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Things I've Noticed 3: Kid's Cartoons Are TERRIBLE for Kids Now.

Updated on March 28, 2014

What happened to teaching kids morals and values?

Seriously, folks, I love me some Family Guy, Robot Chicken, American Dad, and Super Jail as much as the next chick....but I wouldn't let my 7 year old watch it, now would I? Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of your average TV Nazis, censoring the universe. Hey, I watch (and laugh outrageously) at all the crappy shows, too. I'm just saying that if you have small kids, they really shouldn't be watching this crap. I mean really, Ren & Stimpy and Beevis & Butthead were on at midnight FOR A kids couldn't watch it. (We did anyhow, but it wasn't with our parents permission that's for sure!)

Now these types of shows are played all day, on kids channels and major networks, all the time. Now, I ask again, am I going to be letting a 7 year old watch these shows? Of course not! I'd say these shows shouldn't be watched by any child under 9, or 11 if they are running low on common sense.

And why, you ask? Because it is my job, as a parent, to teach my children good things, like hurting people is wrong, and stealing is wrong, talking back to your elders is wrong, running around acting like an idiot is wrong, etc...obviously Family Guy is an adult cartoon. That isn't even a debate. What this blog is about is the sneaky ones that disguise themselves as kid shows, while really just teaching them to misbehave.

Here's a few examples:


Have you ever actually sat down and watched this damn show with your kids? OF COURSE NOT! It sucks. But one day, I did. You know what I saw? The little freaks were running all over the damn place, making huge messes and breaking stuff. Okay, kids do that. What's the moral, you inquire?


The entire show was centered around this machine, called the "NuNu", running around after them cleaning up. They never stopped the whole time, and never apologized. They never got in trouble, nothing bad happened, they just got away with it. I WAS SO MAD. The whole show was just a bunch of fluff and colors for small children to stare at blankly and never learn a damn thing. Yet more pandering to the masses. No child that I am rearing will ever watch that crap-fest again.

Spongebob Squarepants

Guys. Here's a small tip. IF YOU ARE ENJOYING/LAUGHING YOUR BUTT OFF AT YOUR KIDS CARTOON, it probably isn't quality TV.

I don't know about you, but MY kid is nobodies fool. HE GETS THE DIRTY JOKES AND INNUENDOS. Has since he was about 5. If he can do it, so can your kid! I found this out through trial and error. He is allowed to watch shows on this list NOW, but back then I freaked out. OH NO!!! I'M RUINING MY CHILD!!! AHHH!

Yeah he was my first kid haha

But anyhow, totally inappropriate for a "children's" cartoon to have that kind of stuff, and for ANY TV program to assume the jokes and stuff will go over kid's heads, just to try to draw in a larger audience.

Another pointer: If your small boy asks you why Spongebob is allowed behind a wheel of a "boat", and when you tell him it's just school, he's learning, your boy says "I don't know...he's dangerous. They should kick him out." know he's old enough to watch.

(Spongebob really is funny though. Don't tell the kids.)


Once again, if your child's show makes you laugh, then the phrase of the day is "PARENTING: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG".

Ok, this show has a bunch of kids with no adult supervision running amok, airing a live webcam show, and basically wreaking havoc. The girl Sam is super violent, always hitting people for no reason, and never has consequences. AND IN THE SHOW SHE'S CONSIDERED THE COOL ONE. Rewarding bullying. GOOD JOB NICKELODEON.

The Fairly Odd Parents

Oh, little have so many issues. Your parents ignore you and leave you home alone for hours at the age of 11, and when they are home, you are allowed to wander the streets alone and unwatched for entire days, your "fairy godparents" are complete idiots, your babysitter is abusive and neglectful, your teacher stalks and plots against you....and NOBODY EVER PICKS UP ON ANY OF THIS.

A good ending to this show would be Timmy getting taken away by DSS and the parents and Vicky, the sitter, and the teacher all going to JAIL.


This is one of the worse shows for small children I have ever seen. Calliou spends his whole day talking like a baby and whining, throwing tantrums, etc...pretty much being the worst part of toddlerdom all episode long, and his parents just let it happen. They don't correct his poor attitude and spoiled behavior in any way, they either give in or just say oh well and move on. This show gets a D-.

Really guys...

Now, those are just a few, I'm sure we all know there are TONS more. But c'mon, what happened to awesome shows with daily morals like G.I. Joe, Thundercats, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, My lil Pony, Smurfs, and Transformers? I mean, they didn't have to go all 'Leave it to Beaver' to teach kids things, did they? They still had values while being completely awesome.

Maybe I'm biased, as I hate TV nowadays in general, but seriously shows these days are too grown-up.


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    • Lady Luv profile image

      Lady Luv 3 years ago from Webster, MA, USA

      Hun, I am not approving your 6 nonsense comments. I only approve comments that are comprehendable.

    • Lady Luv profile image

      Lady Luv 3 years ago from Webster, MA, USA

      MellySmelly, please, learn to spell before you try and tell people off, therefore underscoring the point of their article. I feel embarrassed for you, hun.

    • Lady Luv profile image

      Lady Luv 5 years ago from Webster, MA, USA

      Thanks, Rick. Don't know why it never informed me of your comment. Destiny, Disney's little sexual slip-ins are already well known. Most of them go unnoticed by children. This article was about the blatantly bad behavior some of these "kids" shows encourage nowadays. It's like Bevis&Butthead and Ren&Stimpy back in the 90's. Not originally meant for kids, kids watched them, and parent's didn't want them to. Kids learned crappy phrases and behavior from them. That's not good.

      What's pissing me off these days is ALL kid's programming seems to be like that, now, because TV networks are more concerned with ratings and getting viewers than quality programming. Although, from what I've seen, Disney seems to be the worst.

    • DestinyKVelez profile image

      Destiny Kaitlyn Velez 5 years ago from Tampa

      Only if you haven't noticed : Hey Arnold, there is a penis on the grand fathers head from top to ear to chin, The Looney Tunes, Bug's Bunny runs around cross dressing and kissing people and hurting people....and ducks, The Little Murmaid, If you look close at her castle, there is a penis made of gold on the right side of it, The Lion King, when Simba plops down on the cliff ...the petals that float in the sky say sex..Tangled is similar with that one on the cover of the movie...the hair tangled around flinn says sex....Alice in Wonderland is about drugs and the different effects they have on you and that's only some of the ones i can think of right now...

    • profile image

      Rick 5 years ago

      Thank you for speaking out. You are an awesome mom!