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The Winchester Brothers

Updated on August 31, 2012

There’s the Winchester rifle, towns after the namesake, buildings, streets, and I’m sure there are drinks as well. For one thing, “Winchester” just sounds badass. But there are two brothers, albeit fiction, that have put the name, as their ‘sur’, to good use and have cinched it in their own right. And trust me, they’re in a class of their own.

Sam and Dean Winchester, the characters on the long running show Supernatural, have seen it all and been through it all together. They’ve been to the heaven and hell created by the show’s writers, directors, and producers and come back again and again in more heart pounding drama just to do it all over again. They’ve died numerous times, saved countless lives, and they’ve been doing it since they were children.

But what exactly makes these two so special? Let’s start with the fact that everyday people can actually relate to them on a real level despite the fact the show is beyond unreal (in a good way). The brothers have their fights as most siblings do; they have their parent issues; they have their lives, the guilt they carry with them, and their loyalty. Their fierce and palpable loyalty that in its second season Dean gives his life, his soul, to save his brother (bring his brother back from death) because he cannot bear to live without him. We see Sam crying during an episode in Season 3 telling Dean to shoot him because he believes he will do Dean harm if he lives. Dean can’t. Dean won’t. If he dies, he dies, and he’d rather they die together, but he will not kill his little brother. There are scenes where their want for revenge or plead for normalcy will bring tears to your eyes. Then there are the scenes where they’re fighting for their lives or taking out their aggression that will have you on edge rooting for them to succeed and make the bad guys their bitch.

I know there are people who have given tearful toasts at the end of seasons for this show. We, the fans, never know if they’re coming back again since their ratings have always been teetering near the edge, but they’ve pulled through for the past eight seasons so far and I’m looking forward to what Jeremy Carver has in the works yet again. Maybe they’re not as known as a lot of the other shows for whatever reason, but for those of us who know and love the brothers, we laugh with them, we cry with them, and most of all, get to know them. Supernatural on the CW, Thursday nights at 8/9. Get to know them for yourselves if you already don’t.


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