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The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

Updated on April 26, 2013
Dead Man Walking
Dead Man Walking

The Zombie Finale

Normally, I only do movie reviews but since I’m one of those disillusioned souls who was bitten and subsequently ‘turned’ by the phenomenon that is ‘The Walking Dead’, I feel compelled to write something about its season finale. The season finale was/is well, a rude awakening--a rude awakening for Andrea, Milton and for all those hapless people who have been too broken to see through the Governor’s destructive tendencies.

Instead of flares and explosives, the creators, directors and the powers that be of the AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ have decided that it would be best to focus on the characters and the general message of the episode and I think it’s a good decision on their part. It wasn't the gore, disembowelment or gunfire that has sustained this TV show for three seasons in the first place. It was because of the characters in it, that despite of the death, pain and unimaginable loss, have chosen to live—not just survive—and display a sense of humanity whenever necessary. The ‘walkers’, including me can relate to the characters of the TV show as they are not cold-blooded survivalists. They are actually human beings who get conflicted with every decision or situation that they face. It is the aspect of the show that makes it endearing to the ‘walkers’ and I’m glad that the creators put it in the spotlight instead of unnecessary flares in this season finale. The acting was apt and the editing was as usual, seamless.

The great takeaways from ‘The Walking Dead’ season finale were firstly, it’s important to step back from a precarious situation or a transient comfort zone to gain an advantage over the enemy. Once you've frustrated your enemies, they’ll cannibalize themselves. They always do whether you know it or not. Secondly, it’s important to give someone a chance regardless of the circumstance. Thirdly, good intentions can cost your life or your whole being. And finally, if you don’t show a little bit of compassion in a Doomsday-esque scenario, you might as well be a zombie.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale was slow yet methodical. It was effective because its premise was centered on the characters of the show--characters that have endeared the ‘walkers’ for three seasons. It was sad for Andrea to go but it was necessary. If the ‘Walking Dead’ is best at something, it’s killing off some of their main cast in the most unpredictable way/time possible. It’s either you kill or you die or perhaps you die and you kill as per the Governor. I can’t wait for the next season but I’m satisfied of how the season finale was contrived and executed. The numbers don’t lie. 12.4 million tuned in. It’s the series best in total viewers and demo to date. Bite that!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

The Walking Dead Season 3


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