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Theories The Good Place Show Eleanor Tries to save Jianyu/Jason

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 4 part 4 of 5

Not even close to being as Good as Beyance.
Not even close to being as Good as Beyance. | Source

Jianyu Might Be On His Way To Being A Better Person

Eleanor cleans up the place and has Jianyu/Jason dress better. She still has not told Chidi what is going on. Although, she should have told him while cleaning up the place.

She sees Tahani while trying to talk to Chidi about Jianyu/Jason.

Tahani asked her soul mate how he is and he responds. "I'm Cool."

Tahani sees this as them trying to get Jianyu/Jason to speak for her. Tahani is so excited. Eleanor looks like Tahani figured her out.

Now, that he can talk Tahani think that this will be greet for him to go with her.

Theory: She normally gets back at people who don't do what she wants. But, Jianyu/Jason speaking saves her some time and she can have a party, too.

Patrisha might like the plan or not. It is unknown. But, Jianyu/Jason is now invited.


Beyonce is 104% perfect. (That is what Michael says.)

What makes her able to go to The Good Place in the future?

- Music influenced many others to sing. She sings with others. This says that she wants to make others greater, too.

-Influencing men to marry the one they love. I am sure this influenced woman more to ask for a ring or leave a man before they messed went down the wrong path.

-influencing the audience to be alright with being in love. Gave woman the right to say that they are in love is a good thing. And, woman are not week in love.

-It is alright to be friends with parents and let them make your clothing. The could have lead to people not being ashamed to wear self-made clothing.

-She stands behind her beliefs. If she does do something difficult to understand, she makes it alright for people to make mistakes.

-I believe she knows that her fame could disappear one day. So, she continues to network. She does not stand alone in her roll as a Diva. She sets an example to other artists,

-She funded relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ike.

-She continues to give to charities to help others: expectantly woman.

Who knows what more Good she will be up to in the future.

What Chidi Needs To Know

Chidi is dashed away to a secret location the Budd Hole.

Theory: He thought the same thing Eleanor thought about Budd Hole. That it had something to do with Jianyu's/Jason's Butt.

Chidi is alright with that.

Elenor explains that Jianyu/Jason should not be there, too. Chidi is shocked. Eleanor tries to calm him down.

Jianyu/Jason wants blackmail Michael by showing people pictures of nudes that are in Michael's phone.

Theory: Jianyu/Jason is not very smart in the understanding his place in life or death.

Theory: Michael does not have anything against being nude. It is the natural state of the human body. He would not understand what Jianyu/Jason is talking about.

Most Of His Plans Worked on Earth

Jianyu/Jason does not have great plans. Eleanor knows that Jianyu/Jason would get them both sent to The Bad Place. This is her way of preforming an intervention for Jianyu/Jason.

Theory: Eleanor wants some time to figure this out. Jason/Jianyu might do the wrong thing if he acts without getting others help.


He remembers a time as a DJ when he acted on his gut instinct. It is after he has had his DJ job for a while. His friend loved him being a DJ.

This did not turn out well. Everyone didn't like the real him. They liked that he was someone else.

End of Flashback

Back at The Good Plates Grand Opening

"At some point the person will fulfill his or her true purpose." Michael says something like this.

Theory: This is going to be a theme of proving that each person deserves to stay in The Good Place.

Theory: Anyone who is not suppose to be in The Good Place already knows what they will be served because of Tahani telling them about the menu. Eleanor spent too much time with Jianyu/Jason to hear her talk about Jianyu/Jason.

Not happy In The Good Place

Chidi is not happy in The Good Place. Why? The Good Place should be happy for him.

Being unhappy in Heaven? What does this say about him?

Possible Theories...

1) He feel that him helping Eleanor will send him to The Bad Place.

2) He does not feel his the right to be in The Good Place.

3) He feels that his situation will not get any better.

4) He might feel in someway that he does not belong in such a place because his work does not measure up to beings like Michael.

5) He is not sure he can help Eleanor achieve her goal in staying in The Good Place.

6) He feels that others that don't belong there might corrupt him.

7) He is unwilling to accept that he could be happy with Eleanor and in The Good Place.

8) He feels that if there is sin, he is not in The Good Place. (This might be for another season. But, he knows a lot. This could be why is appeared panicked some times.)

9) He is scared of Tahani boosting her differences to everyone. This is not a sign that they are in The Good Place. This is a sign of jealously and resentment.

10) He is troubled by the ranking system. Why would The Good Place have such a elite people in it?

11) He does not see him self as a saint.

12) He thinks that the ranking systems makes no since unless this people were chosen by God before they were born to make a difference in life. (Predestination to go back to life of the elite)

Strange Theory: Chidi is from The Bad Place. He dislikes the people in The Good Place. He wants to prove that they all don't belong there.

No food for Elenor

Everyone is given their favorite food in life. Eleanor gets no food.

Theory: Eleanor has yet to learn what good things happened in her life. So, she is not enriched by her own experiences. That is why she has no food.

I know that Real Eleanor might have loved starving herself for some reason. But, there must have been a food she loved while alive. Letting people starve while others eat is cruel unless they can not eat or are sick for some reason.

The Real Eleanor protested Bolivian sex trafficking. So, she gets no food for her favorite meal.

This may have happened from 2014 - 9 years on the rise of articular = 2003. Anytime after or before 2003. So, this is being reported on a larger scale which could have drew the attention of the Real Eleanor.

Each one of them is going to need to talk about the menu item. Michael points at someone and someone else starts to talk. Michael does not look pleased at him talking.

The guy made soup and saved 10,000 plus lives. They guy has to be a saint. He has a beard and he does look to be Jewish.(He is filling the stereotype.)

Theory: Michael knows there are people that don't belong. He wants to expose those people.
Jianyu/Jason wants to tell the story of some buffalo wings. But, Eleanor needs a plan to keep Jianyu from saying anything about menu items.

Eleanor Is Scared of what Jianyu/Jason Might Say

Eleanor destroys the cake even though Chidi tells her not to destroy the cake.

Why is the cake outside the curtain? The cake was at the side of the room.

Theory: Patrisha is not a baker in life. This is not a cake of a professional baker. All the menu items Janet created for Patrisha.

Why would this be true? I have watched some cake shows. This cake should not take all week or more. It should take two days maximum if the sheet cake is chilled over night. This cake is too plan. And, the flowers are real. Even if they are sugar they would not talk that long to make for a professional.

Theory: Anyone who sees the food wants to tell the truth. Eleanor didn't get any food. So, she still wants to keep her lie as secret.

Is Eleanor Responsible?

The moment that Eleanor throws the cake to the floor people start screaming. She finds a giant whole has formed in the other room.

Why has a whole not formed in the room where she was punching the cake?

The whole happened near the fireplace. Who was near the fireplace? What table?

Where did Eleanor sit?

--Two candles are behind Eleanor. And, there is plant in a vase. There is a tree and a window behind them. Also, there is a golden gravy bowl and plate. But, the table is not near the fireplace.

So, who created the whole? There is a table in front of Michael. This people must be the ones who created the whole. Who are they? Why would they want to create the whole?

Theory: Eleanor assumes that Jianyu/Jason and her are the only ones that are not suppose to be there. Sending Eleanor to The Bad Place will not solve this crime.

Theory: Eleanor not only will be solving crimes in future episodes, she will be having others come with her to solve them.

Glenn falls into the whole. This is the same Jewish guy that ordered the now famous soup.

Why is a giant crater even an option in The Good Place?

Theory: This is a Bad Place were people create their own Bad Place.

Theory: There are only a few people that can ever be in The Good Place. They are lonely because they have no communication. They ask Janet to bring them some people to talk to.

But, they go so far as to have their soulmates their, too.

Theory: Chidi is Eleanor's real soul mate. But Eleanor didn't get into The Good Place. This might be because of some glitch that should have happened in life. Or, Chidi is suppose to be in The Bad Place.

Theory: Micheal tells everyone that they are in The Good Place and their soul mates are their, too. What if Chidi is the Real Eleanor's soul mate? And, if the Real Eleanor is not there he will go to The Bad Place.

Theory: Eleanor is made to go back to Earth to do good things to earn her place in The Good Place where she goes back to at night and wakes up every day.

Theory: This should could turn into a revamping of the show Touched by an Angel. But, with all the characters in The Good Place. Maybe, they will go to Earth in teams. Eleanor will have team. Chidi will have one. Jiaynu/Jason will have one. Tahani will have one.

Panic At The Good Plate

Everyone is fleeing from the seen of the crime.

Glenn is in the whole. But, his soup will be in the refrigerator so it will be fine.

Theory: If soup can get cold this can not be a Good Place. This has to be a part of The Bad Place.


Theory About Jason's death: The real Jianyu takes the name Jason sometime before he dies.


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