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The dark crystal the quest of the gelfling

Updated on January 22, 2012

The crystal

Selfish with greed, the Skesis have ruled for more then a thousand years, a dying race draining the life force from the crystal to stay young. A prophecy spoke of a Gelfling that will find a shard and restore piece into the world. If the Gelfling fails, the skesis will rule for another thousand years.

Childhood best!

Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz and produced by Gary Kurtz this film is a must have classic. One of the last films Jim Henson made before passion away, the dark crystal is a movie you can pass from on generation to another, The movie offers stunning puppet characters and beautiful imagery that will satisfy the soul and illuminate your imagination. The story follows a magical myth of good and evil. The crystal was used as a source of balance and truth in the universe. The crystal is shattered and the world was divided into two factions. The peaceful Mystics and the wicked Skesis. The story follows a young gelfling names Jen. Upon his maser wisest of the mystic passing, the gelfling then sets out on a adventure to seek out a crystal shard to restore the crystal. When the 3 moons align it will create the great conjunction, the mystics and skesis will infuse restoring not only balance and truth. but piece to the universe as well. The dark crystal will always be known as a great classic tale, that will send you back in time. As you journey with Jen through a tragic tale of despair and triumph.


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    • tiagoz profile image

      tiagoz 5 years ago

      I love this Film!