all of us the producers wouldn't accept that and moved on.

Ringleader, Archer, Samurai, Kid

Dead Man Walking

Who will die this season?

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Review

This is a quick compilation of some of the things that happened throughout the season 4 of the hit TV show the Walking Dead. Now if you haven't yet watched the fourth season yet, I would recommend to stop reading right now. It will ruin the surprises that come in the future, but if you don't want to go back and watch those and just want to start or you have already seen them and want a refresher this is for you.

Who remembers when Rick killed the guy in the bathroom in the random house where Carl lost his shoe? Then the group that Daryl met up with later?The truth tellers so I like to call them. Who connected the dots that the guy that Rick killed was part of that group? It may have taken a couple of episodes, but they sure hinted a lot. We all knew something crazy was going to happen there.

What about Terminus? When Glenn and Maggie finally arrive in the little "city" and are greeted by the creepy lady.

Remember when Carol killed Karen who was Tyreese's girlfriend? Then she went on to tell him about it right after she killed a little girl and told her to "Look at the Flowers". Ya, then Tyreese didn't even kill her.

Then all of the sudden Rick and Daryl meet back up and the "Truth Tellers" know that he is the guy who killed their friend. After some crazy things (Michonne and Carl almost taking it from some grungy dudes and Rick having to watch it), Rick goes ham on these guys and ends up biting the guys throat and has a total zombie moment. It makes you think for a second, "are these people that different from the walkers that they try to avoid?"

After this encounter the group finally gets to terminus, the safe haven. Once they all walk in Rick sees some sketchy stuff and starts shooting, but too quick comes all the people of terminus to lead the group through a maze of warehouses. The creepy rooms full of candles and blood create a very eerie feeling. Then they are lead out into the open where they are all forced to get into a train trailer.

Upon entering they are greeted by the rest of the group. Ya remember the red-headed military guy Abraham and his scientist friend, Eugene. They are there with everyone else... Except for Carol, Tyreese and the little Ass-kicker Judith.

Who will die?

Season 5 Trailer


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