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Theories The Good Place Show Chidi Goes To The Spa With Tahani And Jianyu

Updated on December 25, 2016

Episode 6 Part 3 of 6

Tahani, Chidi and Jianyu/Jason in a day spa.
Tahani, Chidi and Jianyu/Jason in a day spa. | Source

Elenor And Chidi Think About Other's Needs


She is with a friend. Her hair is longer.

She is waiting a lose white top. And her friend is a brunette.

She is house setting.

Why does someone trust her to do that? What made them think that she could house- sit?

Has she dog-sat before?

Her friend is having family problems.

Theory: People around Eleanor do not want to deal with their own problems.

Theory: Her friends want her to make their lives worse so that they don't have to deal with their real problems. IE Eleanor does not know about dogs. So, her friend lets her take care of the dog. This allows the woman to blame Eleanor for the dog instead of herself for the care an animal.

This woman has a very nice home. But the woman is concerned about the house. Even the dog looks concerned.

Flashback over

Jianyu/Jason Needs Help Dating Tahani

Jianyu/Jason is at his home looking at something in his hand: An eight ball. It says "it's decidedly so."

Theory: In life, Jianyu/Jason is not good at making the right decision. So, Chidi or Eleanor gave him the eight ball.

Tahani arrives happy to see him. She wants to spend more time with him by doing activities.

They can get to know each other.

She has learned that he is second on the list. Tahani believes might be able to learn from him. In the future, she might be able to see her sister. Then, Tahani can prove that she has the better soul mate.

He only agrees when the eight ball says, "signs point to yes".

Because of his fear of Tahani, Jainyu/Jason asks Chidi to go with him.

Chidi hates this idea.

What is Chidi going to do with them?

Jianyu/Jason thinks that Tahani speaks like Nala. (How does Nala from the lion king talk?)

Nala from The Lion King. Nala is the motherly Disney character that cares about her children.

She points Simba back to the Pride Lands. Nala has the ability to do that right thing. She is used as a helpful device that shows the audience that her children are growing up in The Lion Guard.

If Tahani does take the role of Nala. She is going to direct Jianyu/Jason to take his place by her side. And, she will see Chidi and Eleanor as people that helped him with his problems.

Tahani will want him to take his place by her side.

Theory: Tahani and Jianyu/Jason will be the ones taking care of the neighborhood. She will encourage Jianyu/Jason to speak up for himself and taking the role of a leader.

Chidi is in a confused as to what he can do when Tahani arrives.

Theory: Tahani is too authoritative and scares those around her.

Chidi invites himself. This is not really him inviting himself. This is Jianyu/Jason inviting Chidi out of fear.

Eleanor Feels Sorry For Michael

He likes objects. Wax Lips (Used for a comic prop the popularity of the item has gone down over time.), grater (To make cheese and vegetables sliced), tags (Can be used on bags for airplane travel), cheese or a triangle post-it (Processed milk), eraser (Something used to erase pencil marks.), tape is his human stuff collection (Used to make things stick to other things) and paperclips (a means to keep paper together, pick locks,

He is searching though objects. He has some rocks on his desk.

Michael has searched everywhere in his design for flaws that he did not create. There are some items he wants to check. But, there is no way Eleanor could understand a flawed item.

Evil object means = sinister and one step ahead.

Note: Look for this in the future. I think this is foreshadowing of some sort. This might be literal, someone might be spying on them, and/or this might be a hint for session two.

With everything that is going on any evil objects found would be an idea for future use. This idea might be scrapped, too.

Michael gives the audience a sense of wonder. There is so much happening that can not be seen by Eleanor and the other members of the neighborhood.

Eleanor wants Michael to calm down and to stop overworking himself in order to find the answer later on. I believe that she does care for Michael. Eleanor still wants to help herself, too.

Theory: This might actually help him. He might be able to find the problem if he is just calm enough. He did create the neighborhood after all. Panicking is not going to solve his problem.

The Good Face Spa

This looks strange. This might be the evil that they are talking about.

-Janet is at the counter with the white flowers at the counter. They are the same type that

Tahani picked before. This alone should create a reason to step out of the building.

And, the there a 3 leave pattern on the wall.

Fact: I have heard of the staying: "Leaves of three let them be." This place could be hazardous for any relationship.

Most of the places have circles on the walls not leave shapes.

-This could be a simple for poison ivy, poison sumac, Virginia creeper.

They should have seen the three leaves and left. This place might be a very big problem.

And, the place might have an agenda.

Why is Janet everywhere? She should only be going places when asked. Who could have asked her there?

Tahani wants the couples package. But, Chidi is fallowing them. And, Jianyu/Jason is terrified of Tahani touching him.

Tahani is being too nice and does not know how to keep Chidi from not going with them. This has to stem from her host-like nature.

Janet does not understand all three of them being there. But, why would she try to understand? She is not a human. She is only programmed to fallow directions. Something is wrong with Janet in this episode.

Tahani decides to go along with whatever is going on. Chidi wants Jainyu to connect with Tahani. But, Jianyu/Jason is very scared.

Theory: Even if Jianyu/Jason had been a monk for years he would not know how to react to Tahani.


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