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The one person I want to work with, Jackie Chan

Updated on August 8, 2012

my dream to work with Jackie Chan

I got this off the internet, many of my pictures I get off the internet, but indeed I love seeing Jackie Chan :)
I got this off the internet, many of my pictures I get off the internet, but indeed I love seeing Jackie Chan :) | Source

Working on things for 7 years, my dream, to work with Jackie Chan

I do indeed first hand, that to work with Jackie Chan, it is not all fun and games.

I been in the entertainment business for 7 years now, mostly working in,

independent projects.

I am in the middle of two films...Falcyyr and my film The Dishwasher, in which

my film, I had to push up the date to film...but my film..

It is to thank Jackie Chan and I'm dedicating it to him.

I know in my heart, it will only be a matter of time.

No one can persuade me otherwise.

I know people in my past tried to stop my dreams.

But I am not having it.

Sad thing, truth be told..I was around the most

negative I had to get away from them.

I also learned from bad mistakes, even the men

I choose to be around, which was stupidity,

because I like people who have a brain,

and are of sincere intelligence.

But I learned my lessons and

learned not to be stupid ever again,

and only to be around positive people.

I know things happen for a reason,

and if I didn't change,

I would have ended up in the projects

on welfare, and I feel so lucky,

that I didn't end up in a dead end.

I hope to talk more, cause I would

like to give people hope,

that you can advance your situations,

and make a better life for yourself.

I am so very thankful,

that I am given chances

and every opportunity I get,

I am trying.

So I know, in a matter of time,

that is all it is..

I will work with Jackie Chan.

I am so thankful, I am not

where I was years ago,

because every morning,

I get up with a big smile on my face..

why? cause I'm happy.

I also am happy to have a place,

in my heart for someone,

that is intelligent and is working

on dreams like myself.

Our conversations we have,

make me very happy,

and to be accepted for who I am,

is wonderful.

Well I do know that relationships,

are not built on romantic candle lit dinners,

but honesty, trust, and nothing to hide..

yes romance is good,

but to be able to grow with each other,

and that is a wonderful feeling.

I know in time, more things,

will come my way,

and I can do it,

you can too :)


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