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The end of the David Letterman Show

Updated on December 24, 2015

David Letterman's Final Show

A sad Farewell and the end of an era

David Letterman calling it quits after 33 years of having a talk show on NBC and then CBS is tragic for anyone who is over 40. He has been a big part of our television lives for a long time and him leaving his post as the best talk show host on TV is a major loss for all of us. Nobody has ever been quite like David Letterman; he is an original. He was never like Johnny Carson, doing skits and characters, but instead he created his own ideas which had never been seen on TV before. David Letterman dropped things off of buildings to watch them explode, he interviewed guests with great wit and sarcasm and he always said the things that you wish you could say in real life, but never did.

Most of all David Letterman was funny, very funny. Certainly the monologue wasn't perfect every night, but that is impossible anyway. Many years ago there was an actress whose name I have forgotten over all of these years, and she had a hairdo so strange that you could hear the studio audience giggling and snickering in the background. All of the sudden Dave just said what we all wanted to say, "So what is the deal with your hair?", which caused roars of laughter in the audience. Amazingly, the actress had no idea what Dave was talking about which made the whole thing even funnier.

David Letterman had his own way of talking, his own expressions which were very funny, like "Whats the deal", "Fat Guy", "Goofy", "Boob". On one occasion many years ago he called a fat baseball player a "fat tub of goo".

One of the best things David Letterman or any talk show host has ever done in TV History was in April 2013 after Congress voted down the attempt to increase background checks for all people who wanted to buy a gun. After this bill was voted down, Obama stood on the White House Lawn surrounded by the parents of the 20 children who were murdered in Sandy Hook Connecticut who were behind the bill for increased background checks. Obama said that "Today is one of the darkest days in US History". Soon after this outrageous event, David Letterman for days and weeks after this happened, put the picture of each congressman who voted down the bill and under their name, the amount of money they were paid by the NRA; in many cases, close to 2 million dollars each. This was by far, the best thing I have ever seen any talk show host ever do. Letterman's outrage was so extreme, he decided to use his own show to express his anger. I have never been more impressed with David Letterman than at this moment.

The David Letterman show ends tonight, May 20th 2015, and the last time I was this depressed about a show ending was on May 22nd 1992, when the Johnny Carson show ended. It is impossible and actually frightening to believe that 23 years have gone by since Carson left his show. Only because of the Johnny Carson show in the late 70's and early 80's was I able to get past a very depressing teenage and young adult life, when I seriously doubted if I was ever going to be able to make a living or even survive. Those late night Carson shows were the only bright light that I had during some very dark days and years.

When David Letterman is no longer doing his show starting tomorrow night, we all lose the final link to Johnny Carson and the 70's and 80's when comedy on television was at its best, when watching the Johnny Carson show every night was an event and not just a talk show. Since Johnny Carson, we only had David Letterman and now we have average, run of the mill, and mostly boring. Late night talk is no longer an event; now its mostly just plugging movies, playing games and run of the mill conversations we have heard many times before. The glory years are over as of tonight and that is tragic for all of us.

Many people have said, including David Letterman himself, that nobody will ever be as good as Johnny Carson and that Carson will always be the best of all time. There is no shame in second place, but after 33 years and so many shows and so many great and funny moments, you have to say that the two best ever are Carson and Letterman in a dead heat. Everybody else will always come in a distant 3rd to these giants of television.

Farewell David Letterman, you will be very sorely missed.

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