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The Fixation With Twilight

Updated on August 4, 2017

Twilight - Breaking Dawn pt 2

Finally the grand finale' of the much coveted saga is finished! Everyone waited so patiently for the Stephanie Meyer books to all come to life. I surmise the died-hard fans had their own marathon, watching the first four parts of the much awaited saga to go and see what happens in the final movie, Breaking Dawn pt 2 so they have the whole story beginning to end.

There are those who read the books and had an idea of the outcome. Then there were those who chose not to have a spoiler. I was one of those who chose to wait and see how the movie would be before I read the books. Now that I've seen all, it's time to read the books to see what, if much I missed by not reading the books first.

Here's my synopses!

Twilight ~The Saga~

Main Cast Photo
Main Cast Photo

In order...

We witnessed a meek and rather anti-social Bella become the girl her friend said no other girl could be - the love of the most coveted boy in school. Being a rather unusual girl, never feeling in place in meets Edward Cullen. Edward being a Vampire as well has been awaiting his life's mate for 113 years. Every females dream, to be the one and only love a man has waited for.

Being born and raised in the early 1900's he had the values and morals every girl should expect in this day and age. Something much to be desired in today's society. Today, it's only in a fairy tail to believe a man would hold out for the woman he's really meant to spend his life with.

My life's experience has shown the only true lasting loves are those that happen when we are young and no other could take the place of that special person in our life.

Twilight by Stepenie Meyer

Twilight SAGA (C) Stephanie Meyer
Twilight SAGA (C) Stephanie Meyer


The girl moves to a whole new state/town to live with her father. During her mentioning who she is going to miss, she doesn't bring up any close friends. Well, no friends at all that I can remember!

What about that cactus, wonder how it's doing in a rainy climate. ;-)

But when she gets to Forks, she's immediately in a semi-cool clique of friends who take her right in. So, is she now all the sudden (after all the innuendo's about her being a loner) decides to make friends, that she keeps at a distance. When her mother asks how she's doing at making friends, she says sarcastically "They're very welcoming." Then hangs up kind of abruptly. WHAT would make her mother think she's making friends at her new school if she was a loner type at her old school in Arizona!???

She doesn't have to do anything to "fit in." That is really unlikely. I mean even when I was in High School it was that way. Why is this particular school different? Where are the "cliques" except for the Cullens?

Immediately she falls for the hottest guy in the whole school. The "Don't waste yer time like." dude. But :::gasp::: that oh so hot "like don't waste your time" dude JUST SO HAPPENS to like, the new girl. Of course, the new girl, would have the BLOOD the handsome Vampire boy, Edward, has been yearning for since becoming a Vampire. I gather that's why he's the one who doesn't have a mate, when all the other Cullen's do. He tells Bella, she is his "own personal brand of heroin,"implying he's waited for her."

So he tells her that everything about him invites her in, so would she really want him and this hold was going to be placed on her... which is sort of contradictory since later in the saga she falls for Jacob, as we know. Maybe it appears she does, but in REALITY she is only using him as a diversion when Edward breaks his promise, and accidentally gains an attraction to her "Friend-Jacob". If she feels that strongly for Edward, how is she able to have her mind off him when she's with Jacob!?

That whole part I'm not sure I understand nor do I want to LOL!

  • Remember, I love this, but I tend to be a bit picky when it comes to imperfections in movies! :)

Anyway, so this new girl whose name just happens to be Isabella, but goes by just Bella, kinda puts an old school mind to the memory of the late great Bela Lugosi. With that newfangled twist on a very old name. She doesn't want to be called Isabella, just "Bella." Now there's a surprise! ;>

Oh, they also amp her up not only to be a loner girl, but also to be a vegetarian with little things, (LIKE THE VEGGIE BURGER IN THE DINER) because they are not what we all have known and loved about our Vampires in the past, they have a bit different habits but are playing off of some old school monsters. Some old school Vampire fanatics are not happy with these new FANGled twists! :)

Anyway, two things sort of bugged me about when she goes downtown with Jessica & Angela it's very notable that Jessica was sitting prior to coming out to her friends and the mirror because her dress is wrinkled and they don't even mention it. All there had to be was someone standing by with a hair dryer to drop those wrinkles out of the dress for that shot! To a movie buff it was notable as soon as she walked up to her friends, and Bella brushes them off to go to the bookstore! Makes Bella appear a USER and uninterested in girls trying to befriend her!

The other thing is after sure us girls like to feel protected, and I'm sure she appreciated when Edward showed up out of nowhere after she bailed on her friends to hit the bookstore, then took the back route, but Edward is just keeping his watch so he arrives donned in his superman cape.... er.. Vampire cape.. lol I mean, darn... NICE CAR, to rescue Bella from some back street gang kids. Ones that look like the baby faced Mike. (Mike who really liked Bella, but got stuck with Jessica! That went unnoticed as well!)

What are the odd's ya know!?

Then when Edward is taking Bella home, they drive by the police station and notice the commotion and turn in. Carlisle walks out and says there's been someone killed by an animal attack.

1. I'm not fully sure I understand why Carlisle would be at the police station for an animal attack.
2. I don't get why they say it's an animal attack, but where is the body of his friend? Wouldn't he be at the morgue?


If Bella hadn't had a Christmas or holiday there in Forks since she was 4, as they pointed out in the diner, when they joked about Waylen being "butt crack Santa." (Since when do 4 yr olds know who and what a but crack santa is.. just a thought) But after the baseball game gone bad and they are on the run from James's, the tracker. For new readers, that would mean James has, as they say unparalleled senses when it came to tracking. Laraunt tells the Cullens he's never seen a tracker like James in his 300 years. This means a brutal chase as James has no control to go after Bella. Which would make the audience believe he must have been a wicked man before his turning into the Vampire, a sociopathic to not have any kind of conscious.

Edward, makes the promise to Bella that he'll love her forever, be there for her forever until one day, after they've killed James, and Victoria is still on the hunt, THEN, Edward realizes that he's not really good for Bella's safety.

Since ALICE jumped upon James' head and twisted it off, and the family (aside from Carlisle, Esme & Edward) burn James, his evil girlfriend Victoria is now after Bella. So that's his reason for leaving her, thinking Victoria would give up on killing Bella to avenge her lover, James??

WHY WOULD VICTORIA NOT TRY TO KILL EDWARD RATHER THAN BELLA? Since after all, Bella was laying on the floor bleeding with broken bones.. that girl takes quite a few beatings and bounces back like no other! lol WOW!

If Victoria really wanted to hurt someone, the thing to do would be hurt the whole family by making her army to go after Edward, and leave Bella broken hearted!

  • To quote Edward in New Moon, "Never trust a Vampire, trust me." I guess one of the truest sayings in the movie. ;> That was a funny one, cos everyone seems to have an ulterior motive of friendships and love!

All in all, in Twilight, it's theatrical, but too many broken promises! Oh, and a few broken bones, as poor Bella went to prom, that she didn't want to go to in the first place. Funny how she had "non-refundable" tickets for Mikes invite, and in idle chit chat with the girls, but when it comes to Edward not wanting her to miss such an important evening, the "non-refundable" tickets just seem to not be of significance anymore.Did I miss something?

Mike was quick to jump on Eric when he was getting ready to ask Bella to prom, "you're really cool dude, thanks a lot." which gets let go, "so tickets or lack of dancing isn't such a big deal now that you're with the hottest guy in school? (Ok, it could just be me, but sometimes there's at least some wisecrack about it.. oh, but he couldn't because he was with Jessica... but still said nothing in private to Bella, like "guess I wasn't good enough, and Jessica was seconds!")

I guess so Edward would have the chance to turn her into a Vampire, or at least trick the audience into thinking that would be the reason they were left on the gazebo alone.

That part is TOTALLY HOT right when you think Bella is getting her wish... and ROCKED the way Victoria sauntered down the stairs with her evil smile.And quite a beautiful girl, as the "new Victoria -Brice Dallas Howard - Ron Howard's (Opie Taylor) real life daughter- was ok, just didn't have the beauty of Rachelle Lefevre.

Twilight Poll

How would you feel going to school with a clan of Vampires?

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New Moon

Twilight saga, New Moon
Twilight saga, New Moon

New Moon

Second in the Twilight Saga.

This one I did get to listen to the audiobook. So I had a bit of a clue of what to expect.

I think the movies are cast great, Alice (Ashley Green) is my favorite character so far. She just appears like Tinker Bell, out of nowhere with a smiling face.

I find some things in these two movies, (Twilight & New Moon) I don't know about calling them goofs or flaws, more like an continuity error or, things that just get in the way.

Now, it was funny in New Moon, to me, how Alice says she "couldn't get past the smell past the pack of mutts!" kinda cute, but when he was leaning over her in the car, Alice doesn't even move her head back like "ew, wet dog" in her face.

Edward leaves her, because of Victoria as mentioned, but Bella jumpes off a cliff, when Edward is standing at the top, and could of said he'd come back (since he already lied and said he was never going to leave her (when she was in the hospital from the Ballet studio) but he does, then he just let's her jump off a cliff when he could have just said he'd stay and not leave her. What a pal huh? lol! (Don't get me wrong I'm still totally team Edward) lol, So, she gets to SEE Edward, below the water, then of course Victoria is down there, so she freaks and smacks her head on the rocks. LUCKILY Jacob is nearby while Edward let's her float there drowning and Victoria is on her way (oh, she had to jump in earlier because the wolves were chasing her) I think that made me wonder if those wolves just might have been on the side of Victoria.. just a thought.. (please enter yours below if you wish :)

I don't know I just think at this point Edward should make up his mind, either he wants the girl or he doesn't. So what he doesn't want to change her, men do a lot of things women want, I have a feeling she'll get her way. What would go about having someone else do it since now they know others are around.

On Jacob. OMGooosh... Tell me, why would a stud like that chop off those locks? Is he crazy? lol!!

Now really, Bella has a good friend in Jacob and she abuses it as far as I'm concerned. What young man wouldn't fall for a girl he spends so much time with if he was already attracted in the first place.

Please again, don't get me wrong, I love Bella, but she's a bit of a drama queen. Maybe it's taken on the wrong persona for me, but first she'd die for Edward, then when he leaves, she goes for guy #2 who was there in the first place. Of course there's the other guys, but none fit her criteria. I guess that would be "create all the fun with monsters" or something. I just guess it's that I see NOTHING going on in her life that's about HER, yet, the whole saga revolves around her and the guy's love triangle.

The only special power I've picked up on so far is that her mind can't be read, and she can resist the Voultri.

The other main characters besides the Cullens seem to have relatively small parts, so we don't really see into them. Bella uses her friends as pawns for her own agenda, there might of been once that is slipping mine mind (DISCUSS PLEASE ;) but "Movie Night With Bella" as Jessica points out sarcastically and then the whole "Mike & Jacob" almost getting in a fight, how primal of them. (Or maybe of Jacob) but everyone is fading into the background, and until I see what's up next I'll be mulling over extra's for New Moon.

Please DISCUSS and vote! :)

New Moon (Please read radom questions and thoughts before selecting a poll answer.)

I feel New Moon....

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Questions and random Thoughts!

I guess I really start to ask questions the most during New Moon.

Like, why doesn't she have any other friends from her old school in Arizona?

Is Jessica a gossipy complainer, or WHAT? lol.. (but it's cute, I crack up when she calls Bella "crazy" after her motorcycle ride.)

Why does Bella just decide out of the blue she doesn't like music when her and Jake are building the motorcycle? Does it remind her of the building of the cycles with Jacob or with the crazy ride with the stranger!?

We are supposed to believe Bella's never rode a motorcycle before, and she stalls it on the first try, as a newbie would, but then how did she know that you need to shift the gears and how? Jake never says anything to coach her, so how does she know?

Face Punch.. doesn't sound brutal like guns, and such was was portrayed onscreen. Sounded more like a boxing movie. And DUH obviously the others are going to ditch. Mike has really wanted Bella since the beginning. Just an observation on action movies. lol of course the fights between Vampires and Werewolves could be construde as action.

Jacob: I promised I would never hurt you Bella, and this is me keeping that promise ADIOS AMIGOS! lol,

And does Bella have a tendency to beg these guys not to dump her?
I mean, call me old school, but my parents would of never had me act like that, and now that I'm grown, I totally agree... girls, if a guy wants to see you bad enough, he will, if they want to be with you bad enough, they would!

Bella gets mad at the pack, whateever, then slaps one of their faces. The guy almost falls over, she whollups him a good one. Then of course, he gets all mean and turns into a wolf and tries to go after Bella. Later in Eclipse, she slaps Jacob and breaks her hand, and Jacob doesn't flinch! What's up with that one, any idea's?

And it seems to be ok with her that Edward has killed people, but she jumpes Jacob's case for it.
Now as I see it, it never showed them burning the pieces, which is stated in Twilight, being a necessity of killing a Vampire. Of course they could have shaped shifted and done it off screen, we'll see in Breaking Dawn, as I haven't read the book yet.

I only remember Emmet having one line and that was when they were having "Turn Bella into a Vampire" votes.

And at the end of New Moon, if I ever, could do a spoof of this movie, Jacob would leave into the forest with his tail between his legs, now that would be funny.

Oh, now, I like to see comedy where there is none, and I LOVE this series, but I am one of those people you'd might never want to watch a movie with. If opportunity knocks for a funny line to be inserted.. well, I blurt it out. :) Yes, I've gotten a few chuckles even if the movie is a tearjerker, but for me, sometimes it's just unavoidable :)

Let's focus on the pack!

The colors of the Werewolves! It bugs me!

See results


Twilight: eclipse
Twilight: eclipse


The fight for Bella's love continues....

Ah, yeah, as you can see, I'm not quite ready for this section, I've only watched it like 50 times, so not quite able to pick apart the inconsistencies! I know the Victoria lovers of the first two, didn't care for Ron Howards daughter to play Victoria, but what'd she do, go to the Vampire hair parlor and chop it off and get a perm? Um, for now I'm going to have to say, for one I didn't really agree with the fact they didn't let the little new girl in to join the Cullen clan! Although she was made in the army to get Bella, it could of led to a very interesting newer part to the story! After all, having someone who HATED Bella, more than Rosalie bring up some interesting! After all, Rosalie seems like she's going to get used to Bella, and just have to deal with it whether she likes it or not! This new girl from Victoria's army could have really caused some problems although she seemed rather meek and had no idea what was going on, who better to help Rosalie help do things to intervene with Bella & Edwards relationship, and she didn't really want to fight! She just knew she was! Be patient while I get this part of the saga updated, and try to stay focused on the above for now! I'll be typing as I watch so hang in there, and try not to think of the line Jacob says to Edward, "After all I'm hotter than you" haha.. what a great line, and true to top that off.. physically anyway! Well, both hot young men, right in their prime of life, still, Bella really might need her toes some day! ;)= back shortly!

Ok Sorry about my break, I realize this is long and you might of needed one as well! I just am really having a tendency to focus on the unnamed girl that didn't want to fight and Jane killed her. Jane is quite the lil' meanie, I would expect her to be the "God" of the Vulturi. With the gift of inflicting excruciating pain, wow, now there's a treat! What some of us wouldn't do for some of that super power huh!

I think, I just wish she'd of had a bigger role in the film and since Rosalie didn't care for Bella, as she stated "I don't particularly like you either" it would of been a perfect newborn who also had no choice, and she could have drawn her in quite easily, and used her to push that wedge between Bella & Edward, maybe befriend Jacob, but since we know they parent a new born, and Jacob imprints on her, it would have been more interesting, and realistic if one of the younger guys in the pack fell for her and helped Rosalie. Ah, just my opinion, as Ms. Meyer had her sights set on her story, who are we to change it! Well, who was she to change the face of what we always new and loved about Vampires, .. and Werewolves! Maybe someone could shoot Ms. Meyer a note and ask her why the little girl newborn of Victoria wasn't schooled by Rosalie and added in to bring another twist to the saga! She didn't seem like a bad little actress to me, and her look fit them perfect. Plus being shy and meek as she was, she would have fell for any of Rosalie's tricks quite easy.

I got some GREAT screen snaps of a HD Eclipse, but cannot publish them without permission! I have one of the fight scene where Rosalie jumps and lands perfectly, but in the snap you can see she was posed that way but it still was a perfect timing on the snap. Also the snaps of Victoria were amazing. The color of her hair (although not like the real Victoria) was A BRILLIANT RED against the snowy mountain background. And wow, I wish I had permissions to make a slide show of what I think the best shots a Twilight fan would jump at the chance to get! After Edward kills her, and she falls to the ground, I got that snap, and I must say even in HD, and on blu ray.. it was just awesome work on every part of the team. The effect, the body, broken, the color, all immaculate! Very well done on all parts. I think even though I didn't care for Robert Pattinson in Remember Me, just showed his love scenes with Bella (Kristin) proves they've really become an item. He could NOT show he really had a good time in the love scenes as he had with Kristin. Although Kirstin Dunst is a great actress, I think she did well, but if you're not in love with the person, kissing another and pretending to make love must be awful hard to fake! I don't know I just couldn't do it I don't think. So Robert, either better get on the ball with learning how to pretend true love with someone else or give it up completely, as I do think he shows his attraction to Kristen well, like it's not a put on, he really has an attraction to her.

To back up a little bit, I DO  love the part where Victoria has them sneak attack by walking under the water! Even though they were dry by time of attack despite the fact it was freezing cold and their clothing isn't immortal, so it would have been frozen from inside to out! Moving around for the fight wouldn't of warmed them up since they have no body heat. So, what was up with that, any idea's?

Let's get into the tent scene. "I'm hotter than you" Oh, Jacob Black, he was definitely funny in that one. He couldn't sleep shirtless in the mountain cold because of all the teeth chattering. Um, that would have only been Bella's since Edward wasn't cold! Bella did a good job at having quite a chill, but WHY did she not bring gloves, or even a wool blanket or any kind of heat source like say.. an ice fisherman would use. A few of those heating seats to lay on would have brought her some warmth and a wool blanket would have held in her own body heat. I think that's a bit of "survival 101" if you KNOW you're going to be up there and cold! Why not prepare, but I guess that would have taken away the chance for Jacob and his loud thoughts to keep Bella warm. While it is true in "survival 101" that if you take off your clothing and then wrap up, your body does reflect it's own heat, like your legs together, one leg keeps the other warmer than having material there. Why wasn't her hat pulled farther down over her ears, and why didn't she have a scarf to breath her warm breath into to keep her face warm. Now there's a few "survival 101" tips for real life. So, just in case there's no hot Werewolf there to keep you warm. Remember that next time you're stuck in the mountain cold! :)

Ok, have at it, I love the votes, but I'd sure like to see a few of the Twilight lovers or haters (please keep it to a dull roar) both call me out on some of my mistakes or even challenge me to what I already have said! Your comments are all welcomed, just don't get hateful because I don't want to have to pull a comment ok! Thanks a lot for your reading now, vote, and chat and be ready next year to be in on the Breaking Dawn hub, because frankly I cannot wait to get started on it and it's not even out yet! lol. Enjoy, lovers and haters alike! :)

-(c) Critic/non critic hub story, written by Kathy Allen

More to the story...

So tell me what you think, should the little girl had a bigger part?

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