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The Wellspring of Achievement: The RIAA's Decison to Change the Business of Music

Updated on February 2, 2016

Rap Group Dem Franchize Boyz with their Hardware



Those gleaming plaques on the wall signifying the achievement of gold, platinum and even diamond status remain coveted items in the business of music. But what is the allure of all this materialistic gain? What drives the top artists and musicians to attain such statuses? For rappers “Kendrick Lamar” Duckworth and Sean Michael Leonard “Big Sean” Anderson gaining successfully platinum distinction, their career trajectories have been altered forever.


For creating a product which adoring fanatics have chosen voluntarily to purchase a compact disc (CD), download a collection of songs, or now the new institution by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) audio and video streams involved with assigning Gold and Platinum certifications, artists push for more sales. While it may be a non factor in the ranking of the best artist in the game, sales illustrate the desires of the populace. The fervor for wishing to be amongst the top players in terms of dollars generated propels performers to craft better hooks, devise formidable chords, and establish exemplary tours.

Such Factions

What few rappers and singers and instrumentalists realize is the fact that all the hype around Gold and Platinum and Diamond certifications by the RIAA is not what makes them great musical creators. Just the opposite is true. Because they present themselves to be the best musicians in the business, they garner the monies that they deserve. It’s the match of spiritual application to the problem of survival. The thought process which starts with the artist interacting with the industry executives to develop a sonic vision is what should stand as the ideal. At the forefront of the business of music is the notion that there exist individuals who arrange, produce, write, record, compose, project, and those who preside, strategize, plan, execute, and deliver quality product on the company or corporate end. Such factions ought not be estranged. As rapper Lonnie Rashad “Common” Lynn Jr. points out on his 2005 single “The Food” most artists wonder whethe their actions are “for the art or for the dough.” A union between the matters of spirit or the mind or consciousness and material like money should consists of the fact that without the application of thoughts, money can never be made.

Kendrick Lamar Can Smile About Sales


Real Reason

In reality, the certifications only distract from the real reason that musicians ought to enter the arena. From classical to blues to rock to soul to rap, the fount which all creation springs is the ego. This wellspring allows the artist and the businessman or woman to traverse the murky depths of celebrity, fickle fanatics, and the triviality of fame. Even in a music genre like hip hop, replete with narcissism and a pretense of selfishness, individuals must rely on their own ability to bring about new products and ideas.

The RIAA Will Now Factor Streaming Into Gold and Platinum Album Certifications


The significance of the plaques ought to be the expression of the human mind. Otherwise, the very essence of their place in the field of music would be nil. The greedy, selfish businessmen and women which comprise the industry ought to be lauded for their efforts. The artists who create works which inspire, entertain and enlighten millions the world over should be recognized for their efforts. This bond between the industrialist and the artist ought to illustrate the power of how business and art manifest.

The RIAA and the New Digital Age

Should RIAA only recognize this current system or revert to their original plan?

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Big Sean has a Reason to Grin



Any enterprise would most likely put “to make money” at the top of their list of objectives. But what would constitute this making of money? What would be involved in generating such funds? It is the recognition of the talents of the people who own run music companies. Artists who seek fortune and other riches may only dream of realizing the lofty goal of gold and platinum success. And they may see that goal come into reality. But the focus ought to be on the work itself. In order to gain those certifications, the company men and women and the lyricists ought to view their roles as both rational and productive. So, for all those artists yearning for the chance to hang an RIAA plaque on the walls of their home, let it be known that the marketplace favors quality content and will decide ultimately their rise and downfall. By acknowledging the fact that business and art can be friends, the talent of a new generation might notice that money and creation are linked via the efficacy of reason. Now, that’s something to which anyone can aspire.


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