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My Top 10 Favorites Last Month

Updated on March 7, 2013

The month of February is always a big month in the world of television. There are make it or break it episodes aired on major networks and cable television. This is my Top 10 favorites.

1. Criminal Minds- This FBI crime drama brought the heat! The three episodes of the month: "All That Remains", "Broken" and "Carbon Copy" brought the viewers closer to the teams stalker and saw team member Spencer Reid face one of the hardest moments of his life. The team continued to stop the worst killers of all time and the episode "All That Remains" also brought the directorial debut of starring actor, Thomas Gibson.

2. CSI:NY- The CBS Friday night hit brought the end of the 9th season to a close with a bang. The final four episodes brought viewers to their knees wanting more. The episodes: "White Gold", "Seth and Apep", "Blood Actually" and "Today Is Life" solved the death of a pizza maker, solved the kidnapping of Mac Taylor's girlfriend in part 2 of a CSI crossover, solved 3 Valentine's Day murders and solved a police shooting. The episodes also gave the viewers a closer glimpse into the crime teams' lives.

3. Southland- The cable television crime drama that covers the violent streets of Los Angeles started season 5 with a vengeance. The first 3 episodes saw death and danger at ever turn. "Hats and Bats", "Heat" and "Babel" put the street cops and homicide detectives through their share of tough moments from custody battles and death at home to shootouts and partner friction.

4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation- The stater series of the CSI franchise is still holding strong in the shows 13th season. The addictions of Ted Danson and Elizabeth Shue last year brought new life to the veteran series. The month's episodes: "In Vino Veritas", "Exile", "Forget Me Not" and "Last Woman Standing" started off with the part 1 episode of the CSI:NY crossover and continued with 3 great episodes. The death of Cuban superstar and complicated poker tournament player were hard on the team, but the episode where one of their own was a suspect really had the viewers watching this Las Vegas based show.

5.Bones- This forensic based crime drama on FOX shares the personal and romantic lives of the crime solving team more than most in the genre. The episode of February were thrilling and mind blowing. "The Doll In The Derby", "The Shot In The Dark", "The Friend In Need" and "The Fact In The Fiction" solved tough murders. From the death of a roller derby girl, a team member shot to a death involving time travel the team felt a large range of emotions and worked hard to solve cases that would be impossible for others.

6. Mike And Molly: On the brighter side of viewing the CBS comedy continued its second season with more laughs. "Carl Gets A Roommate", "The Princess and the Troll", "Mike The Tease" and "Molly's New Shoes" were filled with romantic comedy. Mike, Molly and the merry band of crazy crew were up to new antics. The love birds tried to move closer to parenthood while their loved ones just tied to make another day.

7. 2 Broke Girls: For the ultimate in laughs this comedy about 2 crazy chicks and there weird friends keeps the wacky banter coming in the season season. The recent installments of "And the Psychic Shakedown", "And Just Plane Magic", "And the Broken Hip" and "And Not-So-Sweet Charity" were full of laughs. The girls dealt with a lying psychic, a rapper (2 Chainz playing himself), a creepy puppeteer (played by Andy Dick) and a mean spirited relative. On top of all of these problems the girls watched their business slowly make a backside. Will they save it?

8. New Girl: This wacky FOX show starring the amazing Zooey Deschanel was full of Generation X geared jokes. The second season brought more issues from the loft. "Table 34", "Parking Spot" and "Tinfinity" was full of crazy. Jess and her male roommates dealt with the aftermath of a kiss, fought over a parking spot and celebrated roommates Nick and Schmidt living together for 10 years.

9. Teen Mom 2: The 4th season of this teenage reality show only had 2 episodes, but plenty of drama. The girls who started their reality careers on MTV's 16 & Pregnant continued to deal with the issues of being teen moms. Kailyn, Leah, Chelsea and Jenelle each had their own problems in the episodes "Under Pressure" and "Love Hurts".

-Kailyn fought with Jo the father of her son, Issac and even had to bring the issue to court.

-Leah found herself torn between two men. Would Leah chose her new man, Jeremy or the father of her twin girls, Corey. Leah also dealt with a miscarriage.

-Chelsea opened the season scared she was pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, Adam. He disappeared after the one night stand. Chelsea started beauty school and her daughter, Aubery adjusted to going to daycare.

-Jenelle was up to her usual self-absorbed drama. (Jenelle's son Jace is being raised by her mother, Barbara.) She found love with her new man Gary Head, but soon learned he had slept with her friend Tori just hours before they started dating. This would lead to a fight and break up.

This show is wonderful for making you see that your life could be worse. Classic reality television full of drama and bad acting.

10. Kourtney and Kim Take Miami: The latest installment of Kardashian drama brings Kourtney and Kim to Miami, Florida. The original purpose given for the time in Florida is to work on their store, DASH. Most of the time is spent at their hotel, dining and shopping at other stores while they deal with Kourtney's baby daddy, Scott Disick and their kids along with visits from sister, Khloe and family friends. The episodes: "Dragon Me Down", "2 Klose 4 Komfort" and "Bitch Slapped" are just the beginning of this latest adventure.

My top 10 for the month covers a wide range of shows. The styles are different. Some are learning experiences that teach me about forensic science while others are just for laughs. There are even some that are only for entertainment and have no real value. They do, however, make me love myself more. I hope this first blog helped you consider watching even one of this shows and hope in the future I can keep you up to date with the latest television news and finds.


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