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Young minds are easy targets

Updated on March 13, 2011

There are so many new things that we come across thanks to continuous advancements happening in technology every day.While technology may seem to be a blessing many a time, it can also be the harbinger of much that we do not wish to have. It is important to understand and be in touch with what is happening around so as to be vigilant about the good and bad, the pros and cons of any new finding or invention. Ipods and music players flood the market around us. Perhaps we have not given much heed to the fact that kids prefer being indoors, in a dark room with an ipod in their ears rather than out playing some game with their friends. Computer games, video entertainment units, music systems and more are part of what adds to every child's 'cool quotient'.

How bad can listening to music be? You may have heard about how being hooked onto heavy metal tracks such as those by Manson led to a teenager going on a shooting spree at  school. You may think he was probably already unbalanced. There are always multiple factors. But have you kept abreast lately of what your kids listen to? Do you realize that doing hard drugs and engaging in promiscuous activities are increasing among youngsters? With vampire cult novels all around kids want to be like their idols, mindless rituals and music that acts like a drug is the new craze.

The newest danger is in the form of idosing. A very real evil that threatens to overwhelm the youth. Kids are looking for experiences that are newer every time and idosing promises to give a drug trip minus the syringe and the pills. However, do you realize that the department of narcotics in many states has been advising against using this? It could be that such music and its effects will eventually need to be in higher doses for kids to feel satiated, until eventually the child will turn to drugs to quell the thirst. Are you ready to lose the battle or do you want to find out more?

Make sure that at home you discuss with your kids about what kind of stuff they like doing and what they enjoy listening to. Have a conversation and be open about how there might be an urge to experiment with drugs or sex and how it can have serious consequences. There's a lot out there that you can't stop but have a security software installed at home and ensure that your kids don't access adult content or such dubious websites. Keep a check and ensure that your child is not acting any different from the ordinary. Don't discard moodiness, aggression, anger or change in behavior as just a phase, help your child by learning to be a friend and a parent, a guide and someone they can turn to in their worst times. Give them the confidence that they can come to you with problems, no matter how bad. You will first help them and then think about discipline.


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    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 7 years ago from Houston TX

      You always come up with amazing peaces of work. You are truly a talented writer and I hope you will keep up the good work you are doing.

    • soniafernandez profile image

      soniafernandez 7 years ago from Bangalore

      There is always the argument that when they learn the hard way, they learn to be stronger, but at what cost? Maybe not shield them from everything and be someone looking over their shoulder every now and then but atleast protect them however we can by making them aware and being there.

    • monica megatron profile image

      monica megatron 7 years ago from Logan, Utah

      Interesting. Wish you would have gone more in depth. But interesting none the less. I think we are all aware young minds are fragile and shapable. But I won't lie, we can shield children from everything. Sometimes making mistakes is for the best.


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