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The 5 Best Shows On Television – Must See TV

Updated on November 28, 2010

Believe it or not, American television shows do make it to Europe and beyond. Sometimes they run a few episodes behind, but, generally speaking they show in “real time”. It may surprise you to know I’m an avid watcher of certain programs – this is because television and film greatly inspire me to write.

Unfortunately, most of what runs on TV these days is pure and total crap. More unfortunately, some of those shows are incredibly popular, spawning their own wikipedia nonsense.

I won’t get into what sucks – I’ll just tell you what doesn’t.

Before I do, let me say you’ll not find any straight comedies on this list – I’m not a fan of them. I like drama. I like agony, I like uncertainty, I like mystery, I like – well, you get the idea. The point is, don’t get upset just because your favorite snarkfest isn’t on this list.

You’ll notice the typical medophilia dramas like ER and Grey’s Anatomy also are not on this list – mostly because I consider them on par with General Hospital, but in a better timeslot.

House (Fox, Tues 9ET)

This is a fantastic show starring English actor Hugh Laurie. From a medical perspective, the guy is a genius – if not a danger to his patients. His methods are utterly insane at times, and that seems to be the appeal of the show. I’ve never known a physician to have such free reign in their work, but hey, it’s television. What makes this show great is that you can’t predict the outcome. Oh, you can be sure the patient will be cured of his rare illness, but you can’t guess how. The other factor which makes this show brilliant is the dialogue. It’s just damned witty. And it doesn’t hurt that Hugh Laurie is sexy as hell.

Rescue Me (FX Wed 10ET)

This is a FANTASTIC show and if you don’t watch it you are missing one of the best shows ever. Super hawt Denis Leary plays a fireman with a multitude of issues, recovering alcoholism being one of many. There are a million side stories going on, and they’re all fascinating. By the way, it’s not really about firefighting, per se, so don’t be put off by that if you’re a woman who hates action stuff. This is more about the life Leary’s character leads. He has some serious ups and downs – but there are truly funny moments as well. Don’t miss it!

Heroes (NBC Mon 9ET)

This is an amazing show, from both a plot and filming perspective. A million little pieces of the puzzle coming together before your eyes. Brilliant science fiction, with the basic storyline of good versus evil. A host of human mutants come to terms with their newfound abilities and have to save the world – or at least NYC. They managed it by the end of the first season – but at the very end we see Hiro time travel waaaaay back in time – so who knows what’s going to happen now? Watch and see!

Boston Legal (ABC Tues 10ET)

This is one of the only television shows which makes me laugh out loud. And let me tell you – that’s very hard to do. The dialogue in this is just above and beyond. All of the characters have a depth that makes you feel like you know them. It’s the only courtroom show I’ve ever really enjoyed. James Spader and William Shatner make this truly Must See TV. It’s also a great show for anyone unhappy with the general state of the nation and it’s policies. James Spader’s character says all the things you’d love to be able to stand in front of Congress and accuse the government of doing – but can’t. Watch it, you’ll be glad you did.

Bones (Fox, Wed 8ET)

This series stars HAWT David Boreanaz and wafer-thin Emily whatsherface. You can tell which of them makes me drool, I bet. This show has very clever dialogue and satisfies the whodunit addiction, if you have one. I don’t, myself – but I have a strong Boreanaz craving, so it works for me as well. The show is based on a real-life forensic anthropologist, so the stories tend to have a bit more credibility than your average crime drama. The most important thing about this show, however, is the sexual tension between Boreanaz’s FBI character and Emily’s socially inept PhD. It’s fantastic. Don’t be surprised if these two wind up nekkid on the cover of a tabloid – you know they want each other!


So there you have it, the lineup you need to pay attention to. As you can see, none of them run at the same time, so you have no excuse for missing any of them! Give them a watch and let us know what you think!

xx Isabella


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