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The interest of pinterest

Updated on November 7, 2012
Social Site
Social Site | Source
Facebook Cover Gahndi saying
Facebook Cover Gahndi saying | Source

The social media site called Pinterest

Pinterest became popular in 2012 its has been growing and growing, I really like it because its a great way to keep your favorite photos and links that take you to your favorite sites and provides a way that you can share with others, its like sharing your favorites list! This site provides a creative and friendly atmosphere where you can learn and share more, great for sharing recipes, wedding planning, designers, design, gardening, activity ideas, photography and photographers. I like it because you do not get half the junk that you read on twitter, its not all about chatting and drama. You can get some great ideas for just about anything on Pinterest. I love that I can share my photos on there, its another way of getting my art exposed. I am in the best of Pinterest photographers club and I really like that, we share our best photos and its a beautiful site or sight! I see many photos or "pins" of people wanting to redecorate or ideas for new kitchens, plus photographers sharing ideas. I can't believe some of the great recipes that are shared on this site, Overall I think it is a great site. All I can say is it is not Facebook, and not Twitter, just pictures and interests and that's why they call it Pinterest! At first it might be cumbersome to get started ,but once you do its really fun.

Facebook summer cover photo
Facebook summer cover photo | Source

Q & A

Question: How does Pinterest work?

Answer: You start by going to the site and signing up then getting an invitation by email from Pinterest to verify email address. Once you have signed up you start to click on like on photos or re`pin photos, you also download a pin it button and goes up on your browser like a favorites button when you surf the Internet you can "pin" sites you want to highlight and they get saved on your Pinterest page.

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  • hi friend profile image

    hi friend 5 years ago from India

    Interesting hub. Vote up with thanks.

  • hi friend profile image

    hi friend 5 years ago from India

    Interesting hub. Vote up with thanks.