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Theories The Good Place Show Elenor is Trying to Understand How to Be Good

Updated on December 4, 2016

Episode 4 part 3 of 5

Jianyu/Jason's first visit to the The Good Plate.
Jianyu/Jason's first visit to the The Good Plate. | Source

What To Believe


He is dancing. And, he helps temporary as Acid Cat. Which is someone that DJs with a cat hat on in front of a crowded dance club. They mention Fred Durst is doing something really bad on a house boat. His boss has a father that knows someone that got his boss the job for the star.

Fred Durst-guess this guy is going to The Bad Place, too.

Singer-1993- 2005 and 2009 to now. This tells me that Durst was just starting his popularity and it could have been somewhere after 1993 but not after 2000. This is because of the popularity of acid house music.

He can't play music or so his boss tells him.

His boss really likes porn. This is a very bad roll model for him. His boss seems to be in his 20s. His boss does talk about his dad twice.

Theory: This could be Jason's idea of getting to his dream job as a music producer. At least, I think that is his dream at the time of the flashback.

He is the same size and weight as his boss. this is why he gets the job as a DJ. My guess is that his boss is not going to be in The Good Place.

End of Flash back

Jason/Jianyu's age so far. 2016 - 1993 to 2000 = 23 to 16 + 21 possible = 37 to 44 possible age at death.

The Good Plates is opening up

The owner is a very guff person.

Theory: Many people do not understand her because of how hard she works. She must have been very stressed in life.

Patrisha is very strait forward with her work. Michael tries to explain to Tahani.

Jianyu is not invited and Tahani feel sadden by the fact. Michael worried about him not being able to fit in.

Tahani wants to connect with Jianyu but feels pulled away from him by the people in charge.

Bhagavad Gita

Concept of self- Key self. Bhagavad Gita.

-Comparing stress in life and beyond. Knowing that what a person does can create and destroy. Knowing not only the self but doing good and leaving all temptation behind.

-never submit in any goal.


If Bhagavad Gita intended to stay in the Good Place he would fight for his position in The Good Place. He would want to know what it means to be there. Also, he would present himself in a non-stressful manner.

Lao Tzu- knowing = (Chidi says that) wisdom. But, knowing self is enlightenment.

Theory: Chidi likes to talk without knowing the real answers. He has a cheat sheet, somewhere.

Theory: Chidi does know the real answers and the texts are wrong. He has traveled for a long time.

Theory: Chidi is too smart for Elenor to understand. And, he still does not know how to brake down concepts so that Elenor would be able to understand them.

Knowing might mean wisdom, if that wisdom is in nature. And the enlightenment that is found in self could mean reflecting on an issue that is presented with no clear objective in mind.

Lao Tzu teaches Totoism

-Believed that men didn't want to become good. Nature influences what a persons choose. What is already in place helps people choose a direction in life. When what is named unknown outcomes will happen.

-understand what is in nature without speaking.

-Man contemplates life when what is in his life is something he no longer craves. He wants to find the meaning of it all.

-A man collects treasures in life and does not think of what will happen to him. Lao Tzu wanted people to experience life in nature.

-There is never a set outcome.

-What is asked of him is researched in detail without a set time of answer or answers.

Lao Tzu would be saddened by thought of The Bad Place. Seeing that so many people do not make it would make him wonder what others did to get in The Good Place.

At the same time, he would be happy to find the answers from his neighbors. And, I am sure he would want to talk to Michael and other like, if possible.

He would love the concept of a real Soul Mate. They could not only travel together but reflect on what is already there in silence or in non-verbal clues.


Elenor mind goes right to masturbation. Chidi corrects her on that idea.

David Humes "Treates Of Human Nature." Book 1

Knowledge is part of what we experience. We can sense how to identify larger ideas by exploring them though what we sense.

Ideas = Experiences

Fact must be experienced to know it is fact.

-he does not believe in the soul, Divine creation, or any idea that can not be explained by sensing it.

-If we are unable to find out though the senses that are already there then Man, or woman should assume that the concept does not matter to them.

-Math is a concept that can be known = real.

-Microscope and Razor are the concepts introduced.

-Microscope- ideas must be broken down.

-Razor-term can not be found to be known by man than it means nothing to man.

-If Ideas can some day be found out by man the idea should be thought of as having the potential to be true.

-Fork = 1)Statements that stay true. 2)Things that are true for now.

Real things that can be experienced by in reality = True.

Ideas that do not connect to what can be found out in our reality = Most likely False until someone is able to experience them


In The Good Place, Hume would collect facts on what is real in his life. He would ask Janet a lot of questions about the world he now occupies.

What is true in that place? What is not true?

He can not see The Bad Place. But, Janet says it is real. He can hear it when Janet tells him exists. But, that world does not pertain to him in The Good Place.

Michael says that the Dog is not real. But, it is a product of what the person wants in The Good Place. Hume would know that a dog is not the same as a dog while he lived.

He would be able to ask questions about what was true on while he lived.

Elenor thinks she understands David Hume

Elenor does not understand the book. It must have been too hard for her to understand.

The book is a large book. How could she have read it in such a short time? Even if a week has passed the book appears to be needed to be separated into chapters.

Theory: Chidi does not deal with the basics of philosophy. He has a guide of all the books that his students should have read before taking his class. They are not suggestions. They will be on the tests and he expects papers that elaborate on the readings.

Elenor tells Chidi that she can learn from Jianyu/Jason. Chidi agrees that she should learn more about Jianyu/Jason.

Theory: Elenor sees Jianyu/Jason as a way to make her look better in front of Chidi.

Lesson Interrupted

They hear music--EDM.

Jianyu/Jason starts to realize that he should not be forcing himself to be someone that he is not.

But, he goes about it by blasting EDM.

Elenor knows that she needs to stop him before they are both in The Bad Place.

At first Chidi sees Elenor as a bad influence.

This is when Elenor knows she has to tell Chidi about Jiayu needing help.


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