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The Werewolf Tale

Updated on April 29, 2020
by File:Weird Tales volume 36 number 02.djvu
by File:Weird Tales volume 36 number 02.djvu | Source

Bit of Background

The werewolf is my favorite creature. The long hair, immortal existence, massive size, gnarly teeth, and claws, make it the perfect predator. This is the ultimate enemy and hunter.

The time limit, the time a werewolf can hunt, is even excellent. The use of the creature in stories has always been a question, for me.

There are many stories, short and novelizations, that deal with werewolves. The film accounts stand out the most.

In the end, in my opinion, it all deals with the werewolf in a very distinct way. Each story stays within the creature’s traditional heritage. However, every perspective embarks on new territory for the creature.

Spotlight on a Paw Print

In Wolfman, by Nicholas Pakearo, the werewolf reacts negatively to bad people. The creature finds a surprise in their endeavors.

In the film Underworld, lethal, ancient, families of werewolves and vampires battle for control, survival, and their existence.

A film, Wolf, takes an aging editor-in-chief of a publishing house and turns him around. Through the bite of a wolf, he transforms into a monster. He does not understand the change but does seek answers only to find his life heads in a completely different place.

I do not know if werewolves should forever exist as the King of all Monsters. A good story should transcend what the creature does. The creature, in an unfamiliar position, should simply react and evolve.

Set The Stage

It is almost the Fall. The crisp winds and harvest colors are upon us. It makes me think about the curse. The curse haunts its carrier.

Whether it is a deep scratch, or bite, that breaks the skin or circumstances which cause a human to turn into a creature, the werewolf story, and what happens after the bite, is a fun challenge to write.

The Story Attempt

A man becomes a werewolf. While walking in a local forest, in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, a creature jumps from behind a large oak and attacks him. The man did not see a shadow. He just heard the lightest growl pass his right ear.

He only knew about the exchange because of the slightest blood. His right forearm shook. He tapped it. The forearm bled. The material from the rolled-up sleeve of a white button-down shirt was missing.

A wound on his skin sat, with some skin hanging, and intertwined in the leftover shirt. He bled slowly. Whatever hit him was hot because his part of his skin was cauterized.

This average man goes through a series of processes. Treat the wound. He got hit but whatever did it did not knock him down. It did its job and moved on.

He has hallucinations. This average man suffers the effects of becoming a wolf. He faints in public and wakes up in a different place after each blackout. The man discovers through all of his initial troubles eyes on him.

A scientist watches him. He waits for an opportunity. The scientist introduces himself to the man. The man knows about a local chemical company, that through rumor, experiments with chemicals on a variety of animals.

The scientist asks the man a series of questions. The scientist is the alpha werewolf. He scratched the man. The scientist did not apologize.

The scientist explained on the next full moon the man will turn into a werewolf. The scientist withholds an antidote. This same scientist tells the man he wants to experiment on him.

He wants to test the werewolf inside the man. The scientist wants the man to stay at the local chemical company with him. The safest way for the man to survive this change in lifestyle is simply to go along.

The man explains he wants to change the werewolf to a hero. The scientist agrees if the man endures a three-month stint of experiments.

The man is put into a trap. The scientist will give the man the antidote if he stays for the three-months.

The man stays. He changes voluntarily. He wakes up a man. The scientist gets his favorite foods and a great room to entertain himself and sleep in the local chemical company.

The man feels great every day. He does not know how much time has passed. He never knows about the experiments with the werewolf inside himself.

The scientist gives the man two choices one day. The three-months have passed. He can resume his life and look at the works of his werewolf side. The scientist offers the man a second option of a new life of safety and security.

The man does not understand. The scientist gives him three-months of newspapers and news. The man's werewolf had been a devil. The scientist had no influence on the man or his werewolf. The scientist did admit, however, he spoke with the werewolf, once.

The scientist told the werewolf he could not romp in a local forest in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The creature would be ridiculed. The werewolf felt slighted. It hated the man. The werewolf is its own entity even though it is inside the man. The werewolf on the second day of experiments planned to murder anything it saw.

It killed Presidents, residents, and important people all over the nation and the world. It was precise and worked within the bounds of its transformation. The creature was wanted. The creature left clues at the various crime scenes from the man to highlight him as the werewolf.

The man did not know himself. He paced within the room of the of this chemical plan and worked with the scientist to redefine his life.


This is not the perfect wolf story. None of these stories are the perfect stories. This is a story I would like to see. The only hope is a perfect wolf tale, in print, digital, or film can come to light and scare, empower its fans, like me, in the future.


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