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The Key Plot Points of ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Have Leaked. Here They Are.

Updated on November 13, 2018
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Rhett has won 12 awards from the Society of Professional Journalists or Religion Newswriters Association. He's on Twitter @rhettrites.


Spoiler alert, without a doubt! Given this article, pretty much everything from here on out is spoilers!

The term “Jurassic world” will be more than the title of the new trilogy, according to folks who say they have seen the film.

Dinosaurs are unleashed into the world upon film’s end, and audiences learn that humans can be cloned as dinosaurs are in the universe.

“I like where the story is now,” reddit user Makeittriple wrote. “World is back to Jurassic ages. It was kinda, predictable, but I liked it and I want to see that.

“Also, cloning tech may lead to something.”

Human cloning is indeed introduced into the film series – a young girl named Maisie (Isabella Sermon) is revealed to be a clone, multiple redditors wrote.

“Really shows how screwed up and wrong building clones and messing with genetics can be,” Hexdro said.

Maisie also releases dinosaurs who survived despite the destruction of the famous Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar, and the island itself. Her doing so threatens mankind on Earth and thus, the possibility of a true Jurassic world.

Many redditors wrote against the free-the-dinosaurs scene written by Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow.

“That little girl just killed dozens of people by releasing those animals,” HutchinsonianDemon wrote.

“Having Maisie be the reason the dinosaurs escape into civilization just felt hackneyed and goofy,” The Person2525 said. “Thanks, little girl. Thanks for just upsetting the ecological balance of the world … because (you) feel, like, connected to the plight of these dinosaurs.”

“The characters found dinosaur lives more important than human lives,” failureoftheuniverse wrote, saying that was “depressing.”

“I understand the message they’re trying to bring out: all life is precious. And that is indeed true,” the redditor added. “However, it was very impulsive and irresponsible of them to let the highly destructive creates out into civilization and threaten the lives of people everywhere.”

Another leak was that Maisie, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) become a family, according to multiple redditors. It made Hexdro write “definitely watching it again!”

Additional revelations: that the Indoraptor, the new main, genetically-engineered dinosaur character, dies; business tycoons try to monetize the approach of tamed dinosaurs (this is hinted at in a trailer); Owen is able to escape from lava that should have killed him in an opening scene that was loved widely; and that some dinosaurs to end the film are obtained by arms dealers.

The second and third acts of the film occur in a mansion, where we get Indoraptor chases.

“Every available inch of the home – dark corners, secret elevators, oddly shaped displays of fossils, and secret fourth-floor laboratories are utilized to ramp up the tension,” Dewey Singleton wrote at the blog Monkeys Fighting Robots. “Who wouldn’t be freaked out by an Indoraptor chasing them down a corridor?”

The Indoraptor/mansion sequences made redditor DonMacorli reminded him of the game “Resident Evil,” he said. Other redditors also talked about the film reminding them about the “Resident Evil” media franchise in general.

Near the end of the film, there is a standoff between a lion in the zoo and the featured T. rex of production, many redditors said. oolongvanilla described it as a “shouting match.”

“I guess the filmmakers thought this would make for a very cool juxtaposition: the king of the jungle versus the king of the dinosaurs,” they wrote. “But all I was thinking about was how the lion and all the other unsuspecting animals in that zoo are going to be a nice buffet for the T. rex.”

Many including oolongvanilla also said that a huge mosasaur lurking in the Pacific Ocean.

“I guess nobody in that universe cares about all the almost-defenseless whales about to become easy pickings for that thing,” they wrote.

Saying that the “Jurassic” films are their “Star Wars” in terms of being fans, ThePerson2525 had strong feelings about the clone surprise.

“I was immediately taken out of the film. I deflated like a balloon,” they wrote. “It was so deflating, I couldn't enjoy the last 20 or so minutes of the film at all.”

“I thought, ‘Oh, come on, this doesn't need to be a thing. We don't need to go there,’” they added. “There are ways to conclude and expand on the mythos of this franchise without introducing human cloning!"

“There is definitely symbolism and thematic depth being played with by having Maisie be a clone,” they added. “But it's so out of left field it's hard to swallow. It breaks suspension of disbelief.”

They did acknowledge that “the final shot of Blue running through the desert and the after credits scenes did get (them) excited as to how this will all play out.”

ThePerson 2525 also took issue with humans’ reaction to the released dinosaurs.

“There's only a handful of dinosaurs released, yet humankind just throws their hands in the air and says, ‘well, that's that. Nothing we can do now. We'll just have to co-exist with them,’” they wrote.

KinnyRiddle said the dinosaurs’ release “means a completely different ballgame” for the sequel.

“Much like the new Planet of the Apes series, humankind has genetically engineered their downfall,” the redditor said.

In that film series, apes are able to run loose and largely take over human societies.

© 2018 Rhett Wilkinson


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