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The upcoming Captan America movie kicks into gear

Updated on September 19, 2010

Filming of the Captain America Movie ramps up

Everybody knows that there is a whole slew of upcoming Marvel movies that are currently in the works and scheduled for various release dates over the next couple of years. While many may be looking forward to the upcoming Marvel Avengers movie as the big king of all Marvel movies to be (myself included), I have to admit that I am really also looking forward to the future Captain America movie as a potential cornerstone film, helping in a big way to set up all of the future Marvel movie projects that might follow.

At this point, the principle cast for the movie has been determined and their names released to the anxiously awaiting throngs of comic book fans who also care about their comic book movies with a passion.

What we did not have, however, were any real concrete photo images revealing anything about the actual look of the movie; we had been given a single blurry head shot image of Chris Evans in his wartime Cap headgear (courtesy of the Marvel Movie panel at this year's San Diego Comic Con), but anything else we had to look at were just some very nicely put together artists renditions of the Captain America costume design for the movie.

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Now things are different, and we have finally gotten a glimpse of how the movie is coming together!  Recently, a series of photos were released from the set of the upcoming Marvel project, currently shooting in thew United kingdom, that show the Captain America costume being worn by a stunt double for Evans.  As well, we have ourselves a picture of what looks to be two Hydra agents speeding along on motorbikes.  Funny how they have such a modern look to them - almost like they are modern-day Cobra operatives, LOL.

  Anyway, these pictures are obviously officially released/permitted by the studio: they are too well staged and framed to be anything taken covertly by some sneaky set worker.  At least that is my take on them.  I have posted them here so that you can have a look at them yourself and give me your own take on them by leaving a comment below.

  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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