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The secret note

Updated on February 12, 2011
Davorunner profile image

I love to write, I have been writing and journaling since I was very young, and I especially enjoy short stories, parodies and poetry.

Who did the right thing? What would've you done?
Who did the right thing? What would've you done? | Source

The secret.

For those who dont know, this is a scenario In other words it did not actually happen, there is no right or wrong answer, It's just for people to give their opinions on. Comment on who you think is in the most right or wrong, what could have been done to prevent it, if there was nothing that could've been done, etc. Anything that this makes you think or feel. Without further Ado, lets get this show on the road, kind sir.



Snoop Daug accidentally discovered an envelope belonging to his friend Ian C. Cure. He knew it was something he shouldn't know by the nature of the envelope, however he opened it and read it anyway. Afterwards he realised it was something he shouldn't have read, but it was too late now.

The next day Snoops' friend Terry O.Nidge made a joke about Ian, and Snoop, playing along, made a reference to what he had found out, before he realised what he was saying. Terry, of course, didn't know what he had meant, but was very curious to find out. So he endeavoured, in his own way, to find out more.

Upon questioning Lucy Lipps, Terry accidentally found out something about Ian that he wish he had not. Eve Stropping happened to hear some of the conversation, so she told her good friend Rue Moore. Rue started talking about this in public until word eventually got back to Ian. Ian didn't know how Rue had obtained such information, but suddenly found himself not knowing who to trust.

A relative of Ian, Wanda, had heard what Rue had said, and just wanted to know the truth. She confronted Ian about this, which led him to believe that it was her who had started all this. Wanda got highly offended, and the two had a falling out.

Ian, with no choice left confided in his close friend Jen U. Ein. Jen told him that it can't be undone now, but that their own lives must be pretty dull if they have nothing better to talk about then him, and that situations like this will indeed show you who your real friends are.



So rate 1 to 5 with 1 being the person who was most in the wrong, and 5 the least. Alternatively, just say what you think about this situation, and what you would do if it happened to you.


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