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The Feature Length Kung Fury Gets It's Star

Updated on February 15, 2018

Before I begin, it is absolutely imperative that everyone reading this and all over the world have to go watch David Sandberg's Kung Fury. You have no excuses, it's only 30 minutes long, is free on youtube and is one of the greatest things ever committed to film.

Kung Fury started as a trailer, became one of the most successful Kickstarters of all time and a 30 minute mini-movie. Since it's 2015 release fans have been clamoring for a full length adaptation and while I always assumed the wheels were turning, today we got our biggest piece of evidence to support that theory.

Michael Fassbender will star in the full length Kung Fury and for the few of you who are still with me who have not seen Kung Fury allow me a moment to explain why this is such a shock.

Kung Fury tells the story of a regular old beat cop, who one day while chasing down a mysterious kung fu master, discovers he is the chosen one when he is struck by lightning and bit by a cobra. He gains super kung fu powers and becomes...Kung Fury, the best cop in the world.

Along the way, Kung Fury runs into a shadow from the past, the one and only...Adolph Hitler. in the 1940's Hitler was a kung fu master, he even changed his name to Kung Fuhrer because he was so good. Once Hitler finds out that the chosen one has been found, he travels through time to kill Kung Fury and take his place as the greatest kung fu master in the world.

With a little help from the likes of...Barbarianna, Katana, Triceracop, Thor and even Hackerman, Kung Fury will have to hack his way back in time and defeat the worst villain in the world, once and for all.

Now maybe you have some idea why Michael Fassbender signing on to star is such an unexpected choice. Fassbender is known as one of the most serious actors in the biz and Kung Fury is the silliest thing since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Don't get me wrong, Kung Fury for as silly as it can be is a true piece of cinematic genius, and I am not over-exaggerating. Every piece of that 30 minute movie is perfect, the bad dubbing, the obvious accents and the sheer ridiculousness of about 40 percent of it all work so beautifully together.

Black Dynamite is really the benchmark for movies satirizing movies and is another must watch for anyone living today. Granted I have not seen a whole lot of blaxploitation films in my life and honestly most of what I have seen was by Quentin Tarantino, but you know when satire is done right and boy does Black Dynamite get it right.

Kung Fury almost makes Dynamite look average by comparison, where Black Dynamite makes exceptions to aid watch-ability and pacing, Kung Fury is all out non stop, just over the top satire of 80's action movies and the veil is never broken, not for one second.

I have decided to think that this is a great thing for Kung Fury the movie. The title character, Kung Fury, is a brooding gruff talking all around bad-ass, which we know Fassbender can do with his eyes closed. Taking the already insane and perfectly silly world of the original and adding in such a shocking choice could only take the rediculousness farther, which in Kung Fury's case is a great thing.

The only thing I wonder is what David Sandberg, writer/director/producer and star of the original will do if someone else is donning the red headband, leather jacket and kung fu skills of Kung Fury? Will Fassbender be playing a second Kung Fury? Will they have to battle to see who is the true chosen one? Or will Sandberg take a bigger role writing or possibly directing and leave the Fury to Fassbender? All I can hope is we get to see Hackerman on the big screen where he belongs.


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