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Is There "Soul" in "The Soul Man?"

Updated on June 21, 2012

Last night was the long awaited series premiere of TV Land's "The Soul Man," staring comedian Cedric the Entertainer and TV personality Neicy Nash. It has been a long time coming for Cedric! He seems to always be the side-kick in anything he plays (excluding Johnson Family Vacation) but tonight was all about him!

When it first came on my television I asked myself, "is this supposed to be based on Al Green?" I kind of made my self laugh with that thought! The show follows Cedric's character and his family as they adjust to a new way of life; a new way of living, thinking, talking, acting, and the list goes on! As we all know, ministers just can't get away with doing the same things as an entertainer. The first episode introduced the characters, family members and, of course, some good ol' church folk! There were few laughs here and there but no gut busters so far. We all know that Cedric, Neicy and even Wesley Jonathan (who plays Cedric's brother) can make us laugh, we're just hoping it comes sooner than later!

Let's be a black, colored, African-American (whatever makes you feel comfortable saying), I feel its safe to say that we're rooting for Cedric and we hope this show is a hit! The man has made us laugh for many years and he deserves his own hit show and a bit more recognition. There aren't many black sitcoms/shows on television right now, and the ones that are aren't really sharing the good and non-superficial of our community. Like we had high hopes for BET's "Reed Between the Lines," we also have high hopes for The Soul Man. We don't just want to support these shows because they've casted some of our favorite actors but because they are genuinely great shows!

If you happened to miss the first episode of this new hit show, Hulu has it available for you! Catch up and make sure you tune in to TV Land every Wednsday nights at 10pm!!


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      TaurusLoves 5 years ago

      Great blog, I love the detailing and I feel like it I missed out on the episode but I will have to catch up on it so I can share my feel about the show as well