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Theory Dragon Ball Anime Bulma Was Evil

Updated on November 10, 2016


This website does say she was attacked by Goku but I have watched the show several times. She ran him over with her car and shot him.
This website does say she was attacked by Goku but I have watched the show several times. She ran him over with her car and shot him. | Source

First Appearence

The first time Bulma is seen with Goku she shots him. Guku is a small boy at this time. The gun shot would have killed a small boy.

What fans might say at first ... Bulma was only defending herself.


Yet, Goku did not appear threatening at all. He wanted to help her.
What does this lead me to believe?

Bulma has killed other children without remorse. She does not care who she kills.

Does this remind you of another character later in the series? Vegeta.

Vegeta killed a lot of people in his way though-out the year. This may explain their close attraction to each other. Bulma is a killer, too.

Red Ribbon Army

I don't think Bulma works for Red Ribbon Army. But, I do believe that the company she works for is a completer of them.

In order to fight Red Ribbon, Bulma enlist the help of Goku and his friends. Goku being the lovable but gullible hero helps her without question.

Making sure Red Ribbon suffers makes Bulma an even richer woman.


She does not date him right away. But, she is attracted to him.

A good person would not date Vegeta.

What She Wanted As a Wish

This is that she wanted a life-time supply of Strawberries and the perfect boyfriend.
I am not sure if she wanted the Strawberries to eat.

My guess is the she would take this life-time supply which might only be based on what Bulma can eat in her life-time and plant them. This will make the company Bulma works for even more money. Also, she will have even more strawberries to eat.

With all the explosions and wars the fresh fruit industry could be suffering.

- Strawberries can be harvested for a few years. So, this might mean even more money for her family. (If anyone is interested this might still be used in making Cornbread.)

- This might help when someone has the perfect boyfriend.

-She could also be using the strawberries in medical research. This is mostly likely the case because Bulma and her father love to research in their labs for hours a day.

- Diet drink: She might want to market some sort of diet drink. I have been thinking this for years. I think she is obsessed with looking good.

Perfect Boyfriend

Bulma does not have time to date. She works most of the day. There is little time to meet men if she is not on some research mission. A research mission were she kills people with little information about them.


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