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The Wild Stallion

Updated on June 28, 2018
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 10 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

Hannah and CJ in "The Wild Stallion"
Hannah and CJ in "The Wild Stallion"

Movie Review

The Wild Stallion released in 2009, written and directed by Craig Clyde, is an inspiring movie about the wild mustangs that freely roam in Nevada and Utah. This was expertly filmed in rural Utah. Cast and crew created an awesome performance and wildlife scenes. This movie made the excellent point that a difference can be made by anyone who cares. Great message. Hats off to all who participated in this production!

The Wild Stallion poignantly shows how the mustangs (wild horses) need help from their predators including research facilities, glue factories, and other horrible fates that can befall horses for their monetary value; their worst enemy being man and business. In this film a young girl, Hannah (Miranda Cosgrove), from Cleveland, Ohio with camera in hand is granted permission from her widowed father, Frank (Fred Ward), to visit a ranch in the area the mustangs freely roam. The ranch is owned by Matty (Connie Sellecca), an old flame of Frank's from before his marriage, who as a favor to Frank accepts Hannah as a visitor. Hannah is elated about being able to visit for the summer and quickly becomes indoctrinated to the hard working ranch lifestyle. During her stay, Hannah befriends CJ (Danielle Cuchran), a local neighbor of Matty's who is close to Hannah's age. CJ takes Hannah to the local area known as "Starvation." There Hannah is able to take pictures by using her camera of the mustangs. She becomes even more enamored by their beauty and grace with each click of the camera. Both girls are ecstatic when the most famous mustang Dark Cloud is spotted with a herd. Hannah's taking pictures of Dark Cloud and his herd precipitates an unexpected chain of events that cause CJ and Hannah to be instrumental in rescuing this herd of mustangs and its wild black stallion.

Other primary cast (in the order given by the credits): Corbin Alfred (Morg, the renegade deputy), KC Clyde (Dallas), Gib Gerard (Ty), Michael Lawson (Alvin, the cook on Matty's ranch), Don Glover (Hardy), Bob Lanoue (Virg), Carli Studer (Lilly, lady friend of Matty's), Rober Waganer (Mr. Novak, owner of Research Facility who purchases mustangs), and Paul Sorvino (Sherriff Nolan).

Great to see Robert Wagner (2010 - ? NCIS as Anthony DiNozzo Sr.) and Paul Sorvino (2017 TV series Bad Blood as Nicolo Rizzuto)! They were perfect in their roles (as usual).

The Wild Stallion is rated NR. Personally I would rate it PG, because of the scenes with Morg and his henchmen. Well worth watching the 1 hour and 26 minutes in length. Highly recommend!


5 stars for The Wild Stallion

For More About Mustangs (Wild Horses)

Some organizations dedicated to rescuing Mustangs (Wild Horses):

1. Lifesavers - Wild Horse Rescue

2. Mustang Heritage Foundation

3. Mustang and Wild Horse Rescue

4. Wild Horse Mountain Ranch

5. Wild Horse Rescue Center

To look into what the Federal Government is doing about the preservation of America's wild horses and burros:

1. Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

A wild mustang.
A wild mustang.

© 2009 Alicia Rose Harrell


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      kiershteon sherman  

      9 years ago

      just to say this movie is a great movie.....and second this movie would be a great kids movie.......if you like this movie you should coment and even if you dont like this movie you should still coment........this movie is about a girl and she lives in the cidy and her dad is going on a trip so she needs to go some wear so she goes to her dads long lost friends farm and she loves to take pics and she is going to take lots of pics and she is so going to have the best time of he rilly rilly rilly need to watch this movie and if you do u WILL love it and i think you will love it well i know you will love it!!!!:):):):)


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