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The Worlds Most Haunted City Chicago

Updated on November 8, 2010

Why Chicago Should Top The List

Do you go though the motions of researching a city before making a major move for crime rates and other important details? If not you are going to find out exactly why you should. If you don't believe in ghosts or hauntings after reading this hub you will at least be opened minded to the things others already know, with Halloween coming up if you're traveling visit Chicago then you will know first hand why it should top the list of the worlds most haunted cities.

The most haunted places in Chicago are indeed worth an inquire. Have you heard the story of Resurrection Mary? This story surfaced around the 1930s when people started reporting creepy encounters with a young woman dressed in a white dress who would appear then disappear without a trace. I'm thinking Mary committed suicide because her ghost would attempt to jump onto running boards of automobiles from passing motorists.Then she started appearing near or sometimes in the O Henry ballroom which is now called the Willowbrook. Men actually reported dancing with her at the ballroom,offering her a ride home then when they'd near the gates of the cemetery then she would simply vanish. Some researchers believe she died one night while hitchhiking down archer avenue, they say she was run down and left for dead, maybe she doesn't even know she is dead. Either way there are still reports that come in about sightings of resurrection Mary but due to all the publicity it is definitely not a easy story to believe, or is it? There are so many other stories available on the story of resurrection Mary, come to your own conclusions.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery located on the Southwest side of Chicago has had over 100 documented reports of un natural things such as sightings, glowing lights, and just about anything you can imagine that occurs in the movies such as poltergeist. There have been no burials there for many years now but its said that the people who are in rest there are pretty much alive. The cemetery was also reportedly used for occult activities, I'm thinking maybe this and the vandalism woke up the resting souls. Could you rest for a eternity if people were spray painting on your tombstone,scattering your bones,writing inscriptions and raising hell?


Most Haunted Chicago

Grey Gardens Creepy Enough?

More Creepy Tales Of Chicago Hauntings

Maybe you've heard of the Red Lion Pub its located on North Lincoln Avenue and rumored to be one of the worlds most haunted pubs plus its right across the street from where Dillinger saw his last film before being ambushed by the law in the alley. One ghost is rumored to let you know she is present by a strong smell of lavender, another has a strong presence in a women's bathroom, then there is the cowboy, the man with the blond hair, a man that walks the stairs of the bar among many other special guests. 2446 N Lincoln Ave is the address of the Pub, let us know if you come in contact with any of these ghosts and if they can be interviewed.

John Wayne Gacy's home was rumored to be haunted, the grass would not grow for years, that is until the new owners changed the physical address. The incident that happened at O Hare Airport in 1979, the flight 191 killed 271 passengers and crew members on board when it literally fell from the sky. Maybe the UFOs that people have reportedly seen are spirits lingering around the airport.

There are hundreds of stories throughout Chicago's history of hauntings, do you know of any? You'd be surprised what you find, if you dig a lot deeper beyond the surface of your own city as well.  Whether or not you become a believer in the supernatural it will definitely give you quite a scare..


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