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Lessons From the Secret Life of Jeffree Star

Updated on September 21, 2018
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Theia has traveled South Korea and It was one of a kind experience. She writes blogs on various topics.


Being a beauty guru, one is exposed to brand collaborations as well as celebrity lifestyle. To hold the title of beauty guru, aside from being proficient at makeup application and reviewing makeup products, one is expected to be all glammed up in any events. On the other hand, being a beauty guru allows one to collaborate with another co-beauty gurus.

Jeffree Star, an American internet celebrity, singer, makeup artist, and entrepreneur, is no stranger to celebrity lifestyle as well as controversies; from racist past, altercations with former best friend Kat Von D, Kylie Jenner, to former friends Laura Lee, Manny MUA , and Gabriel Zamora, who owned up to his mistakes against Jeffree weeks ago and apologized on YouTube. While some beauty personalities only tell the positive attributes of any makeup products to get to public relations list, Jeffree is not afraid to be brutally honest about the makeup products he review on his channel. He says what it is and he doesn't beat around the bush.

Internet allows people to just sit and watch their favorite makeup artists; and feel like they have known their idols for years. They say you never know what’s happening behind the camera and that applies to Jeffree Star. Shane Dawson did a great job revealing Jeffree’s other side that not all many people on internet know. Please take note that I do not promote celebrities but rather I want people to be aware of the fact that you really cannot judge a person based on media.

Do not judge a book by its cover

This may sound old but it’s true. You do not know what the person has been through. You would think Jeffree is a "monster" but there’s more to it than meets the eye. At a young age, Jeffree lost his father to suicide and it was not very easy for him to bear. He also didn’t know how to express his feelings. Thus, this led him to slash every flesh of his body. Some of his scars were so deep! You would think Jeffree has a fascination for tattoos but there’s a story behind the ink. Jeffree also explained that he spent his high school life wearing full sweaters and pants; and no one even bothered to ask him why. I applaud Jeffree for revealing his past as it takes a lot of strength and courage to open up your past.

Do not be afraid to ditch toxic people

People within the beauty community are aware that Jeffree was once friends with other well-known beauty gurus. He did rant on Snapchat about their backstabbing behaviors and he was not afraid to expose them, even on twitter! I knew there was something going on between them and I didn’t know back then who started it. Most people, coupled with his racist past, accused Jeffree of being the “Regina George” of beauty community for dropping off friends but it was the opposite. Luckily, Gabriel Zamora had the courage to apologize to Jeffree in private, explain his side and expose the mean behaviors of his former friends. Days later, Jeffree went on Snapchat and told his fans to choose your friends wisely because you never know who might turn on you. Most people are reluctant to drop toxic people in life because they are afraid that they will be alone forever but for Jeffree Star? Who the heck cares?Toxic people bring negativity that's why.

Material things won’t make you happy

Jeffree’s closet, expensive cars,and mansion are every girls dream. However, for Jeffree, there’s more to life than just earthly things. He explained to Shane that although he has those things, somehow, he still feels empty . He told Shane that he’s lucky he has Nate with him.

He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him

The word pony doesn’t exist in Jeffree’s dictionary. He is one-hundred percent brutally honest not just to different makeup brands but also to other people as well. He also calls out people on their mistakes and tells them what they need to hear. Indeed, he doesn’t mince words just to please people.

I think Jeffree is more than just a beauty guru. He may not be a role model to all but he’s just like every other human on the planet. He makes mistakes like us ordinary people.

© 2018 Thea Abella


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    • Theias Corner profile imageAUTHOR

      Thea Abella 

      8 months ago from Philippines

      @Bev G hahah yep

    • theraggededge profile image

      Bev G 

      8 months ago from Wales, UK

      Jeffree needs to get a new dictionary. A pony is a small horse :)

    • Frank Frankie profile image

      Frank Frankie 

      13 months ago from Philippines

      Nice well articulated


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