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Theories The Good Place Show Eleanor Is Happy About Becoming A Better Person

Updated on December 13, 2016

Episode 5 part 2 of 4

Eleanor does not need to make others hurt to make her happy.
Eleanor does not need to make others hurt to make her happy. | Source

The Taste of Happiness

Eleanor notices a small change in herself since she has been taking classes from Chidi.

-She never tried to get revenge from others in the line.

-She never wasted samples.

Eleanor feels great about himself. But, Chidi is still worried about Eleanor's life when she was living.

-She does not have her yogurt. But, is reluctant to go back. She does go back anyway.

This proves that she is Good and not Bad to herself.

The students are listening to Chidi

Utilitarian - Good- most pleasure. Bad =Pain and Suffering.

This might not be good after all because it justifies being horrible to one person or the minority so that the few can be happy.


Jianyu/Jason uses the example of knowing a girl that sold alligators illegally to tell a story. She was going to give someone in his dance troop. But, he was decided to call the police so that he and his friends could remain in the group.

Chidi sees this as a good example. And, is excused to get to Tahani's little party.

Note: There are more circles on Eleanor's wall. I noticed this first because it looked like a nod to the Olympics.

Eleanor wants to learn more. Chidi needs time to think of new stuff.

She has a paper on the concept of Dharma. Eleanor really wants it graded.

Dharma: Concept of cosmic order.

- fallow order to find what is right and keep right in someone's life.

Theory: The assignment is a way to tell Elenor that she can study this texts without Chidi. He does not understand that she needs to apply the knowledge to learn.

Theory: Chidi has been a teacher in a university world for too long. He needs to help understand others around him.

Somehow, Chidi is not happy.

Theory: Chidi wants Eleanor to be attracted to him as he is of her. He has shown his attraction by trying to keep her in The Good Place. He works hard on each of listens.

-But, she does not hug him or kiss him.

-He might see this relationship as an infatuation for him. He does not want to

Tahani's Home

Jianyu/Jason is eating at the buffet. Everyone is looks happy.

I noticed that there are people outside of Tahani's home eating, too.

Michael is working on how to make conversation with others.

Category 55 emergency dooms day crisis

-He wants everyone to stay calm. For this to happen no one should be able to hear his reaction to the news.

-The sink hole is not getting any better.

Tahani wants to know what is going on. She always wants to know what is going on.

In the flashbacks of her early life she didn't seem to care what happened in her life. Even when she left home, Tahani didn't care about the money. Tahani didn't even care about what she might do next.

Neighborhood 12358W Complete Technical Manual Top Secret.

Theory: So, there are been 12358 neighborhoods in existence. I don't know what the W means.

Theory: W a test neighborhoods. They might be in alphabetical order.

Theory: There might be 12358 neighborhoods that are in the W section.

Theory: Z neighborhoods are for the exceptional people that are 100% Good.

Michael expects it the sink hole to get smaller. Why?

I am sure he observed the neighborhoods fixing themselves over the years.

John Stuart Mills - assigned reading.

I believe that in reading about Mills, Chidi wants her to understand for herself if she should be in The Good Place. She does tell everyone that she should not be there.

Michael has said that no religion gets it right. To say she does not belong their without any proof could get her in trouble.

The more she goes on telling Chidi her life the more he will judge her. But, it is not up to Chidi to judge her. The list of people have already been created for that neighborhood.

On the list, there was several circles. Who is to say she was not suppose to be in another neighborhood and her name got messed up in this one? The real Eleanor's soul mate could be in another neighborhood, too.

This would make Chidi her real soul mate.

Test Mills Logic

Premise: Everyone is presented a soul mate in The Good Place.

Premise: Chidi shows up as Eleanor's Soul Mate.

Conclusion: Chidi is Eleanor's soul mate. (Is this the real or the fake Eleanor?)

But, What if?

Premise: Everyone is presented a soulmate in The Good Place.

Premise: The soul mate is told were to find their soul mate by Janet.

Conclusion: The Eleanor we see is Chidi's soul mate.

How can this be true?

Premise: Each Janet knows everything about everyone in each neighborhood Good Place.

Premise: Janet told Chidi where to find his soul mate.

Conclusion: The Fake Eleanor is his soul mate.


Premise: Michael never told anyone where to find their soul mates. He has not told Eleanor where to find her soul mate.

Premise: Not wanting to interact with other people, Chidi asked Janet the location of his soul mate.

Conclusion: The Fake Eleanor is his soul mate.


Michael tells everyone that their soul mates are there, too. This can't be right? How can their soul mates be in The Good Place, too. Unless, only half of the list truly are the elite that get into The Good Place. 322/2= 161 could be the real number of people that get into The Good Place.

Would could she learn from there being a Real Eleanor? If what I said is true, the Real Eleanor's soul mate is in The Bad Place.

Eleanor is excited to learn from Chidi. She wants Chidi to be more confident. Chidi is a teacher.

Chidi wants to spend some time by himself. This is eating him up. Or, it could be the heart burn from the yogurt.

Can people get sick of all the yogurt? Maybe, someone it poisoning Chidi.


--There are people that are jealous of his relationship. They don't want to see Eleanor and Chidi be happy.

--Someone in The Good Place might see Chidi as not belonging. He is off to himself, a lot. They want to get read of him before it is too late.

--Chidi is not social. He is scary to look at when he is hunched over his yogurt looking like he just killed got away with some crime.

--Maybe, people are scared of black people. Yes, I went there. Many people have been racist in life. It would take time for the people in The Good Place to trust a black person.

--It might be because they are a mixed couple. A white woman being with a black man might be scary to some.

Here is what I really think: IT IS THE YOGURT.

The yogurt gives him feelings that are not his own. He might have asked for the flavor full cell phone battery... but, when he gets the flavor he remembers horrible things that happened when he used his phone. My guess is that the GOOD deeds where forced on his by others that did not want to do good themselves.


///Something like: Text from Another Teacher: Oh, Chidi. I have a test to give on Friday. Could you give it for me? You such a dear. (Chidi sees that his cell phone is at full battery. He wants to text back but a sharp pain in is stomach happens.) Chidi: Sure. Text Back: Thank you so much, I don't know what I would have done. Thanks, again.///

Understanding Chidi

I know that full cell phone battery is a new flavor. But, it might have something to do with Chidi not wanting to help Eleanor. He was always helping people on Earth. He just wants to help himself and find himself leaning on someone else for help.

-Something is wrong with Chidi. This might be explained though flashbacks. He does want to share with Eleanor, just not everyone in neighborhood.

Eleanor knows something is wrong. He has not looked like he wants to be in The Good Place sense the first episode.

Theory: Chidi bottles his feeling up inside.

Theory: Chidi is a spy for The Bad Place. If Eleanor does not have a soul mate in The Good Place. Odds are Chidi does not have a soul mate in The Good Place.

Chidi would have been placed with his soul mate. Michael announced that the soul mates are their already. This would not apply to another Eleanor. He would be in The Bad Place with her.

Eleanor does not understand the way he is acting different around new people. She thinks that something is very wrong with him. But, only because some new people pointed that fact out.

Chidi does not understand Eleanor's world.

She predicted that the people that lived with them wanted sex from them. This could have been because she saw the early signs of them trying to be with them. Eleanor knows how to pick out the people that have sexual problems.

From the conversation, Eleanor has used sex to solve her problems. She has dated people that want her body. They use good causes to get her into bed. Eleanor knows what they want.

But, she still is looking for the person who really wants to do something good and not just act like it when it is convenient.


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