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The World of Modeling

Updated on January 8, 2018
  • Runway Modeling: Runway modeling is a kind of a designer modeling. In this type, the models have to walk a runway wearing a designer’s clothes or accessories. These “fashion shows” may be conducted anywhere such as schools, clubs, malls, stores, etc. It is believed that the basic height of a runway model must be 5 feet 10 inches. It may be difficult for a model that does not meet this height criterion to get chosen amongst the rest of the models.
  • Fashion Modeling: This type of modeling is usually controlled by an agency. These agencies usually look for models between the ages of thirteen and twenty-six. Along with this, the model has to be thin, good looking, tall and dynamic. Fashion Modeling can lead to many areas such as catalogue work, editorial, advertising, print work, etc.

It can be kind of confusing when it comes to choosing the right type of modeling. If one is wondering how to become a designer model, going through the list of modeling types given below, will provide the different and most popular types of modeling and benefits and requirements for a particular modeling category may help.

  • Print Modeling: This type of modeling can be counted as one of the largest and diverse category in modeling. It has many sub-categories where as models can become famous quickly by being printed on things such as: album covers, flyers, materials used for promotions, newspapers, magazines, etc. A reason to be a print model is to help you be noticed by a large audience.

  • Fitness / Sport Modeling: This type of modeling is one of the most popular fields for models who are not skinny. A perfect body is all one this area needs. There are many agencies who are interested in promoting their fitness and sports brands, with the help of different good looking models. Hence, if you want to gain popularity and fame, though you are not skinny, you can opt for fitness or sport modeling.
  • Casual Modeling: As the name suggests, casual modeling involves the models to wear casual outfits and pose. Many new photographers or semi-professionals can be seen going for such type of modeling. Here, the photographers ask the model to bring their own clothes with the accessories and make up to the shoot. You will just have to be yourself and smile for the camera.

  • Swimwear Modeling: Are you interested in wearing a swimsuit or a bikini and pose? If yes, then this is exactly where you would like to go. In swimsuit modeling, the models have to wear such outfits and pose for calendars or publications.

  • Hair Modeling: Hair modeling does not require much effort. If you have beautiful hair, you can go ahead with this type of modeling. However, the pay is not typically as high as other modeling types. Hair designers, salons, hair accessories are all the different categories of work in hair modeling.

  • Artist Modeling: an artist model is another very popular modeling type. Some jobs in this modeling category get paid by the hour. You will have to pose for the artist and then he will do the rest of the work. This type of modeling, generally, does not have any exact requirements or criteria. Hence, it can be counted as the simplest of all.

  • Fine Art Modeling: Fine Art Modeling is one of the easiest and the most popular type of modeling. The models will have to use their body to make different shapes and pose. They will have to use their face or body as canvas and do what the photographer asks of them.

  • Lingerie Modeling: It is one of the most traditional forms of modeling. You will work for different agencies or publications who are interested in promoting various brands of lingerie. The models pose wearing underwear, bras or different lacy pieces of clothing for the shoot. Normally these pictures end up as an ad or a in a magazine.

Which modelling type will you prefer?

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  • Nude Modeling: Nude modeling involves only your body. You will not be wearing a single piece of clothing and you will pose for an artist to paint you on canvas. The basic requirement for such modeling is that you do not have to have any kind of body modifications or tattoos.


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