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The ten most inspiring songs!

Updated on December 4, 2014

The songs that make us want to climb the highest peaks!

This will pump you up!

St Elmos Fire

What lies dormant inside of you?

Songs that make you believe and want to achieve.

I have to put a disclaimer on this one, even though I'm still going to take a beating for it! These are the songs that make you want to stand up and face, no take on the world. These songs make you want to stop being Tokyo, and start being Godzilla. They make you believe because of their power, and the fact that they are not mushy love songs!

Please don't get mad that I left out the songs by Bette Midler, Mariah Carey, and Bon Jovi. I just didn't feel that they fit this genre. They were great songs about heroes and living your own life, but they didn't seem to fit. Twisted Sister almost made it too.

Here are some great songs, that move the mind, body, and spirit.

10.Escape-Journey- An epic song about the fight to break away!

9. My Way- many artists-Makes you want to be your own person and face the world head on...right or wrong!

8. Angels' Wings-Social Distortion-In your deepest, darkest moments, something has to carry you.Will you hold on?

7. Here I am- many artists- If this doesn't send you on a mission, check your pulse! This one makes you want to knock down every wall and be who we were meant to be!

6. Hero-Foo Fighters- Ordinary people can be heroes...of the best kind!

5. Hero in Me -Jeffery Gaines-There is a hero in all of us! Some of us need to dig deep to find it and wake it up.

4. I believe I can fly- R Kelly- If you reach for the shy, you may not make, but you will grow tall in the process.Great song!

3. Eye of the Tiger- Survivor-Remember this one? Mr. T and Terry "Hulk" Hogan do!

2. Theme to Rocky 2- This one is about flying higher, reaching further, and getting stronger. Sometimes we are the ones we have to fight with in order to win.

1. St. Elmo's fire- John Parr- An unknown, uncommon Aussie wrote a song about climbing every mountain, and braving the deep blue sea. and the fire inside of thee. Great song for anyone who struggles in life!

Enjoy and let the music take you forward!


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