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Theories The Good Place Show Learning About Live With Others

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 3 1 of 7


Eleanor's Inquisitive Nature

Chidi is teaching about:

Aristotle- this says that he is a student of Plato. But, I know that he did not take over for Plato because his ideas were different.

Chidi claims that Elenor's actions are under her control. But, this is only according to those three people.

-critical thinking- (the start of it, anyway.) and the van diagram

GOOD ACTION after good action over time = Good Person(result of actions)

Choices make the person better.

Chidi makes the observation that Eleanor is not listening to him. She has instead looked at that note. (Choices)

"Who died and left Aristotle in charge of ethics?"

Who? Chidi points to Plato. But, that is wrong. Plato was kicked out by Aristotle for not fallowing his teachings.

So, what does Chidi know about Aristotle?

Theory: (Because, I am being kind to Chidi) Chidi does not teach basic topics on Aristotle or Plato. My guess is that he teaches masters to doctorate classes.

Theory: His works are flawed because he is human. Eleanor will have to accept that he makes mistakes, too.

Theory: My guess on who died and made Aristotle in charge of ethics is someone that was Alexander the Great's parents.

Chidi is teaching Elenor when someone interrupts.

Why does she hide the books?

Theory: Eleanor is feeling very guilty about having to learn how to be a good person. Chidi feel guilty about hiding her from Michael.

Tahani is barring gifts. It is a tree. This is is a strange gift. It must be a welcoming gift.

Tahani has expressed interest in getting to be Elenor's friend in the past.

Eleanor can't get over other people acting so much better then her.

Chidi likes what Tahani did for them.

Tahani has been very welcoming even though she arrived in The Good Place at the same time that Eleanor arrived.

Eleanor sees this as a con by Tahani. She is sure something is wrong with the woman.

Theory: Tahani has spent to much time trying to buy friends in the past. Most think she is up to something like Eleanor.

Chidi does not see the bad in others. He takes a gift at face value. A gift is a good thing.

He wants her to give back to Tahani. This may to show Eleanor what happens when a gift is given.

Eleanor thinks Tahani is using mutual respect as a con. Tahani wants something from Eleanor.

Again, Chidi does not understand.

Things Have Changed a Little

The background now has a lot more painting to the artwork. It was only one color. I don't know about the flowers that where picked for the table.

There are also some people in the background that look concerned. But they could just be extras.

Chidi, Janet and Michael are Main Characters in scene.

Michael wants to talk. He goes to put his hand on his back. this is what another person has done in the past to Michael. He wants others to feel that everything is fine, again.

Janet is his assistant now. Her programming has been changed to act more human to those asking for advice or wanting something.

Information on Chidi: Chidi explored and wrote about Ethics in life. 18 years working on manuscript Who we are and who we are not.

Practical ethics and their application in the modern world.

Micheal wants him to do new things that he has not done before.

What is going on? There is no way this body of work counted for Chidi in a positive enough way during his life. The work would need to have been published at some point.

-Many people don't get famous until after they die. His paper would not be read by most people. It is too big. It would be kept in a closet somewhere collecting dust.

The only way Chidi belongs in The Good Place is that if he applied his teaching to many people. And, taught people that could have helped others while Chidi lived.

Theory: Chidi does not belong in The Good Place.

Theory: Michael's superiors felt sorry for Michael for waiting so long to get a turn to make his own neighborhood.

Tahani Tries to Make Friends

Tahani's home is very large. Too large. I wonder what this says about her? It is a white house with a long lawn.

This is an entire estate. Posting several Tennis courts. This must be her favorite sport.
I don't understand why anyone would need a mansion.

Theory: Tahani was given a place to stay. Then, she asked Janet for a larger home. But, she was placed next to Elenor's home to show her that homes don't have to be so large.

Eleanor is able to let herself into someone else's home.

Theory: Everyone is good. There is no need to leave the doors locked.

Instead of a large room Tahani and her soul mate are in a small room. This must be their bonding room.

-Eleanor gives fresh pears.

Tahani says that they are bad luck in Jianyu Li culture. She assumes she knows the culture of her soulmate even though they have not talked.

Theory: Tahani makes up stories about her soul mate. She has made him into a great person by imagining him that way.

In Jianyu Li culture pears are from said to be from the gods in Philippine culture. However, Jianyu Li is suppose to be from Taiwan. The gift would be a bad thing to give.

-taking from a tree might mean more trouble for Eleanor.

Theory: Tahani does know if Eleanor asked Janet for the pear or picked them. Tahani does not want any negative effects of taking from a tree in a perfect place be put on anyone. So, this might be a warning.

An apple was picked in the Bible from a tree of life. Tahani might see this as a test for weeding out the people that might not belong there.

Theory: Tahani might want to be better than Elenor in some way. She is good with opening her home to others. She must be better because of her failings in life.

Theory: If Eleanor where to become a closer friend Tahani will escape gifts.

Theory: Tahani has had many ideas what to do if she had more time and space. The mansion gives her what she needs to help everyone.

Jianyu Li- is not close enough yet to think of his soul mate as a member of his family. He is trying to find his way in the new world he has been placed.

Strange Theory: Tahani is not sure if her soul mate sees every day as an event. So, giving fruit to someone with the background of Jianyu Li would be rude.

Eleanor does not know Philippine culture. But, she is forming a bond with him by being so personal after the events. He might think of her as becoming a close personal friend in the coming months or year. --he is suppose to be from the philippines or that culture. But, some people think that he is from Taiwan.

Tahini wants to fit-in

Tahini is from Pakistan-

She would be left with a lot of time. There would be no praying because she is already in The Good Place. Hours of her time is now spend on something else.

She sees Eleanor and others in the close neighborhood her family. This may be too much for her. She is only one person.

Theory: She feels betrayed by Jianyu Li because he was suppose to teach her to be a better person. He should be protecting her from the what could be seen as a bad thing. Also, she looks to Michael for protection.

Theory: She is use to talking. But, she sees Jianyu Li as the person that should be talking for her.

She might be confused that everyone has not given her flowers. That is why she gives Elenor flowers. It is a: remember gift. Not a: give me fruit gift. Eleanor would not know that.

Expect her to visit Elenor more to develop the friendship. This is normal in Pakistan.

-She is might go out of her way to be nice to the people around them. Tahani will expect this in return.

-she is not likely to admit she is defeated if someone does win.

-There is no way that Tahani gave Eleanor the note. She is far too personal with Eleanor already.

She may have wonder about Eleanor's rank or what age she died.

The comment about keeping calm is about her culture. She does not want people to be get overly emotional.(I was confused about this one until I looked up that her Tahani is from Pakistan.)


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