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Theory The Good Place Show More On Soul Mates Insects and more questions

Updated on November 18, 2016

The Good Place


Why does Elenor like her soul mate right away?

She feels a connection with her soul mate on a deep level. Theory: Elenor believes that they will form some even deeper bond.

In the afterlife, in Theosophy the two eventually become one being. This is why the two are placed in the same place.

In the present culture: The soulmate is someone that the other cannot live without. In others: the idea is not realistic.

Elenor has lived in Arizona all her life. She did not seem very happy in the flashbacks. Theory: The bad place is too good for her. It would be a vacation to her. And, since she is use to doing everything for herself like she does in the Good Place, The Bad Place would be someone doing everything for her.

For some reason Elenor is a helpful person to people that she sees as good. Theory: When on Earth she don’t talk much with Good people. And, she tried to numb her pain with alichol. Good people that she knew where not really Good. They only wanted themselves to look better.


There are animals in The Good Place. Not only small cute pets but insects.

Lady Bug: Eat aphids or scale insects that eat plants. And they eat plants themselves. This are located in temperate and tropical countries.

Theory that is right: The Good Place where Elenor is placed is of a temperate or tropical region.

Theory for another season: Because, of the increasing Bad People in The Good Place the insects increase.

Theory: One of the residents at The Good Place noticed that the population of Ladybugs was going down in an area. They helped them. So, a few are in The Good Place as a tribute to them.

Images of The Bad Place?

One of my biggest theories is that there are no new people in the real Good Place. The image of the devil are there.

Here is where I see them: There is too much use of water and electicity. There are artistic talent even though Michael says that most are not there. The fact that Michael needs help from a lower being to do his job is a hit. The fact that Janet is a Slave is a hint. The fact that Elenor receives a tree as in the Tree of life is a hint.

Also, that her gift is thrown away is a hint. Why is there good or bad luck in The Good Place? Theory: Her new friend cares about everyone and still thinks that the rules that apply on Earth are the same rules as in The Good Place.

Theory: The Pear could be evil. If they eat it the Good People might go to The Bad Place.


The fact that there is an ranking of everyone there after they die proves that this place is not good.

Why is the ranking matter to Michael? Theory: There is another ranking after people die. If anyone slips under 322 they are put in The Bad Place.

Theory on the number: Eventually, The Good Places have very few people in them. The Elite of all the people on Earth do not stay Elite in The Good Place. They don’t know what to do with themselves. They are use to helping everyone. But, there is no one to help. They get everything they wish for. The Good Place is their Bad Place.

Cursing wrong and Elenor's ex-job


No cursing in The Good Place. Theory: Maybe, there is no self expression in The Good Place. This could be true that cursing is a Bad thing.


Elenor sold nasal “fake medicine” to seniors. There is a market for this item. She has went to college but this is the only job she can get. Theory: She has tried to get other jobs. But, that is the only job that she can get.

This is not a surprising job. Elenor cannot get the job she wanted after going to college. Theory: She has to pay her college loans, apartment bills, food, and alcohol addiction that might have started someone in college.

Elenor is good at her job. She maintained a job for 5 years. Many would have gone insane or cracked under the pressure.

Theory: This is not one of The Good Place neighberhoods

There is art seen on the walls in the form of some primal plates. More art is introduced. Is this a Foreshadow that more Evil will be introduced?

At this time, Elenor has not done anything wrong in The Good Place. She has done something wrong in her past life but not in The Good Place.

When she talks to her soulmate he wants to help her but he has problems lying. Theory: His stomach pains result from him not really being in The Good Place. Why is he feeling pain? There should be no pain. Pain is only in the The Bad Place.

If this is not The Good Place, where is it? Theory: It is not shown in this season. For some reason, Michael was accidentally given a Bad Place to remodel. Theory: he was too quick to pick-up his assignment and grabbed the wrong neighborhood. All of this people are to be put in The Bad Place.


Elenor sees clowns as scary. But, the Real Elenor loves clowns.

I love clowns, too. I would not mind having pictures of clowns on my wall. I have played a clown for children (Love putting on the make-up. And, I have not done this in years.). Even tried to explain to kids who were scared of them that it is me under the make-up (after, I took off the make-up).

----Try doing that in-front of adults that secretly are scared.----

There are a number of people that are scared of clowns. Even at the circus, they don't like them.

So, what is going on in the show?

Theory: The Real Elenor wants to be more artistic and act out in a playful way. But, she was not that way in life. The real Elenor was not allowed to act that way.

The fake Elenor does not have much fun in her life. She has to act the clown. Because, that is what is expected of her. My feeling is that when she expresses her real feelings people around her don't understand her. They act hurt. So, she has to play the clown.

The real Elenor had to keep trying to do better things. And, the fake Elenor had to play to fool for everyone else's enjoyment.


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