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Theory Jurassic Park One Was A Survival Park With Robots

Updated on November 14, 2016

The Park


Survival Park

The people that were killed are always killed in the park every time there are visitors. These people are robots that get cleaned off. And, they are put back together.

My guess is that the pieces easily snap back together.

Evidence of the creatures being robots: A person is clearly seen in the T-Rex pen. This person must have thought the main characters were investors wanting to see the foliage greener. And, hear the sound effects of the dinosaur.

There are hands seen in the original cut of Jurassic park. This is when the raptors look into the place where the children are hiding.

The goat sound effect changes to a sheep sound effect.

Evidence of the children being robots: One of the children start to scream but their mouth never opens in the car. This could be a sign that the robots audio is programmed to scream but the mouth is not working.

The girl says she is a haker. And, she is there to help out any park visitor with any haking problem.

Evidence that some staff are robots: Dr. Arnold goes to check on something alone when there are dangerous dinosaurs outside that could easy kill the doctor.This guy is used to give basic information.

The other doctor gets killed because he was the back-up. Both doctors are robots. Yet, the second only to appear to save the human population.

The Dinosaurs are robots

They track the people that are in the park to get a scare from the visitors.

This happens when the T-Rex show up. The T-Rex floats up to the visitors using some sort of magnetic (I am guessing) device that is controlled by the cars.

Normal Boy would have died

The boy is a robot. He held onto the fence long enough to die.

What I think is that the boy has a back-up system someone that is protected just encase it gets fried. This back-up system does not work if he gets a fatal injury only if the human tried to do CPR. Breath thought the mouth or a strong pump of the chest allowing the second motherboard to work.

Rich people will have a better experience

A lot is put into the survival part of the park. The dinosaurs have to be repaired. The robots have to be put together.

There are only a few cars that can go out in the park at a time. This gives time for the start of each mode to happen. The longer the survival mode, the more money the person pays to get in the park.

John Hammond wants the park to be for more than just the rich. But, the lawyer knows that doing that would kill their profit margin.

Everyone in the park needs a salary. There are 4 people per car. Their was two cars. That is 8 people. The survival mode that was shown takes all night.


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